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'Tampon Tax' full list of MPs who voted against lowering the rate

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cricketballs Tue 27-Oct-15 18:48:26

interesting link which shows the list of MPs who voted against cutting VAT on sanitary products. Interesting to see its only conservatives and includes female MPs hmm

LumpySpacedPrincess Tue 27-Oct-15 18:49:40

Links not working for me.

Optimist1 Tue 27-Oct-15 18:51:02

Nor me!

ilovesooty Tue 27-Oct-15 18:51:45

I can't access that link but I thought there were a couple of Ulster Unionists on the list.

Very disappointed that my female MP is in the list.

cricketballs Tue 27-Oct-15 18:53:18


LineyReborn Tue 27-Oct-15 18:55:34

Was there a Conservative Party Whip on this vote?

Moreshabbythanchic Tue 27-Oct-15 18:55:45

I find it unbelieveable that sanitary products are considered luxury items. Not quite in the same league as a box of chocs or a bottle of wine.

megletthesecond Tue 27-Oct-15 18:56:17

Not surprised my female mp is on the list. She's anti - women full stop.

I've been pondering this subject and getting more pissed off by it as the day has gone on angry.

LineyReborn Tue 27-Oct-15 18:56:25

'Non essential luxury items' ffs.

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 27-Oct-15 18:57:49

I'm sure i remember reading (fyi, i support the campaign) that even if it were voted to be lowered, the list of what is a luxury item is decided by the EU, not our parliament? Anyone know if that is correct?

Moreshabbythanchic Tue 27-Oct-15 19:01:02

My MP is on the list too but he is a man and a tory so what does he care.

Theoretician Tue 27-Oct-15 19:03:37

I don't have a high level of interest in this issue, but there was an article in the Telegraph today that calculated the tax might cost a woman 75p per year.

Discussions about VAT invariably annoy me, as they end up with people say X is not a luxury. VAT is not a tax on luxuries, in theory it should be charged on everything, though for political reasons a few things are exempted or have lower rates. Given the country has a social security system which is capable of taking the tax on "necessities" into account in computing what it expects people to live on, I think we should simplify and just charge VAT at the same rate on everything.

If you want to ease the burden on people who struggle to afford tampons, electricity and gas, fresh food, or children's clothes, compensate them via the benefit system, which is geared up to looking at each persons circumstances, rather than having across-the-board reductions everyone benefits from, and court cases deciding whether something is a biscuit or a cake.

Theoretician Tue 27-Oct-15 19:05:30

Psychic or what? I started composing when there were no replies. By time I posted, my prediction of the "L" word being used had already been fulfilled.

BertPuttocks Tue 27-Oct-15 19:06:39

I knew my MP would be on the list before I even clicked on the link. He's a spineless little weasel who is seemingly incapable of wiping his own arse without asking the Tories for permission first.

freshmint Tue 27-Oct-15 19:08:11

Mumsnetter husband on that list I note....! Honestly has she taught him nothing??

GabiSolis Tue 27-Oct-15 19:13:09

Mine is on there but as already said, he's a Tory and a man so doesn't give a fuck about anyone let alone women.

Smoothyloopy Tue 27-Oct-15 19:15:01

I'm in Cornwall & every cornish MP, including 2 women voted against. Discusted with them all but didn't expect anything else really.

AutumnAttic Tue 27-Oct-15 19:15:34

I thought that you and I might have the same MP Bert, but then sadly realised that there's legions of the simpering fuckwits.

Quiero Tue 27-Oct-15 19:15:49

Like Liney said, they've voted to the whip. They do shit like this all the time - all sides. Quite the democracy aren't we?

I do wonder if this is part of a bigger picture in terms of the forthcoming EU referendum.

They're still all twats though.

AutumnAttic Tue 27-Oct-15 19:16:35

I'd like to tell him where he can shove it wink

WMittens Tue 27-Oct-15 19:18:41

I'm sure i remember reading (fyi, i support the campaign) that even if it were voted to be lowered, the list of what is a luxury item is decided by the EU, not our parliament? Anyone know if that is correct?

I believe so.

'Non essential luxury items' ffs.

This was proven true by Kiran Gandhi wink

Apart from the EU reason above (which should be challenged) I don't see a reason why they shouldn't be zero rated.

On the other hand I don't really understand the fuss: it's only going to save 4.76% - on a box of 20 at £1.70 (more or less depending on brand) it's going to save about 8p.

However, children's car seats are taxed at 5% and are a legal requirement - that's out of order.

gleam Tue 27-Oct-15 19:19:16

Theoretician - I remember when VAT first came in - it was indeed touted as a luxury tax.

I'm disappointed to see my MP on the list.

RickRoll Tue 27-Oct-15 19:20:02

To be clear, this was a Labour amendment to the government's Budget (Finance Bill), and the entire Conservative party voted to reject it, with the exception of Philip Davies, Philip Hollobone, and David Nuttall. Plus the two UUP.

Every MP of every other party was in favour.

The EU prohibits governments from removing VAT from items, santiary products therefore attract the lowest VAT rate of 5% permitted.

To get rid of the tax, you'd have to go and completely renegotiate the settlement with the EU.

So basically it's a vote to leave the EU and/or mess with the government

It doesn't really have that much to do with sanitary products.

MrsFogi Tue 27-Oct-15 19:21:42

I will be emailing my MP to let him know that he has lost my vote for the next election and I will instead be voting for the Women's Equality Party.

Crazycatlady27 Tue 27-Oct-15 19:21:57

I'm disgusted that my local amp is on that list & also an old family acquaintance is also on the list

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