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To think a true arachnophobic...

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BuggersMuddle Thu 24-Sep-15 22:12:40

...doesn't post close of shots of the massive spiders that have terrified them on Facebook. Furthermore, if you are truly arachnophobic, you don't talk about how you had to 'pick it up and get it out'.

My FB is currently full of 'arachnophobes' posting pictures of giant spiders; discussing the removal of spiders and 'shuddering'.

I am arachnophobic. I don't like to see spiders on a page without warning. I sure as shit can't approach wolf spiders 2-3" across (inc legs) and kill them, so I certainly can't pick them up, nor move them.

AIBU to think the 'eek look at the huge spider' people are not arachnophobes to any meaningful level.

WorraLiberty Thu 24-Sep-15 22:16:38

No they're probably not but I can't see that it matters really.

bigbadbarry Thu 24-Sep-15 22:17:28

I wish they'd bloody stop with the photos, I hide them all but still they come!

janethegirl2 Thu 24-Sep-15 22:18:55

I don't understand your post.

Do you want me to post spider pictures or not, cos I can!

There are huge ones marauding around here but as long as they don't walk over me I don't care.

Scobberlotcher Thu 24-Sep-15 22:24:59

Some people use phobic to mean something they are not keen on or are a bit scared of.

As someone who nearly died due to a needle phobia, I do sometimes think yeah right grin be thankful its not a phobia.

But some people do that.
They're depressed if they're a bit miffed that their cake didn't rise, they're in love with the bloke they met on Friday and mundane things are regularly the most amazing thing they've ever seen grin
It's just the way some people use language, you have to let it wash over you cos you'll never change it.

annatha Thu 24-Sep-15 22:25:54

I agree, lots of people don't like spiders but few are actually arachnophobic. I struggle with spiders bigger than a pound coin and certainly couldn't remove big spiders myself, just seeing the pictures makes me anxious.

DoJo Thu 24-Sep-15 22:49:21

They probably aren't - are they claiming to be debilitated by their fear or are they just sharing in the hope that someone will give them a virtual pat on the back?

BuggersMuddle Thu 24-Sep-15 22:55:14

Fair point scobber - although a few of the offenders ought to know better, but it might not have crossed their minds.

jane For avoidance of doubt, I know my enemy well enough and so am not a fan of random spider pictures. So no, please don't bother to share.

Worra I guess it doesn't if you're not arachnophobic, but if you are really arachnophobic (like I am) then it's something to consider.

BuggersMuddle Thu 24-Sep-15 22:57:26

Dojo They are claiming to be truly arachnophobic. But still managing close up photos and removal (albeit at a distance, so less of an issue).

Fairylea Thu 24-Sep-15 23:02:42

I agree with you.

I am so terrified of spiders I am actively wincing every time I open Facebook at the moment in absolute dread of seeing spider photos. sad sad Even a photo of one is deeply upsetting to me and makes me feel really stressed out. I hate this time of year.

sproketmx Thu 24-Sep-15 23:03:12

I'm shit scared of rats in rl. Pictures of them make me shudder but not much else. If I walk into the feed store and fine one u end up running for an air rifle, pistol, shotgun etc and blowing huge Fucking holes everywhere till the bastard is dead then I send for an a minaj that will remove it for me but pictures not so much. I'm not irrational enough to think that the picture will somehow come to life leap out the screen and head for my jugular with teeth bared

sproketmx Thu 24-Sep-15 23:04:09

Send for an animal, not a minaj. She'd be Fucking useless in agriculture I daresay grin

Madeyemoodysmum Thu 24-Sep-15 23:04:52

So I got 3 in two days in beakers covered with books waiting for dh to take outside. I can cover them with a beaker and leave for dh I do it with squinty eyes so I can't see it well. Rather that than let them roam! I do scream. Am I a true arachnophobe or not??????

WorraLiberty Thu 24-Sep-15 23:34:07

Worra I guess it doesn't if you're not arachnophobic, but if you are really arachnophobic (like I am) then it's something to consider.

Well yes but you'll be getting help for your phobia won't you?

Whilst you are, it can't be pleasant seeing what others post on the internet but the good thing is, at least arachnophobia doesn't take too long to cure as a rule.

Keep at it OP thanks

WorraLiberty Thu 24-Sep-15 23:36:49

Madeye probably not if you can cover them.

My guess (going purely on what you've posted) is that if you lived alone you would got the extra mile and slide a bit of cardboard under the beaker, so you could tip the spider outside.

WorraLiberty Thu 24-Sep-15 23:37:10


vaticancameos Fri 25-Sep-15 07:12:45

No I disagree OP. My friend and I are terrified but do share the Facebook horror stories and pictures because I'm phobic of spiders not pictures. It's house spiders in particular. I scream jump on chairs. And then ask the neighbour If they would be so kind as to come in and ice it. And no I don't have time at the moment to seek treatment for the anxiety but I will add it to my to do list.

vaticancameos Fri 25-Sep-15 07:13:13

Move it not ice it

OublietteBravo Fri 25-Sep-15 07:19:48

I'm arachnophobic - I can't even go into a room containing a large spider, let alone get close enough to do anything about it. I bought a new toothbrush and used the kitchen sink when there was a big spider in the bath and DH was away because I couldn't make myself go into the bathroom (fortunately the toilet is in a separate room to the bath/sink). Strangely I'm OK with pictures. I can't handle videos, but if I know there is no possibility of the spider image actually moving it doesn't bother me.

Witchend Fri 25-Sep-15 07:47:44

Surely there are difficult degrees of phobia though?

I would say I'm scared of spiders rather than phobic. I can cope now with small ones (1cm long or less) if they're not moving. Can control myself if I see bigger ones up to about an inch. Can even catch those with our nifty catcher.
The spindly ones bigger than that again I can cope with.

But the big evil ones I am reduced to a jelly like state. I have a couple of places in the house that need tidying and I'm putting off because I'm afraid there might be spiders in there. I'll ask dh to get everything out and check first.
If I think there's a spider in the room I can't sleep and will move room.
I can cope, but not like, spider pictures because they're not moving usually. It's the movement that really gets me.

Is this a phobia? I'm not screaming the place down at a mention, but that isn't what I do anyway.

TheCunnyFunt Fri 25-Sep-15 07:51:15

Absolutely roaring at sending for a minaj grin grin grin

whatsbehindthegreendoor Fri 25-Sep-15 08:14:39

I am terrified of spiders, I mean, so bad that I haven't bought a banana in about 4 years just in case there's spiders eggs in there. I HATE it when people post pictures of massive spiders on their Facebook page. I am constantly hiding those posts!

My husband is brilliant, thank goodness. He'll check the bedroom every night for me at this time of year and, even though he's not overly fond of them himself, will always get rid of them for me.
We live in a first floor flat and for about 10 years we were never bothered with big house spiders, but this year we've had 4 or 5 massive ones already. The only good thing is that we haven't been bothered by daddy long legs, but even so.....

My brother threw a spider at me when we were very small and it bit me, ever since then I've been terrified!

PumpkinPie2013 Fri 25-Sep-15 09:36:01

I have a phobia of spiders - I certainly wouldn't be taking photos or moving them - to me those people are not keen on spiders rather than phobic.

I am so bad that I can't be in a room if I know there is a spider, I check rooms as I go in for spiders, can't move them / stand on them or hoover them.

I've called on neighbours to move them when I've been alone and found a spider!

As for the pictures - I don't look at them either!

bingandflop Fri 25-Sep-15 09:42:06

I can see where ur coming from as I am genuinely arachnophobic and they reduce me to a crying wreck. Another gripe of mine is when people casually claim OCD when in fact they are just a bit anal about something. My brother has OCD. It is a serious mental illness and had ruined his life

ProudAS Fri 25-Sep-15 10:01:04

Phobias do vary in severity but there is also a difference between a fear and a phobia

Some people can't even look at a picture of a spider whilst others may be able to steel themselves to look at a live one.

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