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To plan a baby in a one bedroomed apartment?

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Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 08:11:27

It's a beautiful apartment in a very leafy village but is just the same a one bedroomed one.

Moving is a possibility, but since I have no mortgage on this apartment I would like to stay for the first couple of years at least, though this is always flexible.

The exterior is gorgeous but the interior needs a fair bit of work - WIBU to plan a baby anyway? (I am hoping to try between January and March 2016.)

Kiddiewinks2008 Sun 25-Oct-15 08:13:47

Err, yes! Why on earth not? You own a place outright- what is the problem? Yabu

honeysucklejasmine Sun 25-Oct-15 08:18:13

Go for it. They don't need their own room.

There are very few real justifications for putting off TTC IMO. (If it's something you want to do, that is.)

Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 08:19:48

There are a few problems unfortunately - dodgy electricity, no carpet, and generally I can see things being rather cramped.

It's also on the second floor (there are three floors, it is more like a very big house than a towerblock) but it still means that I can see myself struggling with a pram.

I'm hoping to resolve the electricity and the carpet within the next two months.

SpanglesGalloway Sun 25-Oct-15 08:23:44

Is there nowhere in the entrance area you can store a pram/buggy? How about just going for a baby sling. Do you drive? Will need to get big food shop delivered to your door and guess what Mr delivery man I live on 2nd floor with a baby bring those bags up...

So electric and carpet can be fixed in a few months..
Cramped- how much things do a baby need. Really just a place to sleep and store clothes. Try ikea baby hacks or storage hacks on pintrest.

I don't see a reason so far why not to ttc is there any other reasons causing you doubt

experiencedhider Sun 25-Oct-15 08:24:55

We lived in a 1 bedroom maisonette till DS was 18 months and it was fine. Stairs are annoying e.g if they are asleep in the pushchair but again not a massive issue. I would go for it (having sorted the electricity!)

Bloomsberry Sun 25-Oct-15 08:28:17

We lived in a one-bed London flat up some stairs when DS was a baby and it was fine. Get a light pushchair or sling if there isn't anywhere to store it downstairs. Definitely no need for own room. He slept in a bedside cot by our bed.

FireflyGirl Sun 25-Oct-15 08:30:19

As long as you know you can resolve the carpet/electric issues before baby is born, I don't think they're a major problem.

All guidance suggests to keep baby in your room for the first 6 months anyway, and I'm sure I heard somewhere they are thinking of changing that to 12 months. As long as there's somewhere for baby to start rolling/crawling when they get older, I don't think living in a 1 bedroom flat would be a major issue whilst they're still young.

Is there a locked shed or something downstairs where you could keep the pram? Otherwise, you'd need a lightweight one you can lug up and down - or a cheap one you're not bothered if it goes missing. It would also probably be worth investing in a sling. Takes up much less room than a pram. Good luck grin

Artandco Sun 25-Oct-15 08:31:06

We live in a one bed, it's fine. You don't buy a huge pram, use a sling and small folding pushchair. Don't buy baby bouncers/ swims/ rockers/ baths/ etc

You just need to make flat safe like you would in any place so sort out the interior problems you mention

Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 08:31:57

Thanks smile

At what point did you move, Bloomsbury? I'm not too worried about the early days as if things go according to plan the baby will be born late autumn/winter but as the months go by and spring comes I worry about being stuck up in a flat with an increasingly mobile baby and getting a bit low/depressed.

Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 08:33:45

There's definitely nowhere to store the pram - we get stern warnings from the management company all the time about someone having the audacity to put a bike in the downstairs cupboard! (Not me, I hasten to add, although I have been asked to keep my cat under control!)

Junosmum Sun 25-Oct-15 08:35:26

It could also take you a while to conceive so I wouldn't put it off. Get the electric and carpet sorted, have a clear out and get going!

NotMyMonkey Sun 25-Oct-15 08:37:40

We were in a one bedroom on second floor, no lift with ds1 until he was 2. Wasn't ideal but is definitely do-able.

Artandco Sun 25-Oct-15 08:38:34

Babyzen yoyo 0+ pram is what you would need. Folds to large handbag size.

We haven't left out one bed and eldest is 5 years.

Ellreejee3 Sun 25-Oct-15 08:39:56

Is this just a stealth boast?

ISeeIt Sun 25-Oct-15 08:39:57

We only finally completed and moved with our now 3yo and 9m baby from a teeny 1 bed a month or so ago! Had been trying to move really since firstborn came, but it was actually fine. The bedroom was big enough for a cot by our double and a toddler bed in the corner (although they both mostly end up in the bed anyway confused)

We had to be clever with storage and not overdo toys. But it's doable! If I did it anyone can. Just get out lots. Second the sling comment - I barely used a pram (kept one in our car so it was downstairs).

Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 08:48:57

About what, Ellree?

Sighing Sun 25-Oct-15 08:52:12

My (ridiculously tall) friends lived in a studio apartment with their baby for about 2 years. They managed fine and were glad to avoid most of the baby clutter in the end. Bare minimum stuff = less work!

Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 08:59:07

Thank you smile Minimalism doesn't come naturally to me - will have to work on this!

legalegret Sun 25-Oct-15 09:00:05

I did it with a winter baby and managed through 2 winters but you really do just manage, cope etc. No respite from the crying even if a DP takes them, unless they take them outside, so recovering from sleep deprivation is sometimes difficult. I sometimes napped in the car or cinema. Then I had an early riser and it is a long time between 4.30/5am until daybreak and possibility of going to the park/a cafe. Fine to imagine it in summer with lots of places to go, but depths of January on broken sleep sometimes, regardless of the Mumsnet tendency to advise 'park' as the answer to everything in all weathers, is not really that much of a break.

That said, not all one bed flats are created equal and people tend to imagine their own when commenting. I was in a central London one bed, so living room was also where we ate, hung washing on radiators etc, due to galley kitchen and small bedroom.

Mumberjack Sun 25-Oct-15 09:01:08

My SIL and BIL stay in a one bedroom flat, their children are now 6 & 3 so it is possible...

purplewhale Sun 25-Oct-15 09:02:10

My pram mostly lives in the car boot! We don't live in an apartment but don't have much space and I worried about where it would go. Car boot works fine smile

SummerNights1986 Sun 25-Oct-15 09:02:22

Personally I wouldn't.

It's going to be much easier to move when it's just you and you don't have to move a baby and everything that comes with it too.

I would move to a 2+ bed now, before you have a baby.

Pianofires Sun 25-Oct-15 09:06:55

It's a possibility. The issue is that I would have to move to rented (and rent my own apartment out) and I want to minimise costs as much as possible (no partner.)

I would tentatively be looking at moving when DC is entitled to some free hours!

Bakeoffcake Sun 25-Oct-15 09:11:47

Well, my DD wouldnt sleep in her own bedroom, she would only sleep with us until she was 2 and a half, so I wouldn't worry about sharing a bedroom. grin

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