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To be a little peeved.

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steppedonlego Sat 24-Oct-15 14:57:21

I make hair accessories as a hobby, not in anyway a business, but for my own daughter and generally to give away to friends etc.

I posted a picture on a Facebook group of some bobbles I made and a lady mentioned how much she liked them and I offered to make some for her daughter. Asked for money to cover postage and the cost of materials, but that was all, as I say, it's a hobby and not something I'm interested in turning into a business.

As I was feeling kind, I also included a lot of other hair accessories and bits, send them off.

Over a week passes and there was no mention from the woman of receiving and I'd all but forgotten about sending them when the woman messages me complaining that the bobbles had broken, and that she wanted a refund, including a picture of all four bobbles broken.

I found this hard to believe as my two year old has been walking round stretching and pulling and playing with bobbles from the same batch, as well as a few of my friends having used them with no problem.

I have refunded as I don't wish to cause myself stress over a few pounds, but am I being unreasonable in thinking that I have now paid to give a woman things which I have worked to make for free, whilst not even receiving acknowledgement or thanks?

MrsMolesworth Sat 24-Oct-15 15:06:53

YANBU. But it's just one of those classic mistakes we all make when a good turn goes unrewarded and turns bad. Don't offer anyone else. If they ask just suggest they Google how to do it and send a link to a page.

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