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To be annoyed about the rotavirus vaccine

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TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 14:29:34

I thought this one was at 12 weeks not 8 and so hadn't done much research on it. I booked a doctors appointment as DS has allergies and is prone to tummy upsets to discuss which vaccines were suitable. He said there would be no problems.

I wasn't warned about potential side effects until AFTER they'd given the vaccine. Poor DS is now having griping pains, screaming and not settling. He's not feeding properly and seems unhappy. I rang the GPs and got told "oh that's normal after rotavirus vaccine"

I also wasn't told it was a live vaccine that can be passed to me until after he had it. Brilliant when I'm a single mum.

DS was in NICU and nearly died, he had already had enough unpleasant things happen without being given a stomach bug. In the past few weeks he'd been doing really well, and now he seems ill

AIBU to think I should have been told about these side effects BEFORE he was given the vaccine and that it shouldn't have just been assumed I was okay with it? I'm really upset DS seems to be suffering sad

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 23-Oct-15 14:35:02

YANBU, they should have warned you beforehand.
However I'm always a bit surprised that people don't research these things before taking their children for the vaccines. I read up on it all before taking DD's for any vaccines as I wanted to be fully informed.
I hope he's feeling better soon.

GloGirl Fri 23-Oct-15 14:40:18

YANBU but my son was having problems with his rectum and was under investigation. I spoke to GP who advised whilst it is a live vaccine and he might get an upset tummy it's ultimately to prevent something much worse from occurring that could be worse considering his problems.

I presume your paed would have warned you about the vaccs schedule if he didn't think your son should have it.

The rotovirus is very nasty for children. Protect yourself with extra hygiene during nappy changes. It comes out in his poo.

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 14:47:57

worlds I do normally but I focused on the men b vaccine because I didn't think they had this one until later on. My mistake which I'm cross with myself about

Glo I'm still waiting to see a paediatrician, 6 weeks after referral sad

Eminybob Fri 23-Oct-15 14:53:31

I totally agree that you should have been told about the side effects. I received a fact sheet for each of DS's set of vaccinations with details of side effects and treatment. And you most certainly should have been informed about safeguarding yourself while changing his nappy etc.

However, the side effects are still preferable to actually getting rotavirus.

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 15:12:58

I wasn't told until they were dropping it in his mouth and after they'd finished. It was almost an afterthought! I'm annoyed because I explicitly asked "son has had tummy problems and been in NICU will any of these vaccinations cause him problems?" And I wasn't told anything. I wasn't even told the signs of insusseption or that it can happen, I had to bloody google it.

Badders123 Fri 23-Oct-15 15:23:55

Some mild side effect are much better than rotavirus!
My youngest son was ill for 2 weeks and nearly hospitalised twice (didn't give the vaccine when he was a baby)
Being miserable and unhappy after vaccinations is normal.
I'm sorry he is unwell, and I know it's hard to watch, but it's even more important for him to have his vaccinations than a healthy child (my 27 week prem nephew still had all his vaccinations even when in scbu!)

Badders123 Fri 23-Oct-15 15:24:37

<and when my eldest had his mmr they jabbed me by mistake!>

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 15:29:07

If he were to catch rotavirus at least he'd be older than 8 weeks. It seems so unfair that he's had so much so little. I asked if they could delay the vaccines as I'm not against them but apparently not...

Badders123 Fri 23-Oct-15 15:33:13

They don't do that.
My prem nephew had his, and my eldest, who was a very poorly baby, had his too.
Why wouldn't your son catch rotavirus at 8 weeks?
Perfectly possible.
And it would make him very very ill.
I understand your worry, honestly, but it's even more important for your child to have their vaccinations if they have health issues (unless they are contraindicated, like with chemo etc)

bumbleymummy Fri 23-Oct-15 15:39:30

YANBU. I hope he feels better soon sad

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 15:41:02

Because the transmission route is fecal-oral as far as I know so unless he's mixing with other kids it's unlikely he'll catch it. I was under the impression older babies tended to get it more often.

I feel like they took my choice awayv

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 23-Oct-15 15:41:34

He could catch rotavirus at 8 weeks, it's perfectly possible. And the effects would be much much worse than from the extremely mild dose given in the vaccine.

Badders123 Fri 23-Oct-15 15:43:48

My child caught it. At home with me, not in nursery, no idea how he caught it.
And he was very very ill.
I wish my son had had the opportunity to be vaccinated against it.

honkinghaddock Fri 23-Oct-15 15:45:47

Ds was ill with rotavirus for 3 months. It can be very unpleasant and I wish the vaccine had existed when he was a baby.

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 15:47:16

Thank you, me too! He's normally a very placid baby (sleeps 6 hours at night, hardly cries) so I know if he's crying it's for a reason sad

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 15:49:45

Whether you'd have had the vaccine or not it should have at least been up to me based on correct information

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 23-Oct-15 16:54:14

When they said 'now we're going to do the rotavirus' did you ask for more info then? Or did they inject it into his mouth without any warning?

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 23-Oct-15 16:54:57

I still don't think YABU by the way as you should be given all the relevant info.

crumblybiscuits Fri 23-Oct-15 16:59:56

You have to sign before they administer the vaccines don't you?

TaliZorah Fri 23-Oct-15 17:10:31

worlds it was just "this is the nice one" and then it was in his mouth followed by "this can possibly give him an upset stomach, be careful with nappies". That was it.

crumbly they gave me a piece of paper saying "this is for the vaccines, sign it". I wasn't given time to read it, the whole thing was very rushed. The doctor who I spoke to was nice but again very rushed and wanted me out quickly

To be honest I've had problems with the GPs for the last couple of years, I think I'm going to change practice

WorldsBiggestGrotbag Fri 23-Oct-15 17:26:21

Ah ok. I think there is a problem generally in that they're so rushed they don't give you all the information. It's no excuse obviously, but I think is pretty common. The nurse at my practice is really good and sits you down beforehand to explain what they're doing and to ask if you have any questions, but DD1 had hers at a different surgery and it was like you describe.

Doublebubblebubble Thu 21-Jan-16 19:28:58

I know this is an October thread but my ds had his jabs 2 days ago (he's 13 weeks now - he had bronch at 7 weeks so I had to move the app. He got a temp a few weeks ago so I was advised to move the app again to two days ago) anyway I like you tali have been soooooooo preoccupied terrified by the men b jab that I didn't realise about the rotavirus... I got in the room with ds where he was given the liquid/syrup first - all I was told was "that will go through him" ( you are not fucking kidding lady!!) gave him Calpol after his jabs as advised and he seemed fine yesterday but today he has been so ridiculously gripey and unsettled... At fist I thought it might have been the Calpol but then I realised that he'd had Calpol when he was in hospital... Definitely the rotavirus vaccine.. Gah. I like to be so prepared. His poos are all brown as well (?? Normal for the vaccine) tali how long was your son gripey for?? X hope he is all okay now x

ByThePrickingOfMyThumbs Thu 21-Jan-16 19:35:31

You should definitely have been informed of the possible side effects before you agreed to the vaccine. Informed consent is key. I would contact your practice manager - this shouldn't happen.

But rotavirus is very nasty. My DD1 was dangerously ill with it as a baby and spent several days in hospital. If the vaccine was available back then I wouldn't had it no question. But every parent should be given sufficient information to make up their own mind.

notenoughbottle Thu 21-Jan-16 19:57:31

I declined my dd having the rotavirus vaccine as I read fully into the side effects and the possibility that it could be passed onto me through changing nappies etc and I wasn't happy for her to have it. This was despite my eldest having been hospitalised with it a few years previously. The way I felt was that despite my son having had rotavirus I wasn't aware of any other children I knew personally having had it throughout the nine years I've been a mum. They should have given you further information but then maybe you should have researched it a little more.

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