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naked in hotel rooms

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Crosbybeach Thu 08-Oct-15 11:29:02

Staying in a hotel last weekend basic but v clean. DH plonks his naked arse on the sofa. I said 'Eurgh' don't do that - you don't know who has been there, and, also, who wants your naked arse on their sofa?

It is yuk isn't it? He thought it was perfectly reasonable behaviour. He'd just had a shower.

MaidOfStars Thu 08-Oct-15 11:33:14

Do you never shag on hotel furniture?

WorraLiberty Thu 08-Oct-15 11:34:05

Did he forget to clean his arse in the shower?

Sirzy Thu 08-Oct-15 11:38:43

Tbh I try not to think what other people have done in a hotel room before me, but I would have thought that people being naked in a hotel room was pretty common.

FeliciaJollygoodfellow Thu 08-Oct-15 11:39:09


Take every opportunity to be nude!

Unless he's spreading his cheeks and planting a kiss with him bumhole I think you're being a tad overwrought.

WorraLiberty Thu 08-Oct-15 11:41:27

Now that's ^^ a post I'll never be able to unread grin

Errrr thanks Felicia

MrsGentlyBenevolent Thu 08-Oct-15 11:46:16

Goodness, don't think too much about all this when you next visit friends! Think of all the horrid naked times they've probably had on their furniture.....

YABU - as long as no one leaves 'bodily fluids' all over the place, hotels are meant to be enjoyed wink.

ThroughThickAndThin01 Thu 08-Oct-15 11:51:36

YABU, hotel bedrooms are exactiy the right place to be naked.

sproketmx Thu 08-Oct-15 11:55:57

Haha I'm a hotel room is probably the only time we can strut about in the buff messing about. Too many kids and friends in and out to catch us.

scatterthenuns Thu 08-Oct-15 11:56:34

It's illegal for women to be naked in a hotel room in China, except for the bathroom. Blokes fine though.

PacificMouse Thu 08-Oct-15 11:58:05

lol MrsGently Can I now rreally go and sit on my friend's sofa I wonder ....

2rebecca Thu 08-Oct-15 12:04:42

Posh hotel room if there's a sofa in the bedroom. I wouldn't want my husband sitting naked on a sofa if he's sweaty and just been cycling but after a shower I don't see a problem. It's a bedroom, he's clean he can sit where he wants.

MuddhaOfSuburbia Thu 08-Oct-15 12:05:24


definitely NOT

bed/bath/shower only

whois Thu 08-Oct-15 12:07:37

After a shower? 100% fine. Not if they were all muddy and sweaty after a run or something though.

MuddhaOfSuburbia Thu 08-Oct-15 12:09:12

I used to have no qualms about ANYthing to do with hotel rooms and would happily eat my picnic (yes, we're too mingy for room service and bring our own) on any surface

two things happened:

I saw someone on twitter angsting about what could possibly be lurking on a hotel remote

in den Haag, 7 floors up on a lovely day, two window cleaners turned up on their hoisty thing

now it's curtains drawn, fully clothed between 8.30 and 11pm, sainsbos bacterial wipes on EVERYthing

Zippidydoodah Thu 08-Oct-15 12:09:14

Hahahaha at "planting a kiss with him bum hole!" grin

I wouldn't. But now that I've read this, I'm never going to sit on a hotel sofa ever again! grin

unlucky83 Thu 08-Oct-15 12:13:51

Hmmmm - this is something I have only every thought about recently
I was in a hotel with a big posh bedspread - really doubt they wash it after every guest ...DP lay down on top of it naked after a shower watching tv whilst he aired. And I thought yuk many other people have sat or lain on it ...
And I am not normally fussy - but that it is like sleeping on the same sheets as a complete stranger...just no....

PacificMouse Thu 08-Oct-15 12:16:34

I'm now wondering how many people have (naked) sex on their sofa.

And then their dcs, MIL etc... actually sit on that same sofa .....

blibblobblub Thu 08-Oct-15 12:23:09

Felicia grin

Tbh I wouldn't want to sit on any sofa, even my own, with my bare arse... But each to their own. I don't think it's overly gross!

lotrben17 Thu 08-Oct-15 12:26:45

let's remember that 100+ years ago fleas and rats would be common in coaching inns and the like - so really, things have improved a lot in the hygiene stakes. Go back 60 years and 1 bath a week would have been what most people got. I try not to think about other people when staying in a hotel but I always take pyjamas as work have put us up in some hotels that are virtually dives...

cozietoesie Thu 08-Oct-15 12:30:46

I've worked in many hotels and people sitting naked on sofas is the least of it, believe me. You should see what hotel staff can get up to - either in the name of economy or due to ease of cleaning. grin

EponasWildDaughter Thu 08-Oct-15 12:31:13

I've had my bare arse on the writing desks, chairs, sofas, sink edges, window ledges and tv stands of many a hotel grin

When it comes to hotels it is best not to think too hard about who's been where doing what before you got there.

MuddhaOfSuburbia Thu 08-Oct-15 13:04:44



Drew64 Thu 08-Oct-15 13:07:43

God, I'd dread to think what people would think if they knew what we got up to in hotel rooms ;)

So I don't...think about it!

Chattymummyhere Thu 08-Oct-15 14:07:39

Hotel rooms are fair game for nakedness. Many an eventful time for me and Mr chatty. If your worried about what might of happened in a hotel room don't stay in them.

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