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To teach my pupils the Internationale

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FithColumnist Sun 01-Nov-15 23:28:58

So, at my school we have an annual singing competition. One form songs a "solo" as it were, where they sing a song generally of the teacher's choice. Given that previous years have enjoyed "God Save The Queen" and "Jerusalem", WIB totally U to teach my lot to sing the Internationale? (full disclosure: I teach in a grammar school in a safe Tory seat)

Tutteredboast Sun 01-Nov-15 23:35:35

No, teach them the red flag

Tutteredboast Sun 01-Nov-15 23:39:32

Tutteredboast Sun 01-Nov-15 23:45:01

Oops, this is a more traditional one:

RealityCheque Mon 02-Nov-15 00:06:53

Why on earth would you want to do that? Not sure you're cut out for teaching tbh.

ghostyslovesheep Mon 02-Nov-15 00:12:03

Oh I LOVE the Internationale - much better than the red flag - but I'd go for The Diggers Song - World Turned Upside Down

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 02-Nov-15 00:14:08

In English or French? It is worth knowing the song, it's a classic and part of history.

At least you're not like the teacher who refused to hang my artwork in the hallway with all the others. They had asked for caricatures and I chose to do Maggie T, with fangs dripping blood and pictures of crying children behind her. Happy days.

ghostyslovesheep Mon 02-Nov-15 00:16:18

or a bit of Peggy Seeger grin

morningtoncrescent62 Mon 02-Nov-15 00:27:21

YANBU to teach them the Internationale - it's a very important historical song, and you can teach them all about its history. I prefer the 'other' diggers song myself - I think it's more rousing than the Leon Rosselson one, and probably easier for school children.

Moopsboopsmum Mon 02-Nov-15 01:47:18

Why don't you do a Glee style mash up with the Horst Wessel song. Just a suggestion.

FithColumnist Mon 02-Nov-15 07:07:30

RealityCheque, I am sure that your opinion, based as it is on one light-hearted post, is entirely valid. I am going to take the day to think seriously about my life-choices and ponder alternative career paths. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. confused

Diamondsmiles Mon 02-Nov-15 07:12:29

I like the world turned upside down and happily sing the red flag but find the Internationale a step too far because of its connotations. Interesting for the children to learn about but not suitable for a singing competition.

catfordbetty Mon 02-Nov-15 08:19:11

I think it's a good idea. The Billy Bragg lyrics are perhaps more accessible for younger singers. Would love to hear how it was received by the judges!

Ethelswith Mon 02-Nov-15 08:32:22

You could expand the theme over coming years to global anthems and patriotic songs.

The Chinese national anthem Qi Lai perhaps? Or the catchier 'If there was no communist party there could be no new China' (yes, that's real, as is the Russian pop song 'I want a boyfriend just like Putin')

slug Mon 02-Nov-15 09:53:18

How about this one. It's very easy to sing wink

Dawndonnaagain Mon 02-Nov-15 12:00:10

Bread and Roses

PlasticPinkFlamingo Mon 02-Nov-15 12:39:59

I would love it my DC was taught to sing one of these songs at school. Particularly like the second Diggers one posted. Fantastic opportunity for discussion around the history behind the songs.

That said, I may not be representative of the typical person who lives in a safe Tory seat.

Branleuse Mon 02-Nov-15 12:41:54

Love the Billy Bragg version. Me and ds sing it sometimes

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