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to be annoyed by this?

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Alimoo90 Thu 29-Oct-15 09:58:14

At the school I talk now and then to a mom who's child is in my child's class and EVERY time I'm having a conversation with her, she will finish my sentence?
How does she know what I'm going to say, and why does she even do it?
I was standing talking to her and another mom and once the other mom almost finished her sentence she shouted over the top the exact words she was going to say.
We looked at each other like 'what the hell she doing' since then it's all I ever hear and I don't expect nothing less. She stands waiting till you get close to the end with her lip quivering and she 'finishes' your sentence. She did it 5-6 times last time I spoke with her I was amazed she got every word correct.
But AIBU to be annoyed with her? I don't talk to her often but when she comes up to me I know what I'm going to have to deal with and tbh it makes my toes curl

GruntledOne Thu 29-Oct-15 10:05:53

Quite a lot of people do this, it's a habit. I usually deliberately change the way I was going to finish my sentence, wrong-footing them seems to put them off their stride.

Twowrongsdontmakearight Thu 29-Oct-15 10:09:30

Whoops! I get into trouble with DH for doing that sometimes. He finds it really annoying too. Just that he often stops to search for the right word and I fill it in for him. Sorry!!

Alimoo90 Thu 29-Oct-15 10:11:50

I've done it now and then when my partner or my friend are trying to think of a word. It's like helping them out?

But I never do it in every talk I have she seems to be the only one I notice who does it.

It must be some habit she can't break but it's a damn annoying one

MillionToOneChances Thu 29-Oct-15 12:14:35

It's very annoying. I have two very lovely friends who do it. One is a teacher, the other is training as a psychotherapist. I can't believe none of her tutors have mentioned that this might be a hindrance.

Thumbcat Thu 29-Oct-15 12:24:35

I have a friend who does this. I can only deal with it in small doses.

MyNewBearTotoro Thu 29-Oct-15 13:01:17

I used to have a colleague who did this. I had to work closely with her every day and infuriating doesn't even begin to describe it. Especially as half the time she wouldn't even be finishing my sentences with what I was going to say.

I ended up making it a game in my head in which I counted how many times she would try and finish it and whether she was right/wrong. It was still hugely infuriating but at least a bit less so.

PeanutButterLips Thu 29-Oct-15 13:32:34

I couldn't stand it if there was more than one person that does it. She is more than enough

ShamelessBreadAddict Thu 29-Oct-15 13:42:34

I do it when I'm speaking to someone I find incredibly uninteresting and who talks a bit too much... I'm sure that's not the case with you though OP.

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