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I Want to see the aisleyne and farrah fight

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Pollyisnthere Thu 24-Sep-15 20:35:42

Can't see why they don't broadcast it. I've a funny feeling they are both in the wrong but one far more than the other.

Oysterbabe Thu 24-Sep-15 20:38:17


hedgehogsdontbite Thu 24-Sep-15 20:42:34

They've shown worse in the past.

TheGirlFromIpanema Thu 24-Sep-15 20:44:45

I was watching in the run up and there were some harsh words crossed grin I'd like to see how it got to actual fisticuffs though!

99percentchocolate Thu 24-Sep-15 20:47:20

I think we've seen how it starts - they just cut out the actual fighting from Aisleyne picking up the glass of champagne.
Incredibly childish behaviour on both their parts and I hope both are prosecuted since innocent parties were injured.

hedgehogsdontbite Thu 24-Sep-15 20:52:54

Aisleyne started the fight by throwing the contents of her glass at Farrah. Farrah continued the fight by throwing actual glasses at Aisleyne, injuring Vicki Michelle in the process. Janice, who was in the middle of them all, continued her fight with reality and started swinging her chair around at which point Jenna waded in too. Janice says she was trying to stop the flying glass further injuring Vicki. Jenna say she was trying to belt Farrah with it.

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