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To ask if interflora are any good?

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cariadthebaird Mon 28-Sep-15 14:35:36

Want to send my parents some flowers but have heard bad things about interflora... Been having a google but just not sure who to use. I'm really worried the flowers will be nasty and I won't know as my parents are too polite to say and wouldn't want to hurt my feelings! Anyone have any recommendations? Sending you (virtual) flowers to say thanks grin

PeanutButterFiend Mon 28-Sep-15 14:39:17

My DH always uses interflora to send me flowers on birthdays/anniversaries/when he's grovelling etc, and they've always been beautiful grin some have lasted longer than others - I got a huge bouquet of roses with chocolates hidden in it on Valentine's Day and they lasted 2 weeks, but then again I got an arrangement in a massive teapot for my 21st not even a week ago and they are looking a bit limp confused but all in all, I've always been happy with them flowers

OllyBJolly Mon 28-Sep-15 14:40:06

You won't know - that's the problem. It's anonymous -they'll have a local supplier to whom it will just be an inter flora order.

I always call a local shop. Ask what they have in store, tell them what the occasion is and ask what they could do for my budget. I think I always get a better deal that way - and the store gets more of the cash rather than a third party.

squoosh Mon 28-Sep-15 14:41:16

Interflora is very hit and miss but the main thing is that you'll get much more for your money if you order directly with a florist local to your parents.

So by cutting out the middle man you'll get a better bunch of flowers and may well get a speedier service too.

LadyLonely1 Mon 28-Sep-15 14:47:26

They are very good with delivery but have always had a problem with how quick the flowers die off. I agree, search for the local florist.

MaxPepsi Mon 28-Sep-15 14:50:53

Depends on the florist they use. Some local to me are interflora registered and are pretty shit, whereas others are fantastic.

I second/third/fourth what everyone else has said to try and find a florist local to your parents - a lot of them have Web/FB sites these days.

kittykarate Mon 28-Sep-15 15:17:32

I've had variable experiences with Interflora, it totally does depend on the local florist.

One of my friends sent me some sunflowers from Tesco, they lasted 6 days after delivery.

RockNRollNerd Mon 28-Sep-15 15:28:07

Generally I've found them to be fine, the only bad experience was once when they failed to deliver flowers to a funeral of a close family member - to be fair they were extremely apologetic about that one. I agree though that if you can get a local florist to do it you'll get much better value for money and service - I tend to do that wherever possible.

tobysmum77 Mon 28-Sep-15 17:16:31

They've always been fine but very expensive.

laffymeal Mon 28-Sep-15 17:18:51

I've been using moonpig with great results.

SeamstressfromTreacleMineRoad Mon 28-Sep-15 18:10:53

I've sent (and received) several lots of flowers using Next, and they have all been beautiful and lasted very well.

sproketmx Mon 28-Sep-15 18:11:04

I've used intrrflora before and they were great. It was actually sympathy flowers rather than happy ones and I just felt like they did it with dignity. The delivery guy knew that it wasn't a celebration and didn't treat it as such. Which I have heard has been done by other florists

CaptainHammer Mon 28-Sep-15 18:15:39

I've used them twice, first time was perfect but the second time the flowers were awful. On the plus side they were quick to refund!

I now always Google a decent florist near and ring them to order.

Bakeoffcake Mon 28-Sep-15 18:16:05

I wouldn't use inter flora as you do t know exactly what you're going to get.

M&S flowers are great.

thenewbroom Mon 28-Sep-15 18:19:30

My MIL sent me some once. We have beautiful florists where I live and the inter flora that turned up was foul - really old fashioned and cottagey (not her fault!). I now always google for a decent looking local florist instead.

thenewbroom Mon 28-Sep-15 18:20:07

I always ask for them to send me a phone snap of the bouquet as well - doesn't take a moment and they are always happy to oblige!

BikeRunSki Mon 28-Sep-15 18:27:18

YY to Googling for a local florist.

I have also sent DM some flowers from Bloom and Wild, which have been fabulous. She got a 3 month subscription for Christmas and every bouquet was gorgeous.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Mon 28-Sep-15 18:59:39

I used them once and they lost the flowers and took weeks to refund me. I'd never use them again. On the other hand Next are brilliant.

MrsMummyPig Mon 28-Sep-15 19:09:11

I'm not sure about the flowers but my daughter had a bunch of birthday balloons delivered early in August and they are still around 90% inflated. I've never known helium balloons last so long.

tickleyourpickle Mon 28-Sep-15 19:41:47

I own a florist, and I'm an interflora member.
Interflora are expensive and will send the order to a local florist who will send your order to your parents. The florist would have to put the specific stems of flowers into the arrangement that you have ordered.

The absolute best thing to do is contact a florist that is local to your parents and order directly through them.
You will get way more for your money and will be supporting a local business (who would otherwise only receive less than a third of the order value if sent through interflora) wink

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