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To ask if you are taking up the flu nasal spray vaccine offered at school

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Newtothis2015 Wed 21-Oct-15 11:08:41

I'm not sure whether to take up this offer? What are other people doing??

multivac Wed 21-Oct-15 11:12:07

Taking it up, in the hope that it helps reduce the risk of vulnerable members of our community catching flu this winter.

BondJayneBond Wed 21-Oct-15 11:13:37

We're taking it up.

CheesyNachos Wed 21-Oct-15 11:15:12

We are taking it up also.

bumbleymummy Wed 21-Oct-15 11:19:17

We're not taking it up.

DinoSnores Wed 21-Oct-15 11:19:57

Yes, my eligible DC are having it. I'm pregnant so immunocompromised, and I want to protect my children and other vulnerable people getting flu.

HeadDreamer Wed 21-Oct-15 11:25:20

It's offered at the doctors here. Of course we are taking it up. Flu vaccines are based on a prediction of the strains that will be popular in the coming season. It might not protect against the actually strains in circulation (like last year). But it's not going to do any harm. The main thing is it's free so it's a no brainer. If I have to pay £10 for it, then it's a different story.

Real flu makes you very poorly for a week.

DisappointedOne Wed 21-Oct-15 11:25:56

Yep. Contributing to the herd too.

BumpTheElephant Wed 21-Oct-15 11:26:51

Taking it up.

DriverSurpriseMe Wed 21-Oct-15 11:27:13

My now four year old has never been called up for it despite qualifying for it as a two year old two years ago. I haven't chased it up, because the reports of nasty respiratory side effects put me off.

Plus, this article:

When a representative from Cochrane (essentially the gold standard in evidence based medicine) says no, I have no issues with saying no also.

arethereanyleftatall Wed 21-Oct-15 11:27:36

Of course. No brainer.

bumbleymummy Wed 21-Oct-15 11:32:53

"Real flu makes you very poorly for a week."

This is a myth. You can come into contact with the flu virus, develop immunity and not show any symptoms/only mild symptoms. Everyone is different.

EatDessertFirst Wed 21-Oct-15 11:35:04

We're taking it up. Can't see why anyone wouldn't (medical issues aside obvs).

waitingforcalpoltowork Wed 21-Oct-15 11:37:50

we are too im immunocompromised but getting the kids protected is the first step towards keeping me safe grin as im at risk but not in the category to be jabbed for my own safety

bumbleymummy Wed 21-Oct-15 11:38:08

Because they don't agree with giving a healthy child a vaccine to protect other people who are offered the vaccine but choose not to take it up?

BolshierAryaStark Wed 21-Oct-15 11:38:47

Taking it up.

Onthepigsback Wed 21-Oct-15 11:39:23

Already done. No side affects whatsoever. Not even a sniffle.

May09Bump Wed 21-Oct-15 11:44:12

No - DS has Egg allergy, so not suitable for him. Not sure if I would have took it up anyway - as often the flu strain has changed before they release it and it's not effective on the dominant flu strain.

ShamefulUsername Wed 21-Oct-15 11:55:39

Both of mine had theirs at the weekend.

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