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AIbu to believe I am not pregnant

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Physcobitch Tue 29-Sep-15 13:38:00

I am not on birth control and my period is 9/10days late possibly more blush

We dtd on day 9 on my cycle but it's been a hectic month and that was the last time exactly 4 weeks ago we didn't use protection however he 'pulled out' ( I feel like such a stupid teenager ATM writhing that I should know better)

I did a test yesterday it was negative I feel fine apart from the odd phantom cramp as there is no sign of this period. I don't think I am pregnant or am I kidding myself

laureywilliams Tue 29-Sep-15 13:40:36

I NEVER have late periods. Then one month I did. No reason. About 2 weeks late. I did about 4 negative pregnancy tests.

Do another test to be sure then try and forget about it.

Stress, such as holidays/travel can cause late periods. Is this possible?

TeaAndNoSympathy Tue 29-Sep-15 13:41:03

If you're 9 days late and you've had a negative test, then pregnancy is unlikely but not impossible. You can either test every couple of days until your period arrives or you get a positive test. Alternatively, ask your GP for a blood test.

Scobberlotcher Tue 29-Sep-15 13:45:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Physcobitch Tue 29-Sep-15 13:45:32

I haven't been stressed, very tired yes as DC is 17 months and not a very good sleeper.

My sister has convinced me I am pregnant DH doesn't think I am

Will get an appt for blood test and the pill!!! grin

Physcobitch Tue 29-Sep-15 13:47:16

I'm 29 my cycles change between 28-35 days I've never went this long without a period though.

After having DC they were every 28 days then in May changed back to their usual 28-35 day stretches so annoying

PosterEh Tue 29-Sep-15 13:49:12

I think if the last time you had sex was four weeks ago and you've just had a negative test it's pretty unlikely you're pregnant.

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