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To serve wedding cake as a desert?

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slightlyconfused85 Mon 02-Nov-15 17:08:32

Getting married next month - had plans to serve a 2 course meal, do the (short) speeches then serve wedding cake as a desert (it's not fruit cake) with jugs of cream on the tables for people to help themselves.

My DM thinks people expect desert as well and will feel short changed. Thoughts? I am worried I am indeed being unreasonable but I am looking to keep costs low where possible.

Couldashouldawoulda Mon 02-Nov-15 17:09:37

Do it! I've seen that done. Who needs cake after dessert, anyway?

WingMirrorSpider Mon 02-Nov-15 17:10:13

It will be fine. I've been to hundreds of weddings (I work at them) and it's pretty common to do this.

CMOTDibbler Mon 02-Nov-15 17:10:24

That sounds lovely. What will anyone with gluten/dairy intolerance/allergy be having?

TheWitTank Mon 02-Nov-15 17:10:28

Seems a great idea to me!

ephemeralfairy Mon 02-Nov-15 17:10:39

do it! cake will probs be much nicer than mass-catered dessert anyway.

slightlyconfused85 Mon 02-Nov-15 17:11:10

I have already requested the smallest layer of the cake to be a Gluten free as there are a number of these at the wedding.

NotTheSpiceOfLife Mon 02-Nov-15 17:11:40

Bringing their own pudding DMOT? wink

BasinHaircut Mon 02-Nov-15 17:12:16

IME if you don't use the cake as dessert it just goes to waste. So use it as dessert I say!

ExitPursuedByABear Mon 02-Nov-15 17:13:17

We had cake as dessert at an Italian wedding. It was lush.

MaxPepsi Mon 02-Nov-15 17:14:13

I always think it's a bit of a cop out really. But then I like to take the fruitcake home and eat it with a nice slab of cheese!

If it's sponge I'd avoid it full stop.

I wouldn't be so rude to say something to you on your wedding day however and would just say I was full to avoid hurting anyone's feeling but yeah I'm with your mum.

msrisotto Mon 02-Nov-15 17:14:34

I don't really understand having dessert AND wedding cake tbh. Cake IS dessert! So do it, you have my full approval grin

Geekmama Mon 02-Nov-15 17:16:41

Do it! it's a fantastic idea. it only ends up getting wasted anyway. I had a cheese Tower instead of a wedding cake and we serve that As the cheese course for our wedding breakfast . smile congratulations by the way

DisappointedOne Mon 02-Nov-15 17:17:06

I made an 8 tier chocolate fudge wedding cake for a couple who did exactly that. Caterer provided thick cream and fruit could to go with. Much rather a larger piece of cake as a pudding than a tiny finger of fruit cake that most people won't touch.

CMOTDibbler Mon 02-Nov-15 17:18:46

Slightlyconfused, I love you smile as someone gf I never get to eat the wedding cake, and usually get fecking fruit salad as my dessert. You you are absolutely not BU

Hoppinggreen Mon 02-Nov-15 17:20:23

We had 3 types of chocolate cake as our wedding cake and we served it as desert. We put bowls of strawberries and jugs of cream on the tables too.

slightlyconfused85 Mon 02-Nov-15 17:20:38

I am learning that I literally can't please anyone. I was so looking forward to the day but now I can't sleep with worry about being told what I should be doing/providing/saying. Funny how all these people who want me to do more things aren't offering to pay!!

BaBaBaBoomBoom Mon 02-Nov-15 17:25:48

We are getting married in 12 days and we are serving wedding cake as pudding grin

noeffingidea Mon 02-Nov-15 17:26:09

Slightly confused, I think it's a great idea as well. What flavour were you thinking of having?

SparklyTinselTits Mon 02-Nov-15 17:29:32

I served 2 tiers of my cake as dessert. A vanilla sponge, and a lemon sponge, and kept the smallest fruit layer, which then became my daughters christening cake earlier this year.
It's your wedding! Do what you want. Guests can like it or lump it IMO!

pigsDOfly Mon 02-Nov-15 17:30:48

Well it's your wedding and if you're paying for it you get to decide.

I think most catered deserts tend to be a bit disappointing - obviously I can only speak about the weddings I've been to - so I'd be more than happy with some nice sponge cake and cream and maybe some fruit. Lovely.

troubleinstore Mon 02-Nov-15 17:32:35

If I were you guest, I would just be happy to be at your wedding, celebrating with you.

If the food was not to my liking I wouldn't really care - it's your happiness I'm there to celebrate - lovely food in whatever form is a bonus.

Enjoy your day and don't worry over the cake. Only the people who don't care about you will be offended.

5madthings Mon 02-Nov-15 17:32:39

We did that at our wedding, three layer cake, biggest layer chocolate as lots of kids at the wedding,one vanilla and top layer was fruitcake to humour those that eat fruitcake.

It worked fine, no complaints at all.

Every1KnowsJeffTheJerkOlantern Mon 02-Nov-15 17:35:04

We did this at our wedding and guests had a choice of cream, ice cream or custard.

Went down a storm! and saved us storing loads of leftover cake

Faye12345 Mon 02-Nov-15 17:38:07

We did it! Wedding cakes are expensive so get it eaten! X

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