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To be dreading Christmas already?

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Toomanycoatstocount Mon 19-Oct-15 22:52:54

Do a bit of lurking and now have decided to post (and expect to get bashed for being so Scrooge-like!)
AIBU to be dreading Christmas already?!
I'm a nurse, am due to start a new job soonish so could be working, and I have to go to my in laws who drive me slightly mad and they want to go out for Christmas dinner!
Any requests on dealing with this (or kicks up the bum!) would be great smile

JeffsanArsehole Mon 19-Oct-15 22:55:25

You will be working so your in laws don't matter wink

You can always volunteer for work if you're not rota-ed grin

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Mon 19-Oct-15 22:59:44

Yeah, I think i'd just put myself down to work to be honest. In fact, I quite often do this grin

Toomanycoatstocount Mon 19-Oct-15 23:20:22

I think I might (DP will be fine with this- he knows I can only handle his parents in small doses!)
The other thing about is, when we stay at their house, we don't have a bed so have to sleep on the floor... I wonder if I could ask to do nights?! winkwink

ilovesooty Mon 19-Oct-15 23:21:59

Volunteer to work. I would if I could (for different reasons).

brokenhearted55a Mon 19-Oct-15 23:29:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kingoftheroad Tue 20-Oct-15 00:05:00

I hate it also. I would just ignore the whole thing if it was up to me. Every year I look for an excuse for not putting up a tree etc. Unfortunately everyone else in household loves it, well seen they don't have to do the endless shopping, wrapping etc. I cannot stand the commercialism of it all. Believe it or not I'm a committed Christian but we are so far removed from the true message of Christmas, it totally stresses me out

NCISaddict Tue 20-Oct-15 00:08:39

I love Christmas but I've just got my roster and I'm doing a 0700-1900 Christmas day and boxing day then 1800-0600 nights finishing on New Years day morning. I'm getting depressed already as I won't have a chance to see family at all over Christmas.sad

Toomanycoatstocount Tue 20-Oct-15 00:12:16

I'm not even sure if I'd be excited if I was seeing my own family, there's too much drama and putting on a big show! hmm
If I had my way, it would just be me and DP.
Maybe next year... Except both sets of parents would kill us! sad

Toomanycoatstocount Tue 20-Oct-15 00:13:51

Ouch NCIS that's no fun at all!
Did you work last year?!
Hopefully your family can arrange something special for you the weekend before!

hollieberrie Tue 20-Oct-15 00:34:05

I'm opting out too brokenhearted55a. Everyone has either died or left. Am gonna block it out and pretend its not happening! (Fingers in ears - la la la) wink

cakedup Tue 20-Oct-15 00:40:49

I love Christmas day because me and DS spend all day in our pjs playing with new presents, watching loads of TV and scoffing treats. My mum normally comes over and joins in. DS hates roast dinner and always asks for his favourite pasta dish which also happens to be my mum's favourite. So I'm not in the kitchen for hours either.

Any invites on Christmas day and I just say "no sorry, we have a tradition of staying at home and relaxing."

Life's too short OP. Do whatever you want.

Tiggeryoubastard Tue 20-Oct-15 00:43:56

You don't 'have' to do anything, let alone spend it with people you don't want to, sleeping on a floor. Bigger how 'mad' other people will get. You're adults. Start doing your own Christmas. Don't mean to sound harsh, honestly, but its true. I genuinely don't understand why people don't spend their time as they want, especially when they've settled into their own family life.

brokenhearted55a Tue 20-Oct-15 00:55:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Toomanycoatstocount Tue 20-Oct-15 01:14:53

Broken-hearted I would love to go away somewhere. DP is the only child though and my mother makes a massive show of Christmas every year. (We've been alternating Christmases for the past five years!) So I'm not sure which year we'd get to go!!

AcrossthePond55 Tue 20-Oct-15 01:15:11

I'm not exactly dreading it, but I am unsettled about it. The past 18 months have been full of not so good events that have set things rather topsy turvy. Some things have settled, some haven't, some never will. I'd rather just skip Christmas but unfortunately I AM Christmas as far as the family goes. I made a few changes that lessened the load last year and will make a few more this year. I'll end up having a lovely time, I know. It's just getting there, iyswim.

Luckily it's not drunken uncles, narc mothers, or terrible in-laws so I really shouldn't complain. It's just some of 'those things that happen' in all our lives, things to do with aging family members, adult children pursuing paths we'd prefer they didn't, the usual crap.

Toomanycoatstocount Tue 20-Oct-15 01:17:54

If nights are not an option, I shall suck it up!
Thanks MNetters smilebrewthanks

Toomanycoatstocount Tue 20-Oct-15 01:22:47

I hope things straighten out for you acrossthepond brewbiscuitthanks

Toomanycoatstocount Tue 20-Oct-15 01:24:19

Thanks tigger - unfortunately I have a lot of responsibility to my family, I can't just not do something because I don't fancy it!

AcrossthePond55 Tue 20-Oct-15 01:38:21

Oh thanks Toomany, I'm sure they either will or I'll find some sugar and make that fucking lemonade (and add gin). You know, I'd never really put the words down before. Just doing that has helped me to realize that I don't have it quite so bad and that I do have options. And that I need to yield some control to others who have offered to help! So I thank you for that, too.

brokenhearted55a Tue 20-Oct-15 01:54:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Flambola Tue 20-Oct-15 06:10:10

YANBU. I'm dreading it too, and opting out. My Mother has not taken this well but has forgotten that it will be my stillborn son's birthday and frankly, I don't give a shit.

Hopefully I'll have a newborn by then but she won't know if we celebrate it or not this year. I'll take part in it again in a few years when she's older.

bigbuttons Tue 20-Oct-15 06:50:27

I bloody hate it. A huge a amount of work falls entirely on my shoulders just for one bloody day. I can't describe the relief I feel come christmas evening when it's nearly all over.

DeepBlueLake Tue 20-Oct-15 07:34:13

I'm not that bothered either, we have, BiL, SIL and their two children staying at ours + my mum as we're hosting. PIL, SIL and her boyfriend will be coming also and I will also have a newborn and a toddler. I quite like my in laws but it's going to be like a farm yard here and probably be more stress than it's worth. The only two things I am looking forward too is the food and seeing DS open his presents as this is the first year he fully understands the concept.

I am more of a new year person, except I don't think I will be staying up until all hours on the lash with two small children.

Am counting down until Xmas 2016 as we're in NZ sunning ourselves on a deck with a BBQ, not putting on the Christmas jumpers.

iwantgin Tue 20-Oct-15 07:43:36

Christmas is a pain, in my opinion.

I am now able to ignore, ignore, ignore until a few weeks prior.

DC are teens so they just get ££, adults get nothing now and i am hoping ot get out of hosting this year too.

I wouldn't mind having a job which meant i could bow out gracefully and leave them all to it.

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