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omg at britains most shameless mum

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PainAuChocolat23 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:41:49

Now im in no way bashing benefits. I am a mum to my wee boy and am currently on benefits and its bloody hard going but i manage as best i can.
But watching this programme im watching with shock, it really isnt nice viewing. There are people using food banks and their 6yr old got a petrol quad for his birthday shock the impression that i got from this is that they seem to be proud of the life they have on benefits and seemed gloaty. Now i know i may get flamed for my views but people on benefits get a hard enough time without cases like this tarring us all with the same brush

Passmethecrisps Mon 19-Oct-15 21:44:41

I find the best solution to this issue is not to watch deliberately goady television.
People who see this one family as a true representation of every benefit claimant have no clue and are not worth troubling yourself about.
I agree that it is completely unhelpful and likely to be upsetting in your shoes though

multivac Mon 19-Oct-15 21:44:50

Why watch?

BastardGoDarkly Mon 19-Oct-15 21:46:13

YABVU to watch that tripe. Might as well read the sun.

abbieanders Mon 19-Oct-15 21:46:36

Should they be ashamed? Is your query here whether you're unreasonable to think that people should be embarrassed to be on benefits, despite being on them yourself? Or something else?

Sirzy Mon 19-Oct-15 21:47:19

I agree just don't watch.

And hopefully if more people turn off this crap channel 5 will stop making it. They seem to on a mission to alienate as many groups of society as possible

PainAuChocolat23 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:47:23

I only watched 10 or so minutes of it while waiting on another programme starting. I really wish i hadnt

nancy75 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:47:23

It is goady but these people are real (i'm not watching but I know what it's about)

I don't see how anyone can defend have a limitless number of children if you can't support them yourself

00100001 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:48:16

see the red button near the top of the remote?
the one with a shirt line ina circle?
press it.

fakenamefornow Mon 19-Oct-15 21:49:02

I suspect the TV company my have bought the quad bike and paid for their holiday. I wonder if they ham it up to get paid more for other interviews and TV shows.

PainAuChocolat23 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:50:21

Im not ashamed nor embarrassed im on benefits it isnt a long term solution and i am planning to go back to work next year.

fakenamefornow Mon 19-Oct-15 21:51:57

I don't see how anyone can defend have a limitless number of children if you can't support them yourself

I agree, even if you can support them having so many children is iresponsible and selfish.

Zame Mon 19-Oct-15 21:52:42

Try and ignore it, I guess there's a few people who are happy to live on benefits for the rest of their lives. Doesn't look like too much fun though does it?
They're not reflective of the vast majority of people who receive benefits. Not by a long shot.

ConfusedInBath Mon 19-Oct-15 21:53:13

. So what if it's goady?
They are a disgrace. Fags, filthy house, dog shit, taking kids on holiday in term time blardy blah.

Zame Mon 19-Oct-15 21:53:45

Also, it would panic me to have that many children and have to rely on the government to decide how much I can have to support them, knowing at any minute that support could be withdrawn.

CheekyMaleekey Mon 19-Oct-15 21:54:54

If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em!

moggiek Mon 19-Oct-15 21:56:06

Completely agree, Confused.

Zame Mon 19-Oct-15 21:57:08

Nice turn of phrase cheeky hmm

PainAuChocolat23 Mon 19-Oct-15 21:58:21

I know they arent reflective of the vast majority but people seem to think thats what all benefit claimants are like which couldnt be further from the truth

amazonqueen Mon 19-Oct-15 21:59:43

I havent seen it and have no intention of looking for it. But I bet they have at least one wall that is stripped of wallpaper. For some reason people in these programmes seem to have trouble keeping wallpaper on the walls.

I wonder if the programme makers have anything to do with that as Ive never seen this in a real house. I live on a council estate by the way.

IamTheWhoreofBabylon Mon 19-Oct-15 22:00:05

It was the constant lying that got to me, and the smoking
What are they teaching their kids as they hear them lie constantly

JeanneDeMontbaston Mon 19-Oct-15 22:00:21

Well, one answer to the 'if you can't feed 'em' line is the horrific tragedy of the child who died when his mother was wrongly advised about abortion, which was in the papers recently.

But leaving that aside. I think if you offer any kind of welfare state, a minority of people will take advantage. Some of those are deliberate cheaters. Others are not able to judge what's going on. But the majority will be people who deserve that welfare.

If a country reserves help to people it vets strictly, you never reach the people who are really in need and really able to give of their skills. So even if TV programmes seek out the people who show the worse possible side of all of this, you have to remember that there are huge numbers of other people who are not like that. It's like giving blood: sure, a drop or two might be wasted, and perhaps some will be accidentally exposed to too much air, but collectively, the fact we all give blood means there's enough blood given to help people.

Zame Mon 19-Oct-15 22:00:37

Yeah that is annoying, channel 5 are pricks for showing this kind of shit. I think all the channels are as bad as each other for this crap at the moment though

itsmeohlord Mon 19-Oct-15 22:01:43

I bet this is Channel 5.

LOL amazonqueen, I know just what you mean!

JeanneDeMontbaston Mon 19-Oct-15 22:03:58

grin at amazonqueen.

Don't forget the damp neatly stippled in downwards from a wall in the kitchen, will you?

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