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To live without a cooker for a week

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booksrock Sun 04-Oct-15 08:37:19

Moving house on Friday but logistics mean we have to dump our old cooker today. It's 9 years old and not worth giving away

I figure dc get a hot meal at school everyday so dh and I can come from meals we have pre cooked being microwaved for a few days. I've never not had a cooker but it will be fine?

So AIBU to only have a microwave, kettle and toasty machine for a week for a family?

BrianButterfield Sun 04-Oct-15 08:39:29

Easy to do for a week I'd say. Although if you have a spare £50 you could get a halogen oven - it will be useful even when you have a cooker! They do anything you can do in a normal oven and grill as well so you could easily do fish fingers etc for kids.

Titsywoo Sun 04-Oct-15 08:39:40

Of course it will. I'm living without a cooker, heating, washing machine and dishwasher for a month! You can do so much in the microwave after all smile

RoganJosh Sun 04-Oct-15 08:44:22

It will be fine. I'd have stew and mash one night, baked potatoes another, chilli and rice, um, takeaway and then probably repeat!

RoganJosh Sun 04-Oct-15 08:44:47

Or bacon sandwiches!

AllThereIs Sun 04-Oct-15 08:47:46

I had no kitchen for over a month and we survived. You'll be grand for a week.

scrivette Sun 04-Oct-15 08:51:36

It will be fine and if need be there is always takeaway or eating out!

Presumably your microwave isn't an oven as well?

Aridane Sun 04-Oct-15 08:53:42

Absolutely fine - and you have a microwave. If you had no running water, perhaps different (but even then, doable)

Glassofwineneeded Sun 04-Oct-15 08:55:34

Do you have family nearby? You could always blag a meal from them! Or friends!
I survived for 5 weeks without an oven when I moved. Used microwave, I did have a hob so we had many many many pasta meals. Plus takeaways once a week and relied on family for a Sunday roast!

Crazypetlady Sun 04-Oct-15 09:08:18

Will be fine. Always worth investing in a slow cooker though.

Idefix Sun 04-Oct-15 09:11:13

My dsis went almost a year with no kitchen at all shock. Yanbu, think of it like camping grin

sproketmx Sun 04-Oct-15 09:13:50

A week will be fine. We lived on wariations of stuff we could chuck I'm the fryer for a fortnight or bbq because we has no gas

StAlphonsosPancakeBreakfast Sun 04-Oct-15 09:16:38

You'll be fine - it's still warm enough for salads here anyway, and a cheap slow cooker will cover anything else.

I've been without cooker or fridge for a month now and you do manage. Although I'm heavily pregnant and really wish I had a freezer for some batch cooking. Oh well! At least I managed to get a washing machine this week!

JamesBob Sun 04-Oct-15 09:16:40

We've done this for the past month or so. It gets a bit old having microwave meals and sandwiches every day, but you can vary it a bit and a week is definitely doable.

We have finally ordered a new cooker (the shop we go to was closed down just at the wrong time!) and it will be arriving some time next week I HOPE.

Getting a little bit desperate smile

hippoherostandinghere Sun 04-Oct-15 09:17:54

My oven has been broken since about Easter, we're still surviving.

I have a halogen oven, a microwave, a slow cooker and the hob. The only thing I can't do is bake cakes.

Jeffreythegiraffe Sun 04-Oct-15 09:19:32

It's only a week, you'll be fine!

EnglishRose1320 Sun 04-Oct-15 09:19:55

I had no cooker for 3months once and it was fine, quickly adapted, I did have a George foreman grill though that was a massive help and a microwave steamer that I could steam fish and veg in. Mind you even without thoughs a week would have been fine, we eat a lot of Quorn and you can microwave that if you need to.

Theycallmemellowjello Sun 04-Oct-15 09:22:34

With a microwave you'll be fine. You can do lots in the microwave.

Aftershock15 Sun 04-Oct-15 09:23:53

I've got a month without a cooker. We are surviving just not eating especially healthily.

Junosmum Sun 04-Oct-15 09:24:40

We ripped our kitchen out and had no running water downstairs for a week,wt alone a cooker. Survived with a toaster, kettle, microwave and steamer for about 10 days and washed up in bathroom sink! You'll be fine.

capsium Sun 04-Oct-15 09:28:11

Our microwave came with a cookbook. Lots of recipes. Don't know what they are like though. When we were without a cooker for a week, we had a mixture of salads, ready meals and takeaways. I enjoyed it, like being n holiday! Anyway reheating is fine. Jacket potatoes are ok too.

SlowlyGoingINSAINIA Sun 04-Oct-15 09:32:09

Why can't you bake cakes hippoherostandinghere? My halogen bakes lovely cakes.

blankblink Sun 04-Oct-15 09:47:06

When I switch the Aga off in summer, I use a halogen oven and a couple of induction hotplates.

Artandco Sun 04-Oct-15 09:51:27

It's fine. Lots of warm soup in microwave ( fresh ready made ones from supermarket), beans on toast, toasty sandwiches. Fruit and yogurt from fridge. Cheese!

Janeymoo50 Sun 04-Oct-15 09:55:01

How about getting a cheap slow cooker from Argos or somewhere? But yes, you'll survive, you may be surprised how well you do. Quiche (shop bought obviously) and beans one night is always and easy option too.

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