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To think my exH is a controlling twunt

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MyexHisatwunt Wed 28-Oct-15 18:39:25

I just need a space to rant - I am only working PT at present so money is tight but I booked to go (non-refundable) and see DD in her very expensive uni town - I could only afford to stay for one night so will leave very early and be back late the following day. I have 2 dogs and asked DS (17) not to arrange anything for that weekend so he could look after dogs.

ExH has been told by one of DC that I am going away that weekend and about DS looking after dogs. After finding out about the arrangements, ExH is co-incidentally given dream football tickets for that very weekend - it will involve staying in a B&B so DS is not around to look after dogs. This means that I will now have to put dogs in kennels for 3 days or cancel the trip. This is the second time this year that exH has done something similar but DS is completely dazzled by his father and what he is being offered and can't (or doesn't want to) see the pattern.

During our marriage exH was controlling and EA (occasionally physically abusive). He is relatively wealthy - I am so fed up that he is still able to interfere and control aspects of my life and can't understand why he would even want to - we've been divorced a long tome

memyselfandaye Wed 28-Oct-15 20:11:57

No advice, but does it help to think to yourself, 'thank fuck I'm not married to that pathetic cunt anymore'?

If he has purposely done that, then he is obviously still bitter, even after such a long time. My guess is that he's angry that you left and are living your life exactly how you like.

It obviously doesn't help your situation now, but it could be worse, you could still be with the arsehole.

wintersocks Wed 28-Oct-15 20:33:52

That must be annoying but don't let him get to you too much, that way he cannot control you. On a practical note have you considered the 'borrowmydoggy' website as you would potentially get someone who could take care of your dogs on there? Or any friends you could ask? I hope you still get to go and visit your dd flowers

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