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About this lady's rudeness (lighthearted)

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ChiefInspectorBarnaby Fri 30-Oct-15 14:23:03

I took my 6 month old lab puppy out for a walk this morning in the pouring rain because he loves it. He got a bit muddy and wet but who cares. When I got home, I cleaned him up. Our day continued as normal. I just got back from our second walk and although it's stopped raining, it's still damp and muddy in places. This is what happened on Walk Number Two:

We are walking on the path and puppy trots onto the grass verge. He's sniffing around and generally being a dog. Power walking up behind us was a lady (mid sixties perhaps) with a grey bob, Dame Edna style glasses, a leather and (faux?) fur coat, a leather mini skirt, grey and silver polka dot tights and metallic silver shoes. I only describe her appearance to set the scene. On the other end of the rainbow-coloured lead she was holding was an immaculate toy poodle with a diamanté studded collar and topiary style fur. As she approached, my puppy threw himself onto the grass and rolled in a small patch of mud, then sat up looking really pleased with himself. Often when you're out walking a dog, as many of you will know, you chat to people/ they chat to you. So I smiled and said jokingly, "You can't take him anywhere!"

She responded in a curt manner with "I do not let him do that," gesturing towards her dog and giving me a dirty look whilst still marching. Then she said "He is very grumpy," regarding her own dog so I replied "We'll let you get past," and sort of stood to the side so my puppy didn't approach her or her dog, all the time it's snarling at us. Then she said, again very snappily, "Yes I think that's for the best, don't you?" and marched on ahead. Not that I have to explain myself to anyone but he only had a smear of mud on him (he's yellow so you can see easily) and I was only being friendly. He also has a lovely temperament and training is going well if I have treats.If someone had said something to me when their dog was doing something dog-like, I would laugh along or contribute. I wouldn't put my judgey pants on which were probably metallic silver.

I laughed it off inside my head but why are some people so rude? I'm not sure who was snappier, her dog or her.

Oh well! Puppy is lying contentedly with clean fur and his tail keeps wagging in his sleep. smile

usual Fri 30-Oct-15 14:28:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Fri 30-Oct-15 14:30:15

In the rudeness stakes, I'd say you win. Y'know what with her having "a snappy tone" and yet you feeling the need to give us chapter and verse on her appearance. hmm

MetallicBeige Fri 30-Oct-15 14:34:06

Sounds like something and nothing. Your puppy sounds adorable.

You obviously judged her style of clothing to death, each to their own. But why does every protagonist on MN 'march'?

murphys Fri 30-Oct-15 14:34:23

I will side with you on this one OP, well, because I have a Labrador too..... grin

We both know that "I do not let him do that," does not apply to Labs....


ChiefInspectorBarnaby Fri 30-Oct-15 14:36:16

I didn't judge her clothes I was just trying to set the scene. I could describe mine too but Bridget Jones knickers and muddy boots does not a leading lady make! grin

StayWithMe Fri 30-Oct-15 14:36:44

YNBU OP. It really annoys me when people won't let dogs be dogs. However, I love loath her outfit. grin

KurriKurri Fri 30-Oct-15 14:37:16

So, you have a lab puppy now?? - What has happened to Sykes? Has he mysteriously "disappeared" hmm

<strokes beard> grin

StayWithMe Fri 30-Oct-15 14:38:27

Bridget Jones knickers and muddy boots does not a leading lady make

I really hope you were wearing more than that OP! shockgrin

CordeliaFoxx Fri 30-Oct-15 14:38:33

I have a fantastic image of her and her dog in my head!

I have 2 batshit crazy GSDs, who would also be rolling around in the mud like your pup. Her dog is obviously an accessory not a cherished member of the family.

ChiefInspectorBarnaby Fri 30-Oct-15 14:38:42

Haha! I saw John Nettles in Bergerac for the first time last week and I did not like it one bit. It's all about comfy Barnaby!

ChiefInspectorBarnaby Fri 30-Oct-15 14:39:32

staywithme if I had only been wearing that I would have completely understood her manner!

wannaBe Fri 30-Oct-15 14:46:07

Well, I suspect that the reason they "don't let him do that," has less to do with their control of him and more to do with the fact that because he's a vicious little shit who snarls at other dogs they can't let him off lead. grin

OnlyLovers Fri 30-Oct-15 14:52:38

YANBU. She clearly has no sense of humour, which is a pity as she seems to have quite the singular taste in clothes etc.

StopTittingAbout Fri 30-Oct-15 14:55:22

No wonder her poor dog is 'grumpy' - if she doesn't let it socialise, it's not going to be very fucking social, is it?!

And labs love mud and puddles, I don't think you can really have a lab and not 'let' it go in puddles.

murphys Fri 30-Oct-15 14:58:37

Well I am sure her dog was grumpy because it was wearing a diamanté studded collar and topiary style fur

Felyne Fri 30-Oct-15 15:02:26

I LOVE "topiary style fur" thlsmile

cranberryx Fri 30-Oct-15 15:06:23

I too have had an 'experience' with a woman with a toy poodle, in superdrug, no idea why they'd let the woman in with her toy poodle under her arm but hey ho! Both her and the poodle were wearing matching hot pink bomber jackets.

I was looking at some cheap nail polishes and DNeice (6) was pointing out colours that she would like, the lady told her the colour wouldn't suit her (which I thought was rude to say to a child). I then realised her dog had matching hot pink nail varnish on all four paws.

I still laugh about it now.

ChiefInspectorBarnaby Fri 30-Oct-15 15:16:52

Cranberry grin

StDogolphin Fri 30-Oct-15 15:49:41

We get judged a lot, we have a beagle. Were happy, beagle is happy, only sense of disquiet is when someone tells me I'm doing something wrong.

ChiefInspectorBarnaby Fri 30-Oct-15 16:02:06

Stdog beagles are lovely. The other day someone asked me if my yellow lab was a beagle the other day though...they look nothing like! hmm

OfaFrenchmind2 Fri 30-Oct-15 16:08:25

Hehe smile I like this story, and the description was fantastic and really set the scene. And yes, she was as much of a dog as her pet smile

vienna1981 Fri 30-Oct-15 17:30:57

I can't add anything constructive to this thread, only to say Labradors are great and I want one of each colour. Black = Barry, Brown = Chester, Yellow = Briggs. Quite like Standard Poodles as long as they don't have the preposterous lion clip. Toy Poodles aren't even dogs IMO.

Anyway, back to the thread...

amarmai Fri 30-Oct-15 17:38:18

loved the description! Def relevant to the story!

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Fri 30-Oct-15 17:48:59

The moral of this story is - make your next lab puppy a brown one, then the mud doesn't show - until they come inside and shake or brush up against the walls. <<voice of bitter experience>>

My brown lab would have thrown herself in the mud with your puppy!

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