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To think this is a bit rubbish.

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systemusername Mon 19-Oct-15 12:15:49

A few weeks ago I went to ring my letting agent. I googled the website to confirm the phone number and it had gone. No website, facebook gone etc. Slighly panicked as our previous landlord ran a letting agent and did a bunk leaving us in the shit with his mortgage company.

Luckily i went to the office to find it still there although under a different name. They had been taken over in a planned merger. Checked bank details same etc.
No letter from them to tell me this.

I recieved an email reciept for my rent for the first time which was fab which says the wrong house number. This has happened three times before on tenancy agreement and the posession letter and ive changed it and told them. They have twice sent me a letter for property checks and one with other details so they have had the correct one!

They again correct address.

Today i pay six pounds to catch the bus to nearest bank they use to pay rent. The account is closed. Again no letter!

Managed to get right details and going to have to pay another six pounds tomorrow to go and try again at the new bank.

Im on a very basic account which doesn't have direct debit so pay into bank myself. When i rang to query account being closed and why i was getting no information from them i was told i should have a direct debit anyway but even if i did surely the bank account being closed would have just rejected the amount? I can and will sort out a standing order as i have a new account.

So i am a bit peed off to be honest.

specialsubject Mon 19-Oct-15 13:46:06

first job - contact your landlord and let them know that all this is going on. They pay the agent and need to know how bad the service is.

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