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To be struggling with relentless negativity and complaining from friend

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UnlikelyPilgramage Fri 30-Oct-15 15:27:01

I feel like a horrible friend and person but if it was a family member, I think I'd have screamed at them by now. We both have 4 year old DDs and she is expecting her second in December.

The complaining about everything is not only hard to be on the receiving end of but, because at times it's so specific it's hard not to read criticisms of me and my lifestyle into it as well.

The complaints are many and varied and constant about: state schools (her DC are privately educated), about lack of holidays, about her partner always working away ('I feel like a single mum' - yes, well I actually AM a single mum!) her age when having DC2 (I am TTC) and so on ... It's driving me utterly potty.

She is a friend dating back from primary school but I'm being driven bananas! Has anybody ever dealt with a similar situation?

CheesyNachos Fri 30-Oct-15 15:35:55

Is it a recent thing? Could she be struggling/anxious/depressed? If so you could ask her gently if she needs to see her GP.

Or she might just be a natural complainer.... I have known a couple!

UnlikelyPilgramage Fri 30-Oct-15 15:39:42

I think a bit of both. It's fair to say she has always been a bit "glass half empty" and very conscious of what other people think, usually about silly things - but pregnancy does magnify it, and I know how horrible pregnancy can be and I ended up in hospital during mine with hyperemesis (got very dehydrated and needed a drip!) but I do feel like screaming at times "is there NO light at the end of this tunnel?" grin

CheesyNachos Fri 30-Oct-15 15:42:01

I'd be tempted to scream that too!

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