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to think that they should be shipped back to Libya ASAP?

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carlajean Fri 02-Oct-15 16:39:29

link from the BBC - 3 Libyan men, training at Bassingbourn barracks, sexually assaulted 3 young women, received sentences of apprx 1 year each (!) and are now claiming asylum here. Does anyone else think that this shouldn't even be considered and they should be sent back ASAP?
FWIW, 2 others of their contingent have been jailed for 12 years each for raping a local man, and will doubtless be claiming asylum as well, when they get out.

carlajean Fri 02-Oct-15 16:40:12

sorry, link not working, I'll try again

Lagoonablue Fri 02-Oct-15 16:45:06

That probably won't get asylum. The situation with prisoners from abroad is very complex though. Don't assume they will get asylum. Get down from your high horse!

PastaPot Fri 02-Oct-15 16:45:12

YABU. The UK has signed up to Conventions and Acts which mean their asylum claims have to be considered. It's not as simple as just sending them back.

Bolograph Fri 02-Oct-15 16:45:27

Welcome to the UK's open doors policy, where even sexual assault won't get you deported.

Why haven't they just been put on a plane? They didn't claim asylum at the first opportunity (ie, when they arrived in the UK several years ago) and therefore their claim fails. But of course, there's now an avalanche of lawyers keen to make money by representing their spurious cases through appeal after appeal, so we're paying for this.

WhetherOrNot Fri 02-Oct-15 16:46:56

It's not as simple as just sending them back.

More's the pity !!

guajiraguantanamera Fri 02-Oct-15 16:48:23

Yadnbu. Stories like this make me ??

ilovechristmas123 Fri 02-Oct-15 16:48:57

regardless of the law and their rights,yes they should be sent back as soon as they are found guilty to their own country's prisons


guajiraguantanamera Fri 02-Oct-15 16:48:57

That should be angry pressed wrong button

Efferlunt Fri 02-Oct-15 16:51:17

Well didn't claim asylum on arrival because they hadn't at that point committed the crime for which they are claiming they would suffer for if they are sent back - bringing the army into disrepute. It's right that there should be a process by which people can bring claims to ensure their human rights are protected and that means some people will bring nonsense cases that are unlikely to succeed I imagine this is one of them.

I wish journos would wait until the case was decided before they started frothing at the mouth in the daily mail.

carlajean Fri 02-Oct-15 17:03:47

I deliberately didn't use the DM. It was a BBC story, which I didn't read as frothing at the mouth.

Samcro Fri 02-Oct-15 17:12:26


TheFairyCaravan Fri 02-Oct-15 17:19:02

Yes they should be shipped back imo.

To clarify a couple of points, they didn't bring the army into disrepute because they are not part of the British forces. They were here being trained by the British army before going back to Libya. They didn't arrive years ago, either, it was only recently they arrived. They were included in a party of around 300 Libyans.

TheFairyCaravan Fri 02-Oct-15 17:25:01

Sorry Efferlunt I've just re-read your post and realise you mean bringing the Libiyan army into disrepute. That'll teach me to talk to DH and MN at the same time! blush They should have thought of that before they went around sexually assaulting people!

David Cameron did say none of them would be able to claim asylum. It will be interesting to see if he keeps to his word

Patapouf Fri 02-Oct-15 17:27:11

bolograph can you explain to me what this open doors policy is? I'm keen to know more hmm

From their perspective I can see why they are trying, but I very much doubt their application will be successful. As for the others OP, what have they done to indicate they will be claiming asylum? Are are you making an assumption based on something we aren't aware of?

I do think foreign prisoners should be deported at their end of their sentences but I also wholeheartedly believe in a proper asylum system. And 100% believe we need the HR act to protect everyone

FarFromAnyRoad Fri 02-Oct-15 17:27:17

It may not be up to David Cameron whether he keeps his word or not. He can say all he likes, but if he's told by the European courts to keep them, then keep them he will. More's the pity.

Patapouf Fri 02-Oct-15 17:28:35

To clarify, I don't think we should all sacrifice our rights because of a few tatty twats who have taken the piss, I rather enjoy having protection from the government etc enshrined in law.

alteredimages Fri 02-Oct-15 17:30:09

This is an abuse of the system and is clearly not what was envisaged when the concept of asylum was developed in UK law. On the other hand, I very much doubt that their claims will be successful. Let's just hope Libya has not been ruled to be a country unsafe to deport failed asylum seekers to by the time their applications have been decided.

I generally am very supportive of the idea of asylum and wish we accepted more people, but this annoys me because it concerns a (criminal) choice they made. No one chooses to be gay, or a member of a persecuted minority, or to be ruled by an authoritarian government. These men did choose to commit a sexual assault.

Bingolala Fri 02-Oct-15 17:32:44

Yanbu OP

Littleonesaid Fri 02-Oct-15 17:38:16

YANBU at all.

carlajean Fri 02-Oct-15 17:43:56

I have a friend that works in the local police force and she says that the men who raped a man are extremely likely to claim asylum because their lives would be under threat because of Libyan/Islamic views of homosexuality

alteredimages Fri 02-Oct-15 17:47:17

Claiming asylum and being granted asylum are two different things though OP. In any case, they have a twelve year sentence to serve first.

carlajean Fri 02-Oct-15 17:49:54

Yes, I am aware of that, thank you. I was replying to a comment upthread

fakenamefornow Fri 02-Oct-15 17:55:23

Two things.
If successful would this mean that if you are from a Muslim country and want to stay in the UK you just go out and rape somebody so that you can't safely be returned?

And, one year for assaulting a woman, twelve years for assaulting a man? What's that all about?

hairylittlegoblin Fri 02-Oct-15 18:08:35

I read this story the other day and the first thing that struck me was the disparity in the sentences. Sexually assault young women- few months in prison. Sexually assault a man - 12 years.

Sorry, I know that's not the point of the thread but it makes me so angry.

On the point of deportation I'm perfectly happy to deport anyone who is convicted of a violent crime but the system doesn't work that way. There is a process to follow and(much as I would like to dispense with it) as a pp pointed out the system is there for a reason that is bigger than these individual cases.

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