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to ask what the hell happened to Meredith Brooks?

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FithColumnist Mon 26-Oct-15 03:39:02

Seriously, has there been no other strong female singer who doesn't play with her sexuality since 1997? Bloody Minaj and her anaconda do not count on so many levels...

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:40:49

Fiona Apple?

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:47:41


BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:48:07


FithColumnist Mon 26-Oct-15 03:48:14


BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:48:36

Emilé Sandé?

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:49:19

Paloma Faith?

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:49:51

Lily Allen?

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:51:19

Alicia Keys?

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:52:37


FithColumnist Mon 26-Oct-15 03:52:50

Lorde yes. Adele less so.

(Don't get me wrong, in Adele's case I fucking adore her music. I just mean a female singer who is not defining her music in the context of a man. And I have also just been told that Meredith Brooks is not an example of this. Arse. Am I going to have to go back to Cyndi Lauper? Or have I been blind-sided by the Spice Girls? Arseknackers, is this actually a futile exercise in shit music?)

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:54:40

Amy Winehouse had a good run.

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 03:55:54

X-posts. Yeah, it's perhaps a futile exercise. I'd love to know what you come up with. I'll have a think too grin

FithColumnist Mon 26-Oct-15 03:56:27

Shit me Amy Winehouse. IAB totally U. Thank you for reminding of more singers to put on my youtube playlist.

(Except the poster who mentioned Paloma Faith. Since her cover of World in Union she is dead to me. Will you ask me to listen to Sam Smith next? Really?)

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 04:01:40

I actually rather liked Dido, and Sia (before she got pretentious). But I'd challenge most male singers to not sing about romance or sex.

I've (sadly) discovered Kidz Bop recently, which is pop music stripped of rude references and the associated videos, replaced by tweenie Mouskateer-types flinging themselves around a stage. It's really just made me realise how awful the messages in pop are.

BitOfFun Mon 26-Oct-15 04:05:11

I was in the car with my mum recently, listening to generic Radio 2 pap, and she remarked to me that "Isn't it weird the way all these songs were about possession and making you mine?"

It made me sad in a way, but pleased she'd clocked on to it and moved on.

FithColumnist Mon 26-Oct-15 04:12:54

It is sodding depressing.

FithColumnist Mon 26-Oct-15 04:26:02

Also totally forgot Cocknbullkid. Ashamed.

StrawberryTeaLeaf Mon 26-Oct-15 04:44:38


StrawberrytallCake Mon 26-Oct-15 06:04:03


Laura Marling, Florence and the machine, Shirley Manson....

Fadingmemory Mon 26-Oct-15 06:49:40

Duffy? Joss Stone?

MythicalKings Mon 26-Oct-15 06:58:11

Kirsty MacColl just sneaks into your time frame.

Best female artist ever and taken too soon.

StealthPolarBear Mon 26-Oct-15 06:59:07

I'm not sure I understand the question but gwen Stefani?

StealthPolarBear Mon 26-Oct-15 06:59:50

Sheryl crow, who as far as I can tell sings mostly about drinking and getting drunk.

MerdeAlor Mon 26-Oct-15 07:49:22

Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Courtney Barnett


Kate Bush

Laura Mvula

PJ Harvey

Etc etc etc

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