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to wonder how long I can carry on like this

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strugglingwithstepson Thu 29-Oct-15 15:26:32


I have namechanged for this.

My stepson is 7 years old. Him and his little brother live with me and their dad full time. I have known them for 4 years and love them both to bits. No other children.

Dss is in the process of being diagnosed as ADHD. Basically we know he has it and so do the doctors but we haven't had official diagnosis.

I am finding him increasingly hard work. Let me start by saying I in no way blame him and I have no intention of walking away, I do everything I can to help him. I wont give up on him like his mum has.

Everything is a struggle. Getting dressed, breakfast, brushing teeth, going toilet, flushing chain, washing hands, walking to school. Everything is a battle and he gets angry if he doesn't want to do something which turns violent, he hits and kicks. He doesn't sleep, hasn't slept in own bed since a baby. He wont stay in a room on his own, has to be with an adult constantly, even to go toilet. School cant cope and he gets sent home most days after couple hours. Until he is statemented there is no extra help at school.

He is incredibly jealous of his brother. If you praise his brother you have to praise him too. There is far more than what I have wrote. Its just a constant fight. Oh and he is 7 but in 13 year old clothes due to height and weight and I cannot lift him. He is at reception level with school work.

Don't know what I am posting for really.

magimedi Thu 29-Oct-15 15:29:37

I have not experienced this so can't offer you any help, but suggest that you re-post this in Special needs Chat, where I know there are some amazing people with lots of experience who will be able to offer you more than I can.

Either reposat there, or report your own post & ask for it to be moved, if that's what you want to do.

ILiveAtTheBeach Thu 29-Oct-15 15:33:48

Hats off to you OP. I personally could not cope with this. I wish I had some advice but all I have is flowers

froggyjump Thu 29-Oct-15 17:02:27

As PP said there is lots of support in the SN section. Hopefully things will get better when he has his diagnosis and then statement/EHC plan. It takes a long time but can open the doors to more support at school or possibly special school, and maybe even some respite care or a PA to help outside school time.

Hang in there flowers

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