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ATBR regards deposit/rent?

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OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 09:39:57

Now we're expecting, DH & I have obviously got to move from our current studio flat into a bigger place.

We went to see a 2 bedroom place yesterday morning that's about perfect, 5 minutes walk from the sea & really good value for our area.

We agreed to take it & have the deposit to them tomorrow, but from the gist of a phone conversation with the Landlady it sounds like they want us to pay rent from start of October, but with notice on our current place & prior commitments it will likely be at least the middle of October, maybe end of the month before we can move. We of course have to pay rent on the current flat until that point too. We can't really afford to pay double rent for a month.

Since the place was only advertised for the first time on Friday, ATBU to expect someone to be able to move in/start paying straight away? Surely they'd expect us to give reasonable notice when we leave, as our current landlords do? Surely landlords expect to have short periods between tenants? They can't even give us an exact date for when the current tenants will be out, except it should be around 'end of September'.

Perhaps I'm being oversensitive & hormonal as our current landlords are the loveliest people (the thought of leaving them makes me cry!) and this new lady is a very businesslike & to the point. I can't expect everyone to be like our currents though....

BlueMoonRising Sun 13-Sep-15 09:42:28

To be honest, if the rent is good for the area, if you don't agree then chances are she'll let to sometime that does.

Brae in mind this is her income, and maybe she can't afford to have a month with no rent.

mileend2bermondsey Sun 13-Sep-15 09:49:39

Thats a huge void period between tenants. As a former letting agent I wouldn't imagine any landlord would accept it, tbh I don't think I would have even put the offer forward to the LL. It's around 6 weeks of void, the max I've seen LL's accept on a competitivley priced property is 2 weeks, although I imagine it depends upon the area.

But yes YABUU, sorry.

LadyintheRadiator Sun 13-Sep-15 09:50:57

We have moved five times in the last ten years and always expect an overlap, it's crap paying twice but it does give you time and breathing space to settle in and then clear out and clean properly. That said you're talking about a difference of about two weeks so I'd try to negotiate - esp if there are tenants in and you don't know exactly when they're leaving.

I'd write a polite email explaining your situation and see what you get back. Perhaps meet in the middle by moving in a week earlier. They may not realise what your timescales are so just let them know.

mileend2bermondsey Sun 13-Sep-15 09:53:38

Sorry I read that in haste. So the property is vacant from first of October but you want to move in at the end? So the LL would have a month without rent? Is that right?

If so YA still BU.

WeAreEternal Sun 13-Sep-15 09:54:41

An overlap in rent is standard when moving from one rented propert to another so UABU.

If a perspective tenant came to me and said what you have I would be readvertising the property.

OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 09:55:32

It's not 6 weeks of void? It's an absolute maximum of 4, since the current tenants will be paying until they're out 'end of Septemberish' and the earliest we could move would be the middle weekend of October, the latest would be last weekend of October?

The situation is private homeowners who have 2 kind of 'dower cottages' attached to their expansive property which they rent out. There's a lot of that in our area (it's a similar situation where we are now).

TheBunnyOfDoom Sun 13-Sep-15 10:00:50

YABU - an overlap in rent when you move is normal. You can't expect landlords to hold on for you - they have to make money and can't afford to go a month or more without their properties bringing in money.

If you can't afford it, you'll need to accept that someone else can and you'll just have to find somewhere else. But if it's the perfect property and rent is reasonable, you'd be mad not to take it (assuming you can budget a bit for a couple months).

Purplepoodle Sun 13-Sep-15 10:01:21

Her tenants are moving out in September so the flat is free from 1st October. Sorry but it's not her fault u can't move in at that time. If it's a great property then it will go quickly and someone will be willing to pay the overlap. If u really want it then your going to have to pay twice

BlueMoonRising Sun 13-Sep-15 10:02:21

Well, feel free to tell them that you won't pay until you move in.

The worst that can happen is that they let it to someone else.

OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 10:03:57

Thanks for the responses. We're going to get the deposit cheque ready to take tomorrow & speak to them in person.

I guess I've been lucky in the past; I've always found places advertised around a month before they become available (so presumably when tenants have given notice) which has given me a month to give my own notice.

Since it's a private owner rather than an agency we did think of perhaps trying to negotiate the couple of weeks by offerings skills; my DH is a builder so could help with any maintenance on the 2 rentals & their own place, and we are looking to be there a matter of years; perhaps the promise of a long lease will help?

I think I am just being a bit over sensitive about it. I really don't want to leave where we are, but 2 adults, 1 baby & a cat do not fit into a studio flat!

TheBunnyOfDoom Sun 13-Sep-15 10:06:32

I think it does sound like you've been lucky in the past.

The property sounds good and I think it's just something you need to suck up as part of private renting. If the rent is cheap and it's a good location, surely feeling the pinch for a month or so while you move is worth it in the long run?

Congratulations on your baby flowers

specialsubject Sun 13-Sep-15 10:19:31

the usual warnings - ask her which deposit scheme she will be using and when you should expect to receive the prescribed information, and if the property has gas ask to see a current gas safe cert.

I'd expect (indeed want) a gap of a few days between tenants, but with a new tenant lined up a month of void is too much.

if you live somewhere popular (and 'by the sea') usually is then decent properties won't hang around.

LadylikeCough Sun 13-Sep-15 10:36:57

I agree that you've been lucky if you've never had any overlap between properties so far. We've almost always had brief periods of paying double rent, which is a stretch, but just something you have limited choice about in a fast-moving rentals market.

And of course you can always try to negotiate, but I'm not sure that offers of maintenance help will really make much difference (it sounds a bit vague: indefinite, ongoing, free maintenance? Mates rates? A one-off thing?)

BUT what is going on with the current tenants? Have they given or been served notice? Why doesn't the landlady know exactly when their tenancy ends? With 2 adults, a baby and a cat, I'd be more worried about giving notice on your first place and then being messed around or delayed moving into your next.

OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 10:49:12

To clarify, we're not in the mainland UK, so different rules apply. Things can be a lot more 'relaxed' here (deposit schemes don't exist, for example).

The current tenants to my knowledge have given notice, but don't have an exact date they'll be out. Having looked round yesterday there was no evidence of any kind of packing in progress or even about to be (all cupboards full etc). They said themselves that they plan to be out 'at the end of the month'. They also said that when they moved in, they were allowed to start bringing things in & painting 2 weeks before they actually moved & commenced paying rent.

The landlady is about 110 80, doesn't do modern technology (rent must be paid by cheque) and seems like she could be a bit of a dragon.

DH and I have been discussing just now & have decided that we'll take the deposit tomorrow, be prepared to pay 2 weeks overlap if we have to, but also be prepared to walk away from it if we don't get a good vibe from her. Given that we'd be literally living on her doorstep (in the middle of nowhere) with a new baby it could be a nightmare if we don't get on.

mileend2bermondsey Sun 13-Sep-15 10:53:33

Hhhmmm, this all sounds a bit bizzare and off the books. I feel a bit uneasy just reading it, but you know your area OP. Good luck with whatever happens tomorrow.

TheDrugsWorkABitTooWellThanks Sun 13-Sep-15 10:56:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 10:58:16

Yep this is a 'special' place to live! We've only had sex discrimination law (encompassing maternity) since slightly earlier this year, and we still don't have disability discrimination laws.

It's a bit like living in the 50s.

TheDrugsWorkABitTooWellThanks Sun 13-Sep-15 11:00:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadylikeCough Sun 13-Sep-15 11:14:40

That's tricky, then. You're right: in the absence of regulations, 'vibes' are all you can go on.

If the landlady does seem a dragon, I'd be reluctant to mention maintenance, as that may end up with getting door-knocked at 2am to fix a squeaky floorboard. And do the current tenants seem pleasantly chilled (you'd expect to see some sign of packing if they're moving within a fortnight) or the kind of lazy blighters who say 'end of Septemberish' and finally get their act together by Christmas?

Anyway, good luck. We are a 2-adult, 2-cat, 1-child household and I hate when people mess us around on moves. The days of being able to go with the flow and couch-surf between rentals are over!

OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 11:34:56

The current tenants do seem chilled; they actually requested we went at 9.30 yesterday so they had the day to get on with packing, which presumably they did.

I think we missed a trick with the current tenants; they showed us round and were really nice & chatty - maybe we should have probed a bit as to how long they've been there, where/why they're leaving, their experiences with the landlords etc. A bit of digging without being rude!

TheDrugsWorkABitTooWellThanks Sun 13-Sep-15 11:37:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

OctoberCupcake Sun 13-Sep-15 15:39:52

Well to update; DH and I went out for a pub lunch & discussed ALL the pros and cons of the place, and we've just called to say we've had second thoughts.

Rent overlap aside, neither of us particularly took to the Landlady when we met her, and if we'd be living in what is fundamentally part of her house that's not great.

She had also insisted yesterday that our cat wouldn't be able to go out because of her dogs, which would be absolutely cruel given that the house is surrounded by fields in all directions, and even the nearest road is 1/4 of a mile down a track! Ideal place for him to hunt!

So back to the search and on with the saving to increase out rent overlap buffer.

Artandco Sun 13-Sep-15 15:47:59

I wouldn't rush. We still live in a one bed flat with x2 small children ( have 5 years now), and it's fine. Baby won't even move really for a year and if you don't buy all the baby stuff that's actually not needed you can fit in your current place a fair bit longer. Move when you like a place not Because you 'have' to.

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