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To wear leggings to work

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parrotsummer Thu 24-Sep-15 18:35:56

We have a uniform and it's just a tunic black or navy trousers. Most people wear leggings and trainers. One woman has been complaining saying it's not professional! AIBU to think if they want professionals they need to pay professional salary not £6.90 an hour!

Spartans Thu 24-Sep-15 19:01:39

Wage has nothing to do with it. Leggings can be smart, spending on what you do and what they are.

But dress code is not linked to pay as far as I am aware. It's really depends on what your hand book says really.

But we will have different opinions. Hers is that they don't look smart, yours is that they do (I presume).

DoJo Thu 24-Sep-15 19:05:41

Is the woman complaining in a management position?

OurBlanche Thu 24-Sep-15 19:06:07

They were banned at my last place of work - Landbased FE College.

Pity really as they were worn in order to make dresses and skirts more wearable, like a modesty screen. Mainly by the women who worked with small animals or on the farm, going from indoor to outdoor classrooms.

We all rebelled whenever wearing boots. We all wore leggings instead of tights as often as we could get away with it.

Sighing Thu 24-Sep-15 19:07:58

Leggings are not outerwear. How long is this tunic?

MrsGinnyPotter Thu 24-Sep-15 19:09:01

YANBU! I wear leggings to work everyday under a dress or long top!

OurBlanche Thu 24-Sep-15 19:11:07

Leggings are not outerwear. well, they aren't hats either!

NerrSnerr Thu 24-Sep-15 19:11:29

If you have a uniform you should wear it? Also how long is the tunic?

CruCru Thu 24-Sep-15 19:12:46

I can imagine that if you need to do lifting etc then leggings would be more practical (stretchy, comfortable).

I used to have a friend who worked in a shop. They only allowed leggings if the wearer was judged to have a good figure - if the boss didn't think the wearer's figure was "good enough", she would send her home to get changed. I'd be terrified of ever wearing them just in case.

Becles Thu 24-Sep-15 19:14:26


Leggings are not outerwear.


Unreasonablebetty Thu 24-Sep-15 19:19:52

I think that they can be smart, it's just they couldn't say they were wearable for work purposes because there is always someone who doesn't use their common sense as to when they become untidy.
Ie- short tops with said leggings that are almost see through....
We've all seen the see through arse videos of those wearing cheap leggings.
As a larger lady, who carries all my weight on my midriff (think slim legs big belly!)
Finding trousers that fit well throughout my whole body doesn't really happen and leaves me looking untidy, so leggings would be a great option for someone like myself to look smart (with the right tops of course!)

whatwhatinthewhatnow Thu 24-Sep-15 19:20:21

We aren't allowed leggings, they are specifically mentioned in the dress code. Although I do wear them under a long dress with high boots to stay warm or under trousers. They just look like tights, not that anyone can see.
Although because they do look like tights, I wouldn't wear them alone.

NerrSnerr Thu 24-Sep-15 19:23:22

I don't think leggings look smart at all. I work in an environment where we wear smart/ casual and no one wears leggings. People wear skirts/ dresses with tights or tailored trousers.

parrotsummer Thu 24-Sep-15 19:25:27

No lady isn't in a management position but thinks she is

Tunics are below the bum, at the very top of thighs.

Obviously I realise some people don't like leggings but to be honest I'm reluctant to wear 'proper' trousers in this job.

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Thu 24-Sep-15 19:26:18

Leggings under dresses/tunics looks no different to 100 denier tights. I wear them and we are not 'allowed'. Bugger am I buying maternity tights/trousers though

sproketmx Thu 24-Sep-15 19:27:20

Acht who cares. I hate uniforms anyway. Go leggings if you want

NerrSnerr Thu 24-Sep-15 19:27:25

If you don't want to wear 'proper trousers' then don't work I'm a job where the uniform includes them!

parrotsummer Thu 24-Sep-15 19:30:03

But it doesn't, Nerr; everyone wears leggings and trainers. The uniform thing says black (or navy) trousers but doesn't specify what kind and some women wear black jeans or jeggings. Even had one wearing black tights and hot pants once although I'll concede that probably didn't look professional! She's still good at her job though.

OurBlanche Thu 24-Sep-15 19:32:33

NerrSnerr, I can almost guarantee that at least one of your female colleagues wears leggings instead of tights under a dress, with boots.

Look first at those who get cystitis... then others who always wear thick dernier... many, like me, hate tights, they don't fit me, those that I can get on cause me problems, like cystitis, and bugger they do love to ladder, cost a sodding fortune and come in horrible fake tan colours. I always look like half an Umpa Lumpa!

whatwhatinthewhatnow Thu 24-Sep-15 19:45:16

I am the same ourblanche. Tights are a pain, even the thermal ones are too chilly. I just wear my old maternity leggings instead, no one can even see them.

OP, are harem pants an option?

Trills Thu 24-Sep-15 19:54:57

If the uniform says trousers, you should wear trousers. Not leggings.


usual Thu 24-Sep-15 19:58:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

parrotsummer Thu 24-Sep-15 19:59:55

Everyone else wears leggings. I think the policy would specify if we had to wear a particular type of trouser.

Harem pants would look worse, I think, and they certainly wouldn't be practical.

PlymouthMaid1 Thu 24-Sep-15 20:04:33

I often wear good quality black leggings and a longish top or dress with boots for work as tights are both expensive and too chilly. Agree that thin leggings and short tops can look terrible.

RealityCheque Thu 24-Sep-15 20:09:38

Leggings are NOT trousers. 'Sake!

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