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To want to throw...

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LittlePie14 Mon 02-Nov-15 20:04:08

Whatever I've got in my hand at DP's head EVERYTIME he walks into a room, looks around at the floor for 10seconds and goes "Honey, where's *insert object being looked for here"

It's literally all I've heard. We're renovating. There's only 4 rooms it could realistically be in. One of those rooms is the bathroom. The other is the kitchen.

The other rooms are shit tips. It's like if it's not waving at him going "here! Here! I'm over here!!" I get accused of hiding it and asked to help look for it. Once, I could literally see it from where I was sitting. He's spent 25mins faffing looking for something or an other. angryangryangry

Anyone else have this 'man-look' issue?

pudcat Mon 02-Nov-15 20:26:49

Oh yes, I have it frequently. If a pen is 6 inches from where it should be he can't see it. If the food he is looking for is behind something else in pantry or fridge he can't see it. I tell him he just stands and looks and does not search. He opens a drawer to get something out but just looks- he does not move other things to see if object is there.

sparklepopsicles Mon 02-Nov-15 20:33:13

My DH does not see things unless they "bite him on his nose" must be a man thing. YANBU

ShamelessBreadAddict Mon 02-Nov-15 20:38:03

I had to laugh at this; I'm constantly asking my DH where my stuff is... "Where's my phone?", "where are my keys?". He ALWAYS knows though! He's some sort of stuff-finding-wizard! Think it's cos he has a stupidly good memory and I am constantly befuddled and, God love him, he doesn't even get annoyed with me for asking... unless... unless you're him OP! shock

Shockers Mon 02-Nov-15 20:59:22

Oooh, can I join in?

I want to throw large, heavy, spiky stones at the cars of the little twats that are revving their pointlessly loud engines and sounding their ridiculous sounding horns on the car park near us.

Oh, and OP, YANBU!

LittlePie14 Mon 02-Nov-15 21:28:07

Shockers YANBU !!

Sadly the thing in my hand (arms) most the time is my electronic cigarette (too precious to throw), glass of wine (too precious to throw) or a Pug (too precious to throw). Am waiting till it's something I don't care about.

I've taken to ignoring him. Where's my bag? I know where it is. It's on the bed where you left it 3 hours ago!

morecoffeethanhuman Mon 02-Nov-15 23:31:35

YANBU!! my stepdad and DD1 both do the same, they think I'm a genius as always know where "it" is......because its right in front of their faces!!!!! Conversations go " its seriously right no next to your your other hand....just look do you not see it its there >gets up and hands object to offender<"
Drives me mental! although I am of course a genius

Witchend Mon 02-Nov-15 23:39:06


GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 02-Nov-15 23:41:16

Oh yes. We have boy looking too now angry
DH scans a room and declares things Gone! I suggest he moves the thing he last put down and Lo! It is found!
DS stands with an inch between his foot and the lost thing whinging he can't see it. I refuse to show him so we spend 90 seconds directing him to look down, at your foot, no the other foot, no, not the same foot, the other one, just in front, no not behind it, in front of it, in front of it, a bit further! Yes, there!

NotTheSpiceOfLife Mon 02-Nov-15 23:42:31

I do man looking blush

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 02-Nov-15 23:43:19

And "Where did you last have it?" is a mysterious incantation that reveals the whereabouts of said object, but can only be said by the oldest woman of the house.

TheExMotherInLaw Mon 02-Nov-15 23:44:04

Male pattern blindness

NotTheSpiceOfLife Mon 02-Nov-15 23:45:12

I will say this though, just to give you some insight. I do man looking because I literally cba. I feebly look until someone gets pissed off with me and takes over. On purpose. Just FYI wink

GiddyOnZackHunt Mon 02-Nov-15 23:45:29

grin xmil

GruntledOne Mon 02-Nov-15 23:47:05

DH is another one with a penchant for staring hopelessly at the front row of tins, boxes or whatever in a kitchen cupboard and declaring that whatever he's looking for definitley isn't in there. It utterly baffles me why it never ever occurs to him that it might be an idea to shift stuff out of the front row to check.

RunRabbitRunRabbit Mon 02-Nov-15 23:48:03

You have to turn it into a game or kill him

Take bets with yourself over how long it will take him to find the thing that is is literally at his feet. Your rewards should probably be in the form of wine or chocolate or cuddles with the pug.

You could start hiding things in random places to see if he even notices the difference. Actually, better not, or he'll be starting a thread on here about his gaslighting DW and we'll all tell him to LTB.

It is not a man thing. My DH does not do this, owever, I swear DS1 could not find himself in a mirror. It drives me nuts.

Morganly Mon 02-Nov-15 23:51:44

The comedian, Jon Richardson, has a sketch about how people are either putters or leavers. Where are my keys? Where you put them (putters know where they are) or where you left them (leavers don't).

Mmmmcake123 Tue 03-Nov-15 00:07:10

I have to admit I'm a bit like not the spiced! Just CBA and dh takes over. In saying that tho I always know where I have left things but get easily irritated when poltergeist dh moves things around. So if I go to get a screwdriver for example it is never where it should be, it will be in the place dh used it last. Drives me insane. He doesn't seem to mind the same from me, if I genuinely lose something he will go through the whole house saying things that sound like they're from cluedo, e.g. you last used it to replace batteries in DS toy. What was the toy? It was a bubble maker, it must be in the storage box in the garden. Hey presto! He thinks he's a genius but I think why did you tidy in to there IT LIVES IN THE KITCHEN as I know it can't have been me grin

whatsfordinnertoday Tue 03-Nov-15 00:08:10

I have a teenage who cannot see further than her nose.

I now tell her where said item is. If I get the "I can't see it" then I say that if I can find it in 30 seconds or less then she has to give me a pound - I call it my finders fee. This normally makes her look again and find it but I have built up about £20 over the year. (she doesn't know yet but I do intend to give it back to her at Christmas)

BondJayneBond Tue 03-Nov-15 00:19:31

The amount of times DH has found lost keys / wallets / work passes in either his coat or trouser pockets is truly mind-boggling.
At least once a week I get something like "DW, I can't find my car keys, I have to go to work, help me look" and when I ask if he's checked his pockets, he says yes, of course I have... and at least half the time, after some frantic running around, DH then quietly confesses that he's found them in a pocket. I just can't get my head around how this happens so often.

And we get boy looking from DS1 - sometimes with him it seems as if he can't find a particular thing even when he's looking right at it and we're saying "but it's right there in front of you on the table!" Hopefully he'll grow out of that though.

TheSilveryPussycat Tue 03-Nov-15 00:39:37

I am constantly looking for things. Things I had just a minute ago and have put down somewhere "safe" and "obvious" when something has interrupted me. I've also noticed that if there is something on top of something - not obscuring it - I somehow blank out the thing underneath.

My keys and cigarette lighters vanish into a parallel universe the first 3 times I look for them in my handbag. The fourth time, they mysteriously manifest themselves.

Tis a pain. I'm constantly trying to train myself out of this, with little success.

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