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To ask if you left teaching after a long time in the job....

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PingpongDingDong Wed 21-Oct-15 14:41:48

What did you do and do you regret it?

sexybeast Wed 21-Oct-15 14:57:00

I took a big gap (5 years for kids) from English Secondary with the intention of doing the Return To Teaching course only to find that the Tories had axed it except for STEM subjects. Had marked GCSEs and tutored constantly during this period but was unemployable afterwards. I couldn't get an interview.

Anyway, I can't say I miss the stress (just the £) - I do tutoring now and have a good work/life balance but less money.

PingpongDingDong Wed 21-Oct-15 15:01:26

Thank you sexy beast. Part of me feels I ought to just plough on with it another part of me really wants to do something different.

HorseyCool Wed 21-Oct-15 15:13:17

My Dad left after 30 years, he was only 55, intended to get another job but didn't. He couldn't stand the idea of supply teaching and after many years of incremental salary increases he couldn't find anything that paid vaguely enough to make it worthwhile.

My friend left teaching after a long time, I think roughly 20 years, she is now a Clerk of the Court.

1woozle Wed 21-Oct-15 15:19:23

I now do supply - there is as much work as I want but without the paperwork and pressure.

I've also gone back to uni to get an MA which also gives a specialist teaching qualification - my course is full of burnt out 50 years + teachers

catfordbetty Wed 21-Oct-15 17:08:34

There are several interesting threads about this on the Education > The staffroom board. On p.2 there is one called 'What jobs could I do ...' that got a lot of replies.

jellyfrizz Wed 21-Oct-15 18:37:11

I'm v. close to leaving, I am working part time at the moment as it's the only way to have any time to spend with my own children.

Apart from the children, teaching in England is a really shitty job.

I've taught in other countries and was able to work full time & still have a life (& pupils who still made great progress even though I didn't record every move I or they made). I loved my job over those years.

I have also worked outside teaching for a number of years so think I have got quite a bit of experience to compare with.

Do what's best for your health & your family. Things have a way of working out.

ravenAK Wed 21-Oct-15 18:46:35

I moved this September, after 16 years in FT teaching, to take up a promoted post in an international school in Forn Parts.

Best. Thing. I . Ever. Did.

For me & the kids.

Salary is great (& tax free), package includes family accommodation & heavily discounted school fees - so we are financially better off. Children have settled in nicely, are loving the adventure & doing really well at school.

I teach groups of up to 18. I have about 40% non contact time to plan & mark. Kids are bright, motivated & likeable; their parents are demanding but supportive.

I can recommend it!

ilovesooty Wed 21-Oct-15 19:10:20

I taught for 23 years. I then took up a post in a charity where I've undertaken a wide variety of different roles and retrained as a counsellor which I do in private practice.

ilovesooty Wed 21-Oct-15 19:10:51

Oh, and nothing would induce me to go back.

Bea Wed 21-Oct-15 19:23:20

I left after 20yrs in primary!! About 2 and half years ago!
It was just soul destroying! Endless assessments! Unattainable targets!
Loved actual teaching but fed up with all the constant moving goal posts!
I could go on forever.. I now do a bit of IT work! I love it!
No more marking! No more worrying if targets have been met! No more Sunday nights dreading Mon! No more telling my dc to go to bed cos I've got marking /planning to do!
Things are so much calmer! Although have to admit... I do miss the children and the joy of teaching!... Not just the other crap! grin

slug Wed 21-Oct-15 19:38:04

I left after 12 years and got into learning technologies. I now work in a university teaching academics how to use technology to enhance their teaching.

I ran into an old teaching colleague this afternoon and, after talking to her, I realise just what a good move it was to leave when I did. Not only am I challenged and happy, but I also get <<whisper it>> lunch breaks wink

ValancyJane Wed 21-Oct-15 20:49:10

Watching this thread with interest, I'm looking at a career change once I'm done having children. No idea what I'd like to do though, I love hearing about life on the 'other side'!!

Junosmum Wed 21-Oct-15 21:01:01

OH has just left after 7 years. Changed to software developing - worked as a teacher part time and did a masters last year for the career change. So far so good - I like that we have our evenings and weekends back, and so does he!

cece Wed 21-Oct-15 21:07:42

I'm watching with interest.

I love the teaching but hate the rest of the crap.

Been browsing online for alternatives.

IonaNE Wed 21-Oct-15 21:18:07

I left after nearly 20 years, but only about 6 of those were in the UK. Was self-employed for a while, then got a job as a public servant. Took a huge paycut (21K from 37K) but it was the best decision I ever took. In education my last job was middle-management; the freedom of a 9-5 job (well, flexitime smile ) and not having to think about work at all outside working hours was wonderful. I was made redundant from that job (public sector budget cuts) after about 2 years but by then I had learned new skills, my CV looked a lot different and I was able to get a similar position in industry (after taking time out of work completely for a while).

7amliein Wed 21-Oct-15 22:07:28

Remember you will have to allow other adults to call you by your first name in the

PantryofWhoGivesAFuck Wed 21-Oct-15 22:10:24

Watching with high interest! I am exploring my exit strategies at the moment!

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