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To consider becoming a Stella & Dot Stylist?

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DriveMeMad Sun 04-Oct-15 19:10:30

Is it totally naff? Will I become a complete pest getting people to do trunk shows? Will people think I've been brainwashed/conned?

It seems like it would work well for us as a bit of extra income whilst I work PT in my "career" job. The upfront costs are ok, there seems to be a relatively easy exit strategy if you don't like it whereby you can recoup any investment, the support from other S&D members seems very positive and useful.

I've always thought direct/pyramid selling is a bit crap but there's something about this that ticks all my boxes. DH is supportive too. I'm on the verge of signing up. Yet I'm really unsure of what friends and family will say/think. My self-confidence is a bit low atm plus I'll need to rope them in to host parties so it does kind of matter what they think........

MotiSen Sun 04-Oct-15 19:43:42

Do you like S&D products? If yes, that will make it easier. Would you be wearing some of their jewelry at times? That might make it easier to bring up the subject. Like, a conversation starter if you are wearing a nice piece they like, too. A woman at my son's school is doing it - and parents seem to like to attend because they like the jewelry. If it were Amway or Avon, that might be a different story. Can you picture your target audience liking the S&D jewelry?

fastdaytears Sun 04-Oct-15 19:46:46

How much of your income will be based on sales and how much on recruiting other sellers. No issue with the former at all.

annandale Sun 04-Oct-15 19:57:50

Had a look at their stuff and actually after I'd had a good search, I found some things that I did like, though it's very pricey for me and I have never spent that much on non-wedding jewellery.

I agree with fastday - also, how much of your own money do you have to invest in stock? It took me a lot of scrolling to find the things I liked and if you had to carry that sort of range you'd be bankrupt??

chickentothefox Sun 04-Oct-15 20:00:15

I've thought about this too, but not sure I know enough people who would spend that much money on jewellery that often.

Duckdeamon Sun 04-Oct-15 20:03:30

I don't know how their business model works but it's disingenuous of it to call the role "stylist", it's sales. The stuff is really very pricey full price, so imagine you'd need access to lots of women with plenty of money to spend. Have bought a few things in the sale online and quality seems OK.

cardibach Sun 04-Oct-15 20:04:30

I've no idea what one is. <helpful>>

Duckdeamon Sun 04-Oct-15 20:05:20

A lot of it seems to be a certain "house of colour" type palette, that only suits some people. Eg very little silver coloured metals or bright red, blue.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 04-Oct-15 20:06:06

I know someone who does it, the products are nice and some quite unusual but I was shock when I saw the prices, it's not the sort of money I would spend on impulse on something at a party.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 04-Oct-15 20:07:17

x-posted, yes to not much silver, a lot of people seem to favour white metal nowadays, so they're missing a trick there.

fiorentina Sun 04-Oct-15 20:08:10

I think it depends on your personality type, are you a natural sales and marketing person, with a flare for style? I've been to a couple of parties with different 'stylists'. The second was far more salesy, was promoting joining her team and getting everyone very involved with her pitch. I think they have some nice stuff but it's expensive for every day, I've bought more original pieces on the high street but if your area has a high disposable income as ours does, I'm sure it could be worth it.

wizzywig Sun 04-Oct-15 20:09:07

Personally, Accesorize is much cheaper so thats why i havent signed up myself

DriveMeMad Sun 04-Oct-15 20:11:33

I love their stuff and would happily buy loads for myself regardless of signing up.

My area is pretty affluent with an active 'yummy mummy' mentality and I know a lot of people locally so think I could make a good go of it (once I'd worked up the nerve of course). I've got some creative ideas of how to sell and market the items and think I could get my teeth into it. If I'm going to do it, I think now would be a good time what with Christmas round the corner!

I'm just so anxious/nervous of telling people. I don't think they'd expect it from me.

The extra income would be nice but is by no means essential.

Pinkponiesrock Sun 04-Oct-15 20:12:16

One of my friends is a stylist and does well at it but my goodness the stuff is expensive although admittedly very good quality. However I think a lot of people get a shock at the prices.

IguanaTail Sun 04-Oct-15 20:12:48

I wouldn't. A couple of my friends do and it's so awkward trying to tell them that I don't want to buy their stuff. Mixes business and pleasure in my opinion.

DriveMeMad Sun 04-Oct-15 20:15:59

duck I never imagine calling myself a stylist! It's the S&D terminology... I have had my colours done by HOC and can see lots for my season, but lots for other seasons too, I think there is a good variety actually...

who see I think gold is a bit more popular these days!

Oysterbabe Sun 04-Oct-15 20:16:03

I seriously hate it when my friends try and flog me stuff. I have one pestering me about make up and another aloe vera just now.

DriveMeMad Sun 04-Oct-15 20:19:50

I think the idea is that you start by hosting your own trunk show, inviting friends and family, then you encourage them to host their own. They get freebies, you (the stylist) get commission. You then encourager their guests to hold a truck show so you gradually love away from people you know and get others to do the hosting.

I too would be more comfortable once I'd reached people out of my immediate circle of friends. And I think that's another reason I'm feeling unsure - I'd kind of need my nearest and dearest to support me initially and I don't want to be a pest.

Incandescentage Sun 04-Oct-15 20:22:24

what Iguana tail said.

alicemalice Sun 04-Oct-15 20:23:42

Honestly, I've been asked by a couple of friends to support them get started in stuff like this and it made me really uncomfortable. To the point I avoided them a little for a while as I just felt that's all that wanted to talk to me about.

I really don't like all these companies that get people to tap up their friends for business.

Incandescentage Sun 04-Oct-15 20:25:33

The idea that a host invites their own friends to their house and subjects them to some else selling to them in order to receive freebies is beyond me!

DriveMeMad Sun 04-Oct-15 20:27:16

Well a couple of friends have been to nights where S&D people have been there and they've bought stuff and been impressed so I'd hope they would like the idea of hosting to get some freebies.

I dunno. I'm tempted to run it by some of them but I'm feeling quite pumped at the idea and worried they'll burst my bubble... Though I guess it could save me a few hundred quid!!!

DriveMeMad Sun 04-Oct-15 20:29:28

It's the same model as Tupperware parties, avon, body shop etc.

It is a bit dated I guess but it seems to be working for lots of people.....

fastdaytears Sun 04-Oct-15 20:36:36

Avon used to be that model but is apparently much more about recruitment of other sellers now.

The whole party thing is fine if it works in your area. It wouldn't be my way of spending money but I'm probably just antisocial! I looked up the S&D stuff just now and I like it, I just prefer to shop in my PJs in from of the TV.

The problem is where there is pressure to recruit and that's where most of the money comes from. That's where people think you're exploiting friends and family. There's an MLM thread on here that might help you assess whether that's why S&D do or whether it's all products.

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeG0es Sun 04-Oct-15 20:36:54

Yellow gold may be regaining market share but it still seems a bit short-sighted to limit your market as silver/white coloured metal is very popular. I don't wear yellow gold at all and probably never will, it doesn't suit me at all.

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