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To feel so sad/fed up/ possibly hormonal

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FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Tue 20-Oct-15 23:22:23

Reposting here because I am so very sad tonight, don't care if you all set me alight.

So I am FAT.
And I need to fix it.
I've been this way before (frightened to get on the scales this time!) and lost it all but over the course of six twelve months, it's all crept back on.
Not just that, but I am RIDICULOUSLY unfit.
My mum is forever going on about it too, she and my sis are very slim. It doesn't help. And I worry that soon my DP won't find me attractive anymore
(Please don't just say eat less, move more because obviously I know this already!)
Thank you delightful MNetters

OddSocksHighHeels Wed 21-Oct-15 01:03:52

I'm not going to set you alight.

I'm a size 6, I have abs and defined arms and legs. Sounds like I'm bragging? The reason I look like this is because I have anorexia.

Food is hard for a lot of us. We might be on opposite ends of the scale but we both struggle right? You can no sooner "just eat less" as I can "just eat more."

Tell your mum to STFU (use nicer words if you like) as it's not helpful. People discussing my weight makes me starve myself, do you tend to overeat when you face criticism?

I can't offer real advice I'm afraid but I'll stand by you in solidarity flowers

TheHouseOnTheLane Wed 21-Oct-15 01:25:01

I have found that when I eat more, it's because I'm not trying to improve myself in life in general.

So the times when I'm just cruising through life....getting by....are the times I eat like a porker.

At the moment I've lost half a stone without trying because I'm busy doing things I love...making myself follow my dreams.

It IS gets stuck in a routine. I suggest that instead of focusing on food and what not to eat, you look at your life in general and see what part of it is lacking.

What job you'd love to have for eg....and work at it! THe weight thing will follow.

Senpai Wed 21-Oct-15 03:30:37

I find making small changes help. Instead of soda, I'll drink tea with a little sugar. Or park towards the back at the store so you have to walk. Eventually small things lead to bigger things.

I haven't lost weight very fast, but I've been consistently about a 0.5-1lb a week (which after a few months makes a difference).

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