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To think being a proper sports fan must take up too much emotional space?

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squoosh Sun 18-Oct-15 23:17:09

I'll happily admit that I'm a fair weather sports fan. I just tune in for international tournaments such as World Cups and Euros. But even still I've spent the day feeling so glum after watching the battering Ireland got from Argentina.

It's just all so draining! How do people do this week in and week out? Especially people that support teams that are perpetually just a bit crap really.

<sighs dramatically and roots in the freezer for an ice pop>

BadLad Sun 18-Oct-15 23:42:29

How do people do this week in and week out? Especially people that support teams that are perpetually just a bit crap really.

It's easier to support crap teams. Expectations are lower, so when you get relegated, you shrug off the disappointment and get on with next season. Any success, even just beating a good team, leads to euphoria .

Whereas for, say, Chelsea fans, a kiss at hone to Palace debts your title hopes, so can make die-hard fans burst a blood vessel.

KingJoffreyLikesJaffaCakes Sun 18-Oct-15 23:48:09

No different to getting emotionally invested in a TV show.

I once couldn't enjoy a holiday because I was worried about Lynette in Desperate Housewives. blush

Zampa Sun 18-Oct-15 23:54:46

To take real pleasure in the highs, it's important to experience the lows. Every single loss fades away when you revel in the glory of a win (especially if it's over a hated rival).

It can be emotionally exhausting though and unpleasant for family/friends when a loss affects your mood.

I've moved away from my local team recently and that's enabled me to emotionally distance myself from the whole thing. It's honestly a bit of a relief!

Whatsername24 Mon 19-Oct-15 01:42:52

As BadLad said, it's probably easier supporting a team which is a bit crap.
I'm a Manchester United supporter (and no, I'm not from Manchester but I regularly go to games with my youngest DS so please don't judge me) and have been since the early 80s so I've been there for the lows and the very highs and now back to quite a lot of lows. There's a line in the James song, Sit Down, and it was actually played at the match we were at a couple of weeks ago, "If I hadn't seen such riches I could live with being poor" and that sums it up pretty well.
I hate hate hate Saturday lunch time games - lose and the whole weekend is screwed up!

LuisCarol Mon 19-Oct-15 01:50:34

I'm a Manchester United supporter.. and now back to quite a lot of lows

No you aren't back to lows, you're just not playing in god mode any more. It's really not easier supporting a lower team.

That said, sport is emotional and exhausting. That's why it's so loved.

Bogeyface Mon 19-Oct-15 01:57:14

I read an article during the last world cup that said that when England win there is a slight increase in the birth rate 9 months later but when they lose there is marked increase in domestic violence incidents on that day.

Having seen grown men cry, get so drunk they cant stand and get into nasty vicious fights after England have gone out of various tournaments, I can believe it.

Bogeyface Mon 19-Oct-15 02:01:24

I am wrong.

DV increases when they win, but increases slightly more when they lose.

Whatsername24 Mon 19-Oct-15 02:02:17

LuisCarol - I said "quite a lot of lows", the football has been abysmal at times.

LuisCarol Mon 19-Oct-15 02:22:03

*I am wrong.

DV increases when they win, but increases slightly more when they lose.*

That is pathetic and I will bookmark this for use on football forums I belong to, thank you.

Elledouble Mon 19-Oct-15 02:37:16

You're not kidding. I used to have an awful boss and I would check on a Sunday night how his team had played over the weekend to see how vile he was likely to be on Monday morning.

(Most) People wouldn't think of taking their problems to work if they had argued with their partner or something. But apparently it's not totally unreasonable when it's football. Mad.

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