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to be confused by this supermarket behaviour

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SecretWineBox Sat 19-Sep-15 22:20:10

Why do people get taxis back from supermarkets with a big weekly shop, when the supermarket delivers for a couple of quid?

I really don't get this - there is even a special taxi phone near the exit. Surely this can't be cost effective?

Also, why on earth do people wander round the shop with increasingly bored/irritated children to do said weekly shop, when said shop delivers?

I see people combining both of the above, is this some form of masochism?

I get it all delivered - drop in occasionally to get the odd thing.

Why? This has been bugging me for ages....

Discopanda Sat 19-Sep-15 22:25:58

Hmmmm I don't know anyone who uses a taxi for their supermarket shop. I normally get ours delivered but the downside is that you can't check the fruit and veg.

Seriouslyffs Sat 19-Sep-15 22:26:09

Wanting to get out, get the best bargains, also you need a bank card and money in the bank to do online shopping whereas if you're a cash only family, and there are many supermarket then taxi works better.

RachelZoe Sat 19-Sep-15 22:27:00


They might be doing a topup shop

They might not live in an area that gets delivery

The things they want might not be available online

They might be doing it as part of a wider trip to do other things so would have gotten a taxi anyway

They might work funny hours and not be reliable enough for a delivery time

There really are countless reasons to be honest. It's not really that mind boggling.

AgentZigzag Sat 19-Sep-15 22:27:33

Putting my irritating MN cap on to consider the possibilities I suppose they might have been somewhere else first and getting a taxi back anyway, or they don't know it's only a fiver to deliver, maybe they don't want a random delivery person in their home?

Maybe they like doing it themselves and don't drive?

<MN cap starts to take root> What's it to you anyway?


IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sat 19-Sep-15 22:28:46

I live in a restricted access road that has a width restriction so I can't online shop at supermarkets as the vans can't get through. I really have online shopping envy.

notquitehuman Sat 19-Sep-15 22:29:13

It's difficult to get a slot for delivery at the last minute round here. Plus some people just hate online grocery shopping as they like being able to see the bargains and have a browse.

Scobberlotcher Sat 19-Sep-15 22:29:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AgentZigzag Sat 19-Sep-15 22:29:30

Why do you shop at a supermarket, shouldn't you support your local independent shops and do it all locally? <goes too far>

Shakey15000 Sat 19-Sep-15 22:30:53

I like to see what I'm buying.

I don't drive.


Sirzy Sat 19-Sep-15 22:31:10

Perhaps they want to go and do the shopping themselves? Not everyone wants to shop online.

AgentZigzag Sat 19-Sep-15 22:31:17

'because they want to'

angry now you've put that shitty song in my head - thanks.

Penfold007 Sat 19-Sep-15 22:31:56

If you do your shopping online and have it delivered how do see these other people and what business is it of yours?

AgentZigzag Sat 19-Sep-15 22:32:37

I would hate to only do virtual shopping, the buzz around the cheapo/discount shelves is the only legal kick I get these days.

Scobberlotcher Sat 19-Sep-15 22:32:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gamerchick Sat 19-Sep-15 22:34:06

All the threads on here alone about orders not turning up and money not being refunded for ages and no food in the house puts me off.

I don't see convenience when looking at food deliverys. Get it home and out of the way imo.

SecretWineBox Sat 19-Sep-15 22:34:21

There are people who want to go to supermarkets???

Ok, can understand about the cash only bit and if not in the delivery area.

But wanting to go, as in, enjoying it?

They're the seventh level of hell...

BrianButterfield Sat 19-Sep-15 22:34:32

We used to do it sometimes pre-DC. We would walk to the supermarket and get a taxi back. The taxi cost was less than a delivery slot at that time (Saturday AM usually), we didn't have to wait in for a delivery (not an issue with DC but annoying as footloose child free people!) and we could enjoy a wander around looking at the bargains, without wrangling small children. Also, we shopped quite cheaply before we had to spend all our money on Frubes and other shit like that, so we would often not even meet the minimum spend for a delivery.

Of course now my DC greet the Asda delivery guy like an old friend and I'm glad to never have yo brave a giant supermarket shop, but different strokes for different folks, you know.

Jw35 Sat 19-Sep-15 22:34:57

I don't get it either. I hate supermarkets they make me feel loopy grin

BabyGanoush Sat 19-Sep-15 22:35:23

Having your shop delivered for me meant old vegetables, 3 meats/fish with expiry dates of the delivery date, weird substitutions and squashed bread.

Tried Sainsbo and Tesco

Gave up

Took baby on bus to supermarket instead!

wigglesrock Sat 19-Sep-15 22:35:55

I used to always get a taxi back from the supermarket with a big shop. Mainly because I waited until I had the money in my hand before going. I would get paid in cash on a Friday, then go to the shops and then get a taxi home. I'd get discounted stock, longer shelf dates, be able to have a nosy at the fruit and veg, see if any offers had come up. No waiting in for deliveries, taking the chance with a fuck up with ghost payments which has happened once with a supermarket online delivery. To be very honest a lot of people I know still do this. I don't, because I drive now but I still go to the supermarket myself.

Why do people bring their kids with them - because they've no one to leave them with, because it won't damage a child do to something they don't particularly like, because it's part of family life, to show them how to budget, pick ingredients, put a meal together.

foxessocks Sat 19-Sep-15 22:36:00

I take my toddler on the weekly shop because I like getting out of the house and I like choosing things in the shop myself. I did do online shopping when she was a newborn because I was exhausted and couldn't be bothered but now I enjoy it to be honest. She can be grumpy about it sometimes but not always. Sometimes she's happy and chatty all the way round the shop and I can point out all the different things to her. You might see a mum with a grumpy child in the supermarket but that doesn't mean they always hate it. If my dd was screaming and crying every time we went then I'd have a rethink!

BabyGanoush Sat 19-Sep-15 22:36:41

Penfold, good question grin

Becca19962014 Sat 19-Sep-15 22:36:45

Not everyone lives somewhere home delivery is possible, even in less rural areas than where I live there are places home delivery isn't an option - too far from the supermarket for example.

I use taxis and don't have the home delivery option.

TheExMotherInLaw Sat 19-Sep-15 22:36:50

Maybe they are not computer savvy, or only have cash. That's the only reason I can think of to pay out for a taxi.
I prefer to get my own shopping - dh drives me, lifts and carries, etc, but sometimes I do get it delivered, especially if I have a voucher.

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