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AIBU to need help with job situation!! help please o wise mumsnetters

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Meandyou150 Wed 28-Oct-15 19:41:45

Hi all,
i had a lovely little boy 6 months ago, I am now having to look at going back to work. I used to work in sales, very stressful 5 day a week full time and long hours. Now with the little man this is simply not practical to go back to, I would never see him and the stress of targets etc would be too much.

However I love the company and was hoping to go back for a part time 2 days a week or maybe 3. Just to help out and be an extra pair of hands really. Long and short of it is they will let me go part time but only 1 day a week and perhaps to help out on an ad hoc basis when needed during the odd week here and there.

Financially this is not really sustainable, luckily my other half earns a good wage but its still too tight. I realy dont want to leave the company as there such a fab bunch, and its a reputable company to work for with great benefits.

Meandyou150 Wed 28-Oct-15 19:45:46

SORRY posted too quickly!

therefore I need to find another part time job to supplement the wages - BUT heres the problem. The one day a week I will be working is a weekend, so the other working day would need to be during the week.

am i being ridiculous in thinking such jobs exsist? is there such thing as a one day a week job thats not a weekend?!

if so what are they?! or is there another way i could make extra money on the side?

any advice would be appreciated

thank you!

CrazyCatLady13 Wed 28-Oct-15 20:00:29

To be honest, you're probably better off taking their deal for now, but looking for another job that will offer you 2 or 3 days a week. I haven't come across any one day jobs, unless you're working on bank / agency terms.

GabiSolis Wed 28-Oct-15 20:07:07

The only thing I can think of is retail work.

Could you possibly go back full time then start looking for another job if the one day isn't doable for you?

StealthPolarBear Wed 28-Oct-15 20:08:53

Friday night working in a restaurant?

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