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To wonder WTF they put in face paint?!

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DisappointedOne Sun 01-Nov-15 00:37:44

DD(5) is a seasoned facepaint recipient. She went to a party today and had her face painted. Kept the paint on all day.

We went out tonight to a pub to escape the trick or treaters and they had face painters there doing candy skulls etc. DD wanted us both to have one, so I swished off the old paint with a baby wipe and we both had out faces done. And lovely they looked too.

However, within the hour I was itching to get the stuff off. I broke the habit of a lifetime and washed my face. Fuck me. 4 hours later my skin is still stinging! It was the normal snazaroo stuff that most face painters use.

Surely DD's skin should struggle to deal with it more than mine? WTF do they put in it that does that?!

PegsPigs Sun 01-Nov-15 02:30:55

That's why DD2.8 won't be having hers painted till as long as I can get away with (I know you said it was your face but my skin is so sensitive guaranteed it would happen to her too). I could never have mine done as a child so it's not a new problem.

pinotblush Sun 01-Nov-15 02:43:12

different strokes for different folks grin

so many things that can cause an allergy.

Fourarmsv2 Sun 01-Nov-15 08:36:38

It would have been the baby wipe that made my skin itch not the face paint.

BathshebaDarkstone Sun 01-Nov-15 09:22:41

We tested Snazaroo for MN and we've had no problems. I'd suggest avoiding it in future as it sounds like you've got an allergy.

DisappointedOne Sun 01-Nov-15 09:32:59

I think I'll have to avoid it. I did have flowers done at a party in the summer and had no issues (non snazaroo). Maybe it was the quantity of paint (or something lingering on the sponge tries not to think about that.

TheSnowFairy Sun 01-Nov-15 11:24:44

Use Savlon cream on your face when you've washed the stuff off, it stops the itching / dryness completely.

Tanith Sun 01-Nov-15 13:44:57

Did you use the baby wipe yourself? I have to use different ones for different children and one child can't tolerate them at all.

They're fantastic at household cleaning so I do wonder what's in some of them!

Never had any problem with Snazaroo face paints.

DisappointedOne Sun 01-Nov-15 14:26:17

I didn't need to use a baby wipe - it was only used on DD because she already had facepaint on and she was fine. No obvious signs of allergy on my skin but it felt awful last night.

exLtEveDallas Sun 01-Nov-15 14:33:35

I can't cope with face paint on my skin, nor any brand of moisturiser, cleanser, toner or foundation - it's soap and water only for me. However I painted a small caterpillar on my face on Red Nose Day and it was ok, just slightly dry skin patches when I took it off.

DD is fine with anything and everything.

My 'allergy' (never diagnosed) seems to have got worse as I have got older - I certainly used all the facial gubbins on my skin as a teen and in my 20s. Maybe that's part of it?

DisappointedOne Sun 01-Nov-15 14:34:53

You mean I don't have the secret to eternal youth?! sad

GuildfordAngel Mon 30-Nov-15 14:47:08

9 times out of 10 it is the baby wipes that are to blame. These are designed for bottoms, after all. Also, you should note that some people are allergic to Snazaroo [most commonly used by amateurs] but a professional double checks the brands they are using and offers a patch test if there is any doubt.

Not that that applies to this case, as you said you did not use one but you did not say what other products you had previously on your face, such as cleanser/toner etc.

I myself have reactions to a few well known brands of make up which never bothers others! Just one of those things.

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