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Bloody fireworks

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givemushypeasachance Sat 31-Oct-15 20:38:00

AIBU to think late October and early November has become one big 'firework season' and it's inconsiderate? There were scattered outbursts of fireworks last night, and lots going off in the local area tonight - no doubt there will be more on and off till Thursday when there will be loads, then more again on Friday and Saturday - I've seen adverts for formal displays both this weekend and next weekend. Why does it have to be spread out over a period of ten days? I've got two cats who are scared of the loud noises, and one is still outside somewhere hopefully cowering in a hedge rather than being scared into bolting for a road or getting lost. It's just fucking antisocial. I don't want to stop people having their fun, but even if it was just limited to the 5th and the closest weekend that would make it easier to prepare for and to try to keep pets inside once it gets dark - but it seems to get longer every year.

PeterParkerSays Sat 31-Oct-15 20:41:44

YANBU, we've got impromptu fireworks going off all aorund us tonight. The joys of Hallowe'en being on a Saturday I guess.

There is no need for fireworks outside of 5th November and possibly New Year's Eve.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 31-Oct-15 20:43:46

yanbu. fucking hate them

Palomb Sat 31-Oct-15 20:45:10

I quite like them tbh! There's been loads going off round here for weeks and I always enjoy seeing them.

GinBunny Sat 31-Oct-15 20:48:22

Love fireworks but completely agree. My dog has been barking and going bonkers non-stop for hours.

Cocolepew Sat 31-Oct-15 20:48:42

Theres loads here but we don't have them at Nov. 5th.
Poor dog is hiding under the bed.

limitedperiodonly Sat 31-Oct-15 20:49:09

YABU. I like fireworks. I also have a cat. His biggest hazard is being run over, which could happen every day

slightlyconfused85 Sat 31-Oct-15 20:49:48

Yanbu. I don't like them at all but I could put up with them for the one night, Nov 5th. Round here they seem to go on for a week before and a week afterwards- I do not need 2 weeks of this in my life.

fuzzywuzzy Sat 31-Oct-15 20:49:49

Fireworks are scaring our cats too, found them both big eyed and trembling in my room.

ahbollocks Sat 31-Oct-15 20:50:25

Yanbu. Hate having to go fetch the cat in. He heads for the highest ground weirdly so I have to peel him out of next doors gutters and feed him chicken until he stops twitching.

Penfold007 Sat 31-Oct-15 20:51:02

YANBU Penfoldgirlcat is an absolute wreck. Boy cat is watching them behind the curtains.

Floralnomad Sat 31-Oct-15 20:57:39

I think it was fairly obvious that there would be loads tonight ,with people having Halloween parties and anyone with animals should have had them in from well before dark . It's annoying if you have animals that are scared by them but provided people are using them safely I can't see the problem .

Palomb Sat 31-Oct-15 21:01:00

Both my cats have taken to bed with the DC, but they are normally in when it's dark anyway. They don't seem remotely bothered by them.

OddBoots Sat 31-Oct-15 21:02:46

It's not just this time of year, it is Christmas and New Year too, and throughout the year at weddings and birthdays, every year it seems to get bigger.

givemushypeasachance Sat 31-Oct-15 21:04:18

Thankfully my scaredy cat has now appeared, after I was calling for him every 15 minutes or so. Had to coax him inside since he was rather freaked out by some shrieking older trick or treaters who were running down the road alongside the intermittent bangs.

The official advice is to keep cats inside when fireworks are likely to be set off - because they could bolt and either get themselves lost or dart in front of a car. Which I think is a sensible precaution, but it's difficult to stretch that over a full weekend before to the weekend after. I remember growing up our dog hated them too and would try to cower behind the sofa, but then it did seem to be more limited to just the 5th and NYE.

longdiling Sat 31-Oct-15 21:05:06

I don't mind a week's worth, especially when Bonfire Night lands in the middle of the working week. I've lived in areas when it starts up in bloody September and doesn't finish til January - kids just letting them off in the evenings.

Figgygal Sat 31-Oct-15 21:06:35

Completely agree

Outside of our house tonight it's like the 4th of bloody July out there luckily ds sleeps lile a log and we don't have any pets but it's so unnecessary

givemushypeasachance Sat 31-Oct-15 21:09:32

And floral I keep my cats in overnight, and did think tonight was likely to bring people having parties so wanted to try to keep them in earlier than usual, but both mine are outside for the majority of their day - and if they don't want to come back for their tea when it gets dark but want to stay out later then I can't magically summon them back. Their flap was set to entry only since I got back at 6pm and I was calling for the one who was still out every 15 minutes - can't do much more than that. I imagine he was lurking in a hedge with saucer-like eyes, waiting for a quiet spell to venture out.

TheoriginalLEM Sat 31-Oct-15 21:10:12

i remember a holiday to the lake district. we went to a free fireworks display and i left halfway through in tears after watching the absolute terror in the swans and ducks on the lake. just horrible.

Greydog Sat 31-Oct-15 21:16:48

I also hate fireworks - they seem to be out from the start of September to January. Happily our dog isn't too bad now, but it must be dreadful for anyone who has nervous animals. And it must be beyond horror for any ex squaddies with PTSD. But hey - why would anyone care - they're all having fun

PunkrockerGirl Sat 31-Oct-15 21:24:43

YANBU. It's not November 5th, so why are we being subjected to loud fireworks? I expected the trick or treat shite today, but the fireworks are adding insult to injury grin

SixtyFootDoll Sat 31-Oct-15 21:29:49

YANBU, my dog has to be sedated for the next week due to the impromptu fireworks.
I wouldn't mind if it was just 5/11 but it goes on and on.

limitedperiodonly Sat 31-Oct-15 21:34:43

Oh FFS. It's not like it's the Blitz. How long do fireworks go off?

Fireworks went off last night and tonight. I kept my cat in. They stopped over an hour ago.

He is currently stretched out on a towel on the bathroom radiator. My horror is when he falls into such a deep sleep he falls off and starts clamouring for Dreamies.

PunkrockerGirl Sat 31-Oct-15 21:39:38

Well bully for you and your cat, limited. Some pets don't react so well.

Penfold007 Sat 31-Oct-15 22:03:04

Floral both cats are indoors.

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