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Where in London?

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JadeFeather Mon 12-Oct-15 12:16:32

Hi all
Looking for suggestions for areas to live in that are:
1) 30-40 minute commute into London (to the city)
2) have good primary schools (open to non- Christians)
3) in the west so we can be close to my family
So far have looked at Twickenham (too expensive and shortage of property),Hampton (infrequent trains), Staines, Walton, Hersham (not sure non church primary schools are good). Also thinking about Ruislip/Eastcote and Hanwell but don't know if these will be within our budget. We are looking for a small 3 bed house or maisonette up to 450k. Any suggestions?

Twickerhun Mon 12-Oct-15 12:57:56

Try Whitton rather than twickenham...

Crispbutty Mon 12-Oct-15 14:21:23

North cheam, Worcester park, new Malden. All fit that criteria.

Southbucksoldbuffer Mon 12-Oct-15 16:53:20

I know it's not London, but have you thought about Maidenhead? Good commute at the moment and can only get better when cross rail starts in a couple of years time.

LisbethSalandersLaptop Mon 12-Oct-15 16:57:02

Slough - not really London I know but...

Pennybun4 Mon 12-Oct-15 16:57:57

OP, there are trains every 30 minutes sfrom Hampton and more frequent in rush hour. Try East Molesey, much cheaper over the river.

whois Mon 12-Oct-15 17:37:11

Anywhere on x-rail.
Watford? Not really west but you should be able to buy something and commute in <40 mins.

Hobbes8 Mon 12-Oct-15 18:21:27

Ruislip Manor, Ruislip Gardens and South Ruislip will be cheaper than Ruislip and Eastcote, but I'm not sure if they're still planning HS2 through that area. Good primary schools. Also Rayners Lane has some top state schools.

Hanwell unlikely to be in budget, but perhaps Greenford or Southall - these areas aren't lovely though.

Whitton or Isleworth will be cheaper than Twickenham but mind you're not downwind of Mogdens sewage works. Feltham is OK but not super. Avoid Hanworth.

I've lived in and around all of these places if you have any questions, but I moved away about 2 years ago.

TheSnowFairy Mon 12-Oct-15 18:22:58

I second Maidenhead / Cookham - 40 mins or so into London and Crossrail comes in a couple of years. For £450k you'd get somewhere decent too.

Umbrelladilemma Mon 12-Oct-15 18:28:18

I'm sure cross rail will improve commute times significantly, but surely there is no way you could currently commute to the city in 30-40 min door-to-door from somewhere in west London? The tube journey alone will take you at least 40-50 minutes without allowing for walking etc.

JadeFeather Mon 12-Oct-15 19:04:40

Thanks all.
Will look at Whitton and Ruislip properly again. I've looked at them recently and on first glance it seems like you need £500k for a 3 bedroom place.
With the places that have crossrail eg Maidenhead would still mean at 1.5 hour commute until 2018.

Aren't frequent Hampton trains only either in the morning or evening? I read somewhere it's not at both times. East Molesey would be hampton court wouldn't it which is a super long commute if I recall correctly.

Don't mean door to door 30-40 mins that would be impossible I know. I meant a 30-40 min journey into a london terminal.

TeaandHobnobs Thu 12-Nov-15 21:23:34

Peak time trains from Maidenhead are c.20-25 mins - journey on to the city approx. 15-25 mins depending on where you are going.

MillionToOneChances Thu 12-Nov-15 21:36:27

Woking is reasonably priced and <30 minutes into Waterloo. I think Brookwood nearby is only a few minutes longer. Lovely leafy area, town centre being renovated and on the up.

Unreasonablebetty Thu 12-Nov-15 21:42:50

We're north instead of west but Stevenage is about 40 mins by train, and it's much cheaper than London to buy... Like half the price!

Diddlydokey Thu 12-Nov-15 21:51:53

South Norwood?

CruCru Thu 12-Nov-15 21:53:50

Kew Gardens.

Hillfarmer Thu 12-Nov-15 22:55:03


Mintyy Thu 12-Nov-15 22:57:53

CruCru - you can't get a three bed property in Kew for £450,000. Very odd suggestion confused.

WanderingNotLost Fri 13-Nov-15 01:48:48

East Sheen, Roehampton, Mortlake, Gunnersbury?

longtimelurker101 Fri 13-Nov-15 07:33:17

Enfield Lock? 28 mind to Liverpool St and lots within your price range.

hellsbellsmelons Fri 13-Nov-15 10:17:16

High Wycombe way?
23 minute fast train into Marylebone.
There are some nice villages only a few miles out of HW.
Loads more house for your money!

franksidebottom Fri 13-Nov-15 22:31:50

Definitely look at eastcote and ruislip. Is hertfordshire too far out? Cheshunt/waltham forest way?

Mintyy Fri 13-Nov-15 22:38:15

And this is an AIBU question because .... ????

MyDogEatsBalloons Fri 13-Nov-15 22:40:08

East Sheen, Roehampton, Mortlake, Gunnersbury

I don't know Gunnersbury at all, but you won't get anywhere near a three bedroomed house for £450k in the first three!

QuintShhhhhh Fri 13-Nov-15 22:47:11

You miiiiight in Roehampton...

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