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To be worried about my son

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IamBubbles1986 Mon 28-Sep-15 09:17:53

I know I am, I think maybe I just need some gentle (please) reality check.

About a month ago my 2 year old had 2 febrile convulsions (both less than 5 mins) an hour apart. We spent the night in hospital and was then discharged.

He's now coming down with a cold and has a mild temp. Very happy and bouncy but I'm terrifies he's gonna have another one. Didn't help that my dads Gf told me recently that one of her mindees had one where she had to do the kiss of life. (Real helpful of her)

Has anyone had a child that has just has the 2 in one day and then never again?

Sighing Mon 28-Sep-15 09:23:27

Me. I had a day of convulsions age 14 months. I was tested for all sorts of things for a couple of years (my mother is epileptic). Nothing. Nothing ever since.

ZebraLovesKnitting Mon 28-Sep-15 09:23:52

My DS had one when he was about 2 years old. We think that's what it was anyway, he went very stiff, passed out, stopped breathing and turned blue. He was admitted to hospital, they did lots of tests but didn't find anything. He's now nearly 5 and hasn't had another one.

Just keep an eye on your DS, at least you now know it's a possibility so hopefully it won't be quite as scary if it does happen again. Which it may not, as with my DS.

IamBubbles1986 Mon 28-Sep-15 09:26:52

Thank you, that's reassuring, especially that you has more than one sighing as they seemed to think it was rather unusual that he had 2.

Thank you zebra, I really hope D's is the same. He has to go on oxygen too as he was breathing but not much. He took 7 hrs to come round properly

StormyLlewelyn Mon 28-Sep-15 09:28:39

It's only natural to be worried, one of my DC has febrile convulsions now and then so I know where you're coming from with it.

Firstly, it would be very rare that a febrile convulsion would result in a child needing CPR. Very rare to the point that it makes me wonder if there were maybe other health issues with that mindee that complicated issues.

Now that you know your DC has a temp you can be prepared. Comfortable clothing in loose layers, Calpol/ibuprofen if his temp looks like it's climbing, plenty of fluids, keep a close eye on him, all that sort of thing.

Lots of DC have one or two febrile fits and then never have any again.

Dawndonnaagain Mon 28-Sep-15 09:32:57

Dd2 had a couple when she developed chicken pox at about 18 months old. She's 19 now, never had another.

longdiling Mon 28-Sep-15 09:39:49

My eldest had two convulsions; one when she was 2 and a half and another at age 4. I still remember how terrifying it was, I was absolutely petrified she'd have another and watched her like a hawk, checking her temperature constantly if she was poorly. She's nearly 11 now and hasn't had another one since.

As other posters have said, it's rare for a febrile convulsion to cause them to stop breathing, they are usually harmless. They tend to outgrow them by the age of 5 too.

It'll take a while for you to get past it though, it's so scary to witness. I used to read and re-read the NHS pages on febrile convulsions to try and reassure myself but it took time to really stop worrying.

CoffeeChocolateWine Mon 28-Sep-15 09:40:04

My DS had two febrile convulsions a few months apart. The doctor told me that having one convulsion was not that uncommon but having two could mean that he was likely to have more. He gave me lots of info and I read up on what to do shoud it ever happen again, but it never did. He is almost 7 now.

KitZacJak Mon 28-Sep-15 09:41:14

Yes, my son did at 2 as well and never had one again. It turned out he had a slight temperature even though we didn't realise. One night in hospital and then home again.

Youarentkiddingme Mon 28-Sep-15 09:45:31

Of course you're worried. Any parent would be flowers

The thing to remember is that febrile convulsions are bought on by a rapidly rising temperature and the convulsion is the bodies cooling system kicking in. <non scientific explanation>!
If you know your DS is poorly use techniques to manage his temperature as that could help.

My ds had a few febrile convulsions. He had 2 at 9yo and that is highly unusual. Tested for epilepsy etc but negative thankfully!

Quills Mon 28-Sep-15 09:51:16

Yep, me. Fitted 3 times in one day when I was 4, nothing since. As a PP said, they're triggered by a rapid spike in temperature rather than a high temperature on its own, so try not to worry if your DS runs a temperature when he has a bug. Easier said than done, I know! flowers

IamBubbles1986 Mon 28-Sep-15 09:53:00

Thank you all. I think maybe I just need to get past this first illness since it happened and him to not have one and maybe I will calm down a bit. Thank you for sharing your experiences

SlatternLikesToRest Mon 28-Sep-15 12:14:29

My DD had a 20 minute convulsion when she was 2. The hospital gave us anticonvulsion medication home with us and for a while we watched DD like a hawk.

She hasn't had a convulsion since and is now 6.

Youarentkiddingme Mon 28-Sep-15 16:29:49

How is your DS doing now?

TeaStory Mon 28-Sep-15 16:36:38

Yes, my sister had 2 in a day when she was almost two, due to a slightly high temperature (she had a virus). She is now almost 18 and never had another, no ill-effects at all.

Hope your son is feeling better.

bruffin Mon 28-Sep-15 17:03:05

My DS had over 20 from the age of 15 mos to 13 years, but it is genetic in our family and we can trace it back to my grandmother at least. It is very rare and DS was diagnosed after the last one with a relatively newly discovered but rare syndrome called GEFS+
My DD also had 4 fc but they were between her 3rd and 4th birthday. My dc managed to have 4 in a week once and my nerves were shot then.
Neither of my DC were harmed by the fc at all.
The majority of children who have one FC will not have another.

there is a brilliant quote from Dr Christopher Green in Toddler Taming

The odd fever fit is unlikely to do the child any harm, only it's mother's nerves

IamBubbles1986 Mon 28-Sep-15 20:57:09

Thank you, this is all very reassuring and I'm a lot calmer now. He's well, I had to give one does of calpol earlier when it went up to 38 but other than that it's been low grade fever and ive just kept him stripped but a very happy bouncy boy, he's eating well and drinking lots which is very different from the day he has the fit plus his temp was 41 then so nowhere near today's mild temp.

MammaTJ Mon 28-Sep-15 21:04:55

I did, terrified my DM but I have got to the grand old age of 48 without having another or dying or anything!

I don't wish to minimise your fears and I am sure my DM felt the same, but I really am ok.

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