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To think men don't need to walk between a woman and the road and wonder where that idea came from?

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Damselindestress Sat 24-Oct-15 19:02:23

I saw this picture on Facebook. After staring for a while I eventually realised that they were saying he should be walking on the street side and that was confirmed in the comments but I don't know why that is considered correct etiquette. I've only heard of walking on the street side when walking with children so they don't run into the road, seems a bit patronising with an adult. I wondered if anyone could let me know where this idea comes from?

BertieBotts Sat 24-Oct-15 19:03:10

So she doesn't get splashed by a puddle, maybe? confused

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 19:03:47

h always does it. I dotn mind if he does or not

Its old- dirty road, turds out of windows etc

there are more serious things to worry about

vvviola Sat 24-Oct-15 19:04:42

So that, in medieval times, she wouldn't get hit by the contents of the chamber pots being emptied from the overhanging windows. Apparently.

Hardly relevant these days grin

howtorebuild Sat 24-Oct-15 19:05:11

People threw chamber pot contents from bedrooms straight out the Windows.

NoArmaniNoPunani Sat 24-Oct-15 19:05:11

I was told it's from the days when people would chuck buckets of shit out the windows, more likely to land on the bloke. That's probably a load of shit though.

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 19:05:24

here is your answer

LindyHemming Sat 24-Oct-15 19:05:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RhinestoneCowgirl Sat 24-Oct-15 19:05:41

I don't know but I used to walk home with a colleague from work and we had this embarrassing shuffly bit early on when I realised he was trying to do this. He said he'd been brought up to do it.

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 19:05:48

why is this even BU?

RhinestoneCowgirl Sat 24-Oct-15 19:06:43

He was a lovely chap btw, it didn't make me feel uncomfortable

ilovesooty Sat 24-Oct-15 19:07:54

My father used to do it.

DPotter Sat 24-Oct-15 19:08:15

I thought is was from when roads / pavements were basically mud and the person on the outside would project the person on the inside from splashes etc. I like vvviola's reason as well.
In either case it is showing respect and thoughtfulness, not patronising

RedRosie Sat 24-Oct-15 19:10:16

My DH does this, with any woman (me, my DM, DSD) he is walking with. It's completely automatic. I quite like it. smile

I think the practice is originally for the reason given above.

DH also goes behind on ascending stairs, and in front on descending stairs - and open doors.

I suspect this was all training from his late DM (who sadly diied very young, before I met him) who was very posh and proper.

Damselindestress Sat 24-Oct-15 19:10:23

I'm not worked up over anything, sorry forgot to put lighthearted in the OP! I just thought it was unnecessary and was curious about why it used to be customary. A friend on Facebook was bemoaning the loss of the good old days when gentleman used to do this. That would be the good old days when people threw shit out of windows then! Lol.

Gatehouse77 Sat 24-Oct-15 19:11:46

I do it for the kids, DH would do it for me.
It's a desire to protect but I wouldn't be bothered if he didn't.

Damselindestress Sat 24-Oct-15 19:12:12

why is this even BU?

Mainly for traffic. I couldn't work out why it was a thing and knew someone on here would know! But also was wondering if I was BU to not see anything wrong with the picture and not think it's necessary nowadays.

BrandNewAndImproved Sat 24-Oct-15 19:12:19

I think it's nice, when I used to catch the bus all the elderly men in the elderly couples would wait for their wife to sit in the inside seat before they sat down as well.

It's also nice for a man to hold doors open ect ect. That doesn't make me any less a feminist for liking good manners.

exLtEveDallas Sat 24-Oct-15 19:12:28

DH does it to me, I do it to DD and the dog. It's an extra security measure I suppose, and it's sweet.

(DH - Ex Cavalry - has just been in and said its also to do with sword wearing, don't know how true that is)

TaliZorah Sat 24-Oct-15 19:13:37

I like it, it's kind and thoughtful to protect your girlfriend from car splashed

Canyouforgiveher Sat 24-Oct-15 19:14:40

I thought it was to save you from splashes/mud.

My dad used to do it when walking with us (he'd carry our bags for us too). I wouldn't notice it if a man didn't do it but tend to notice and like if a man does because it reminds me of my dad

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 24-Oct-15 19:16:51

Dogs should be away from the pavement edge. Which makes me a bit hmm as to why women should be too.

StealthPolarBear Sat 24-Oct-15 19:21:48

Nice to do in general to other people - considerate and pleasant
Patronising to single out women as the ones who need protecting from whatever horrors you think are coming your way

SweetTeaVodka Sat 24-Oct-15 19:21:52

My Dad and my DH both do this (walk on the road side) - it's a holdover from the past when people emptied chamber pots out of upstairs windows and passing horse-drawn carriages might splash up and ruin a lady's outfit.

It doesn't bother me in the slightest that they do it and it wouldn't bother me if a man didn't, TBH.

StealthPolarBear Sat 24-Oct-15 19:22:45

I did it with the kids, still keep them away from the edge of the road in case they do trip and also because children walking near the road makes drivers nervous

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