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to ask how your child's first day at nursery was?

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Twinklestar2 Sun 27-Sep-15 22:57:53

I'm returning to work in the next couple of weeks so my son goes starts nursery tomorrow, 8am-6pm! Gosh it feels like a long day and i'm so worried he won't sleep as he's not one to sleep outside the house, he likes his own cot.

How was your child's first day at nursery? Please reassure me! he's 13 months.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Sun 27-Sep-15 23:01:52

Ds started at 12 months. He had a few settle in days before a long day. He was a bit upset when I left him, but soon settled.
He did sleep, as all the other kids did too...

Dd started at 2 1/2. She only does half days, but absolutely loves it!
She was settled by the end of the first week. She doesn't stay for nap time. And she doesn't eat much there.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Sun 27-Sep-15 23:05:11

Dd is the opposite to your ds. She sleeps 8-8 in her cot. But will not go in it during the day. Car seat. Yup. Buggy. Yup. Blanket on the lawn. Yup. Sofa with me. Yup. Cot. No chance.

You should be able to take his blanket for nap time. And a teddy. So he has his things from home.

VimFuego101 Sun 27-Sep-15 23:17:01

My son's nursery send a sheet home every day detailing food, nappy changes, naps etc. The sheet from his first day read 'DS was a little cranky at first, but once he had a bowel movement he was fine.' I saved it for posterity grin

jorahmormont Sun 27-Sep-15 23:43:35

DD started nursery at 5 months. She was fine. Had her milk. Slept. Did a shit. Charmed the nursery staff. But that's what 5 month olds do grin

She went back after the summer off a couple of weeks ago, at 17 months, and was fine. Totally settled, charming the pants off of everyone, no separation anxiety - at that age they're so adaptable, I've not seen any toddlers in her room get shouty or crying at drop off. We send her in with a teddy from home etc so she's happy. You should get a sheet or a little book with details of nappy changes, food, naps and activities during the day, which should give you an idea of how he's settling smile

sproketmx Mon 28-Sep-15 00:38:12

Jeez 13 months is a bit young! Mines were all 3 and went for half days only till primary one. They did fine but at that age they already knew their wee pals from round the area so were settled. Me and my pals all have kids round the same ages who all go to nursery and school together so everyone pretty much knows everyone. I was worse than them I think.

CuttedUpPear Mon 28-Sep-15 00:41:17

Yes YABU - this thread belongs in Chat.

swimmerforlife Mon 28-Sep-15 00:49:59

How is 13 months young?! Lots of babies start at 6 months if they have working parents, DS was going to start at 6 months but DH jacked in his job so he didn't start until he was almost 1.

corlette Mon 28-Sep-15 01:12:41

My two each went at 9 months, three days a week, when I returned to work.
I had a two week period between them starting and me returning to work so we eased in gently- me staying for an hour, then staying alone for a few hours, then a whole morning with nap, working up to the whole day they would be spending there.
Our daycare also said I was welcome to phone in and check on progress which I did for the first few whole days they were there. They were fine.

Spartans Mon 28-Sep-15 06:33:39

Dd went it at 14 months. She was ok at drop off. We did a few short sessions first. She was upset at pick up. I think she thought we weren't coming. She looked relived when we saw her.

Ds was 9 months and took a few days to settle. Both were ok within a few weeks. Ds took a bit longer to settle.

Dontunderstand01 Mon 28-Sep-15 07:17:38

Sproketmx how is that helpful? Obviously the OP needs to send their child to nursery otherwise she wouldn't ask...

Mine started at 9 months. He did three x 2 hour sessions the week before with me to familiarise himself. Then he started doing 3 days a week 8 am- 5 pm . I won't lie, it was hard for both of us. But, the nursery staff are amazing, the nursery is rated outstanding in all areas by ofsted and ge soon settled.

If you have done your research and found a good nursery, can build a good relationship with the staff and trust, you and your child will be fine. My son adores nursery now and I am so pleased he goes- he is much better at playing with others and confident good luck.

Oysterbabe Mon 28-Sep-15 07:32:52

I'm lurking.
I'm pregnant and mine will be starting nursery at 9-10 months. I feel really bad about it but that's when my maternity pay stops and we just can't afford for me to be off any longer and we have no family nearby who can help out.

53rdAndBird Mon 28-Sep-15 07:34:14

Mine started at 17 months. Settling in period (leaving her for longer and longer chunks) was generally fine. First proper week was awful - she howled at drop-off and got upset again when we came to pick her up. I felt so, so terrible, even though they could show me photos of her playing and having fun during the day. But then week 2 she was much better, grinning and babbling about her key worker on the way in, and she's been happy there ever since.

We gave her a little teddy from home to keep with her. She isn't too attached to her toys usually, but she recognised him as familiar and it did seem to help. He still goes in with her but now she just has him for naps.

Also nursery have superpowers when it comes to naps. Mine was (and is) a nightmare napper at home, but will lie down and nap for an hour plus on the sleeping mats at nursery.

Minkybinkyboo Mon 28-Sep-15 07:51:23

Mine started at 14 months. I won't lie, drop off is still a challenge but within 5 minutes she has settled and is like a different child! I ring after half an hour to check which the nursery kindly accept (put up with)!
She never used to sleep without being held at home but straight away slept at nursery on her little mat, I think it's because the other children were doing it.
She takes one of her books with her every morning which seems to help as she sits and reads with her key worker before joining in with the other children.

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Mon 28-Sep-15 07:54:17

Mine will be starting at 6 months sproketmx. Some of us need to pay our mortgage and actually like the job they do. Stick that in your judgeypipe and smoke it.

Blankiefan Mon 28-Sep-15 07:55:08

Mine started at 4 months and was FT by 6 months. She loves nursery.

Prettyeyedpiratesmile Mon 28-Sep-15 08:17:57

sprocket are you saying this to make mothers who have to Put their child into nursery at that age feel bad?

Twinklestar2 Mon 28-Sep-15 08:40:30

I just dropped him, it was hard!

But this thread has made me smile through my tears so thank you all flowers. Glad to hear that he will be ok, such a worry for us mums!

Thelushinthepub Mon 28-Sep-15 08:46:07

13 months is old for nursery. Children of 3 are basically doing pre school aren't they? Babies in nursery are there for child care.

Anyway my baby is starting FT next week at ) months so an apt thread. It's also reminded me of the huge gulf between SAH and Working mothers.

Thelushinthepub Mon 28-Sep-15 08:46:23


trinitybleu Mon 28-Sep-15 08:48:12

He'll be fine and have a blast, I am sure.

The Nursery Nurses have magical powers. They got DD on a bottle (she'd refused all previous attempts) within a couple of days, gave her a huge range of foods I'd never have attempted (liver and bacon casserole, anyone? No?), got her to sleep without walking miles but not leaving her alone either, and then potty trained her for me at 20 months. She loved it and waves every time we pass - she's 8 now!

trinitybleu Mon 28-Sep-15 08:49:16

Oh, she was 6 months when she started and full time within a few weeks, 8-6.

Thelushinthepub Mon 28-Sep-15 08:51:43

<kisses trinityblues shoes> got a bottle refuser here too. It's been my biggest worry, so thank you

sproketmx Mon 28-Sep-15 10:02:23

13 months is old for nursery. Children of 3 are basically doing pre school aren't they? Babies in nursery are there for child care

Is it? shock it's not where I'm from. In scotland the kids go to school nursery for half days either mornings or afternoons from age 3 till they start primary one age 5. Even in primary one they still get a good few weeks coming home at dinnertime till they stay right on till 3. Just saying I thought it was a bit young. I would have thought kids that young who don't have extended families or friends to look after them would go to a childminder, not a nursery. Just couldn't imagine leaving any of mine in a nursery at that age. That's all

Thelushinthepub Mon 28-Sep-15 10:04:00

We're talking about child care, day nursery. Who do you think looks after children of parents whilst they're at work? Don't you know anyone who works?

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