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AIBU to think M&S has had it's day?

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GloGirl Sat 19-Sep-15 12:47:41

Poor customer service yesterday when trying to return something and walking through their store yesterday was like walking through a jumble sale.

I think they're only trading off a good name now not adding to it.

Sighing Sat 19-Sep-15 12:49:22

So ....... don't shop there?

goawayalready Sat 19-Sep-15 12:53:48

dejavu? we had this thread a few months ago didn't we? about the piss poor quality clothing and the revolting styles really bad customer services bad bras poor fitters (seriously they put my 34 c child in a 38 a she was flapping about like a pea in a cup and apparently that is a "good fit")

i dont shop there unless i really cant find what i want elsewhere

backwardpossom Sat 19-Sep-15 12:56:19

I like the school uniforms. And the food. That's about it though.

BolshierAyraStark Sat 19-Sep-15 12:57:51

I like the food.

KeyserSophie Sat 19-Sep-15 12:58:11

The food is their big success story. I live in HK and all the expansion here is the simply food stores (there are a few clothes stores but they're not opening more). It's expensive in the UK so imagine how expensive it is once they've freighted it here but people go NUTS for it- not just expats, locals too.

VinoEsmeralda Sat 19-Sep-15 12:58:18

I like the food and knickers ( not together though)

ToGoBoldly Sat 19-Sep-15 12:58:32

The world needs Percy Pigs, so the world needs M&S

blaeberry Sat 19-Sep-15 13:00:07

Hardly ever shop there. As far as clothes go I think I just buy some bits of school uniform and that's it. There are still a few 'treat' food items but even there they are just bringing in the normal brands.

I am in my forties but feel about two decades younger than their apparent target market for most of their clothes.

BrendaandEddie Sat 19-Sep-15 13:00:27

here we go - another M and S thread bashing it.
I tell you - people who love abroad say they REALLy miss it

Redcrayons Sat 19-Sep-15 13:00:39

School uniform is great for my tall skinny boys.
Food is great, although too £££
I like undies, knickers and vests. Not bras though
I'd furnish my whole house there if I could afford it.

Pipbin Sat 19-Sep-15 13:01:07

The world needs Percy Pigs, so the world needs M&S
And vegi Colin Caterpillars. We really need those.

I have found it depends on the town. My local M&S is lovely but I went in the one local to my MIL and it was like a different company. There wasn't the choice and the store was a mess.

Wishful80smontage Sat 19-Sep-15 13:02:12

I love the food, the home section and baby/kids clothes though

LaurieMarlow Sat 19-Sep-15 13:07:13

They get stuff wrong all the time, yet there is such goodwill towards them people continue to give them chances. The brand value they've built up is mind blowing.

I feel for them. Clothes, where they really struggle, they've set themselves up for such a difficult task. They want to be all things to all people. Reliable, quality, good basics - but at the same time they have ambitions to be fashionable which they keep disappointing. They want to compete with fast fashion, but don't have anything like the right kind of distribution model to make it work.

They need to scale it back and concentrate on what they're good at.

hooliodancer Sat 19-Sep-15 13:07:42

I bought a lovely 70's style dress there yesterday! Very retro. My button through denim skirt from there great.And I like a lot of Autograph stuff. But a lot of it is, yes, awful. The odd gem though!

GloGirl Sat 19-Sep-15 13:08:25

Sorry everyone

I realise now I am being unreasonable - we definitely need M&S Food.

And actually thinking about it I must have read the previous thread and it was on my mind as I stomped around their store yesterday in a grump.

But I do think it's a shame.

Pipbin Sat 19-Sep-15 13:12:53

I heard a interview ages ago with someone or other who had taken over the running of them. He said it was one of the hardest stores to run as everyone has had an experience of them and has expectations. Damn near everyone has bought something from M&S in the past.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 19-Sep-15 13:13:43

"My local M&S is lovely but I went in the one local to my MIL and it was like a different company."
Absolutely agree. I think it is very dependent on staffing levels, and like all large retailers they do seem to be trying to cut staff to the bone.

goawayalready Sat 19-Sep-15 13:15:43

i like the till staff though but the bra fitter was appalling i cant get on with a lot of the food but my nan loved it

squoosh Sat 19-Sep-15 13:20:41

I like the food hall and I like the beauty hall.

So I grant them a stay of execution.

coffeeisnectar Sat 19-Sep-15 13:21:08

Their non iron school shirts are fab. On that alone I'd say yabu grin

80sMum Sat 19-Sep-15 13:22:21

It's a pity that it ever had to change, but I guess it just couldn't compete against the other shops that were outsourcing labour to China etc.

MaisieDotes Sat 19-Sep-15 13:29:17

Just this week I was in Lidl and got the strongest urge to run screaming into the comfort and niceness of the M&S Food Hall.

I don't go there much these days but I do need to know it's there, just in case.

Sazzas Sat 19-Sep-15 13:30:59

I hate the food. Its all laced with sugar, fat and salt. Probably not much healther than garage food.

RedRosie Sat 19-Sep-15 13:36:28

I was in there today, and actually, I thought things were improving with regard to womens wear. And the food is great of course.

Its worth doing their online survey each time you shop:

to let them know your views.

Mine - for what it is worth! - is that M&S has lost its way a bit. But they are in a tough bit of the market ...

Personally I'd like to see more well-made (in the UK) basics, in natural fabrics with lots of colour options. I think there is a gap in the market for this - one they used to fill themselves when that market was so much smaller.

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