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To wish my neighbour would collect their parcels (lighthearted)

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GuiltyPleasure Wed 07-Oct-15 22:13:23

I took in 2 parcels for my neighbour yesterday. I saw the courier write a card saying they're at our house & post it through their door. 36 hours later they still haven't come for it. Neighbours have definitely been home since it was delivered & in & out the house doing normal routine stuff. I can't be bothered to take the parcels to them..AIBU to just let the parcels sit there until they can be arsed to collect. It makes no difference to me as they're not getting in my way. Just wondering why you'd order something & not want it when it arrived

DoJo Wed 07-Oct-15 22:49:57

YANBU - I try to keep an eye out and see if people are home when I have parcels for them, but it's much easier if they come to me as my husband is often out in the evenings, so I am embroiled in the dinner, bath and bed routine from about 5 and then don't want to nip out for too long once my son is in bed. I suppose it depends how big they are and whether you have room to comfortably store them without them annoying you and how well you get on with your neighbours really...

starlight2007 Wed 07-Oct-15 22:52:12

I never deliver parcels however I also go and collect mine if they are elsewhere..

My name is not Postman pat.

Senpai Wed 07-Oct-15 22:52:25

I never understood giving them to neighbors, what if they break them or otherwise ruin them? How would you know it was them vs a shipping problem? Here they're either left on your door step or brought to the nearest post office to be collected there.

TheCatsMother99 Wed 07-Oct-15 23:09:52

Have you been in the whole time, or is there the risk that you've been out when they've tried? I know my neighbours and I have a habit of legitimately missing each other with parcels and then assuming the neighbour isn't in.

GuiltyPleasure Wed 07-Oct-15 23:12:49

They're rather large & heavy parcels. I'm quite intrigued to know the content. I'm not being difficult, I could deliver them, but it would take 2 trips & its tricky to leave my disabled son even for a few minutes. I would consider myself friends with my neighbours, but am now paranoid so I'm considering starting a new thread "AIBU that my neighbours hate me so much that they won't spend 2 minutes with me to pick up their parcels"

Leeds2 Wed 07-Oct-15 23:16:21

Could you email them to let them know that you have the parcels? this is what my neighbour does for me.

GuiltyPleasure Wed 07-Oct-15 23:18:09

Yes cats x-posted there's always someone in due to DS's disabilities.

Fatmomma99 Thu 08-Oct-15 00:28:28

stick a note through their door/leave a message on their landline/send a text which says

We have your parcels. As they are taking up space we are putting them outside our front door for you to collect in xxx time. Please come and get your deliveries

If they don't thank you, refuse to accept deliveries in the future!

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