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paint on coat

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ghostspirit Fri 23-Oct-15 10:04:15

posting for traffic. my friend son had got a pig ptch on pink paint on his coat its silk emoultion. is there anyway of getting it of? thanks

PolterGoose Fri 23-Oct-15 10:09:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GoblinLittleOwl Fri 23-Oct-15 12:10:17

Try rubbing Swarfega on the patch when it is dry and then washing; it usually works.

ghostspirit Fri 23-Oct-15 12:24:40

thank you goblin there seems to bee lots of differemt types do you know what type it is?

TattyDevine Fri 23-Oct-15 12:29:14

Sorry to be of no help, but it reminds me of when my sister in law and husband were doing up their house to sell and MIL decided to stay for a few days to help them renovate.

MIL was glossing in the hallway and a sleeve of a really expensive jacket was sticking out of the hall cupboard and she poked it back in but didn't realise she had glossy fingers. So there is this really expensive coat that now has 3 finger smudge marks of MIL's in white gloss grin

Brother in law nearly blew a gasket but he couldn't because technically she was helping. Sooo funny. Probably had to be there. But I was grin

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