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To think I definitely came out best at the end of this argument?!

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Kitsandkids Sun 20-Sep-15 13:27:36

Husband , 2 kids and I were due to go to soft play this afternoon. I came downstairs before we were about to go with some duvet covers and sheets to wash as my 7 year old wet the bed last night and we've run out of clean sets to make the bed tonight. In my head my plan was wash the stuff, go out, put in dryer when we get back (about 5), make beds in time for bedtime. Only my husband, about a minute before, had put some of his own stuff in.

Cue a stupid couples argument about how we agreed ages ago I would do the laundry as he's had form in the past for dying kids' vests grey, and how (from him) I should have washed the other dirty sets another day already.

Anyway, we got past that and a few minutes later he was telling me the road near the soft play was closed so we should go to a different one. I said that was more expensive and suggested we take the stabilizers off the kids' bikes like they've been begging us to do and go to the park. He suggested I cheer up my face (I honestly was over the argument at that point so this quite shocked me) so I retorted he should cheer up his.

He then said 'do you want to stay here?' So I replied 'yes!' So now he is taking 2 kids to weekend soft play and I get to sit on the sofa and Mumsnet on my phone. I really think when he suggested it he thought he was 'punishing' me! Ha ha.

PS. We were both quite cheerful with each other as they all left so I'm sure our marriage will survive! grin

NannyOggsHedgehogs Sun 20-Sep-15 13:35:08

Oh poor you quick scoff another biscuit

I'm having a similar afternoon having succeeded in getting both the 3yo and the 18 day old to not only sleep at the same time, but in their respective beds. My tea is hot!

Kitsandkids Sun 20-Sep-15 13:38:37

Hope they enjoy a very long nap for you!

NannyOggsHedgehogs Sun 20-Sep-15 14:00:05

Small did nearly 3 hours and is now feeding, Big is still out and will most likely have another 15-30 minutes, more if we're lucky.

Are you suitably contrite after your time in the Thinking Sofa Spot?

pinkyredrose Sun 20-Sep-15 14:09:54

Haha nice one OP, you definitely came out top!

TendonQueen Sun 20-Sep-15 14:11:37

Yes, you've got the best deal..

petalsandstars Sun 20-Sep-15 14:12:18

Yes- amazing result!

totalrecall1 Sun 20-Sep-15 15:20:48

well done. I will try that one.

MammaTJ Sun 20-Sep-15 15:24:51

Well done!

I quite often get that but without the row before hand! DP plays rugby and I don't always want to go. The DC do though! grin

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