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To not care about an accent

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NoExScoose Sat 12-Sep-15 01:38:05

Not really a taat but see so many about accents that annoy. Aibu not to give a shit about the accent as long as the person is decent and has something sensible to say? Btw my accent is one of the annoying ones (Scouse) I can't say I care

hattyhatter Sat 12-Sep-15 01:39:54

So really a bit of a taat then? wink (I didn't see the OT)

I like scouse accents but there are just one or two that would grate on my eventually, if I am very very honest. Is it in the context of a r/ship?

hattyhatter Sat 12-Sep-15 01:40:21

(Just one or two other accents that would grate, I mean)

sproketmx Sat 12-Sep-15 01:49:14

Haha I love a scouse accent. I love accents in general, people displaying where they come from. Hate hate hate it when Mil tries to correct my kids and get them to speak all proper and posh

Spartans Sat 12-Sep-15 07:37:06

I don't agree that as long as people are nice it's all good. Tbh. I have on occasion found people annoying for the way they talk. Not the accent. But one woman at work used to talk in that tone that sounds like she is asking a question, even when she wasn't. She also put 'like' and 'yeah' into most sentences. She was lovely but talking to her was quite frustrating sometimes.

I actually think its quite normal for some peoples speech to grate others.

Pseudo341 Sat 12-Sep-15 07:43:59

YABU All accents of every kind should be banned. I'm a bit deaf and have trouble understanding anyone with even the slightest accent, especially on the phone, I keep misunderstanding people and it's really embarrassing. I have a German friend who's given up phoning and just emails instead.

On the other hand I do love how we're all different and you can place a person by their accent. And I'll always melt for a man with a southern Irish accent, even if I haven't got a clue what he's saying!

ReRegRhonda Sat 12-Sep-15 07:46:22

I have a Scouse accent and hate the new Scouse where they say things like, potent and lid and stuff like that that is all wrong. I prefer the older, proper Scouse!

molyholy Sat 12-Sep-15 07:48:59

I may have a bit of a scouse accent. I live on the outskirts and am considered a woolyback. But what I hate is people from my town who think they are scousers and talk with this thick plastic scouse accent which scousers dont even talk like. Its horrid.

molyholy Sat 12-Sep-15 07:50:08

Yes reReg

sproketmx Sat 12-Sep-15 17:11:48

I have a common as muck blended scottish accent, bit of Doric, bit Dundonian, bit islander, bit fife all muddled into one because I moved around these areas sort of seasonally as a kid and one accent will come stronger over the others if I'm talking to someone from the same place. I love my dialect and how my kids came in to tell me 'maw, ye left yer sunwindae open n yer cars drookit inside' I love going on the London tube and being able to talk normal knowing no one has any idea what I'm saying

Justcurious15 Sat 12-Sep-15 17:17:46

Also a scouser here very broad Scouse I kind of sound like a man but I don't care I love my accent!

I think accents are fabulous they're part of a person and people should embrace them.

Justcurious15 Sat 12-Sep-15 17:18:35

Rereg oh my god I really really hate 'potent' and 'poey'

BobbinThreadbare Sat 12-Sep-15 20:19:51

That other thread was quite rude. I'm a plastic Scouser. I don't like the fake sounding Birkenhead yob voice but otherwise who cares how someone sounds?!

Tornupinside Sat 12-Sep-15 20:34:42

Love a scouser blush

BettyTurpinsHotpot Sat 12-Sep-15 20:40:25

What is potent? I've been away a while!

InTheBox Sat 12-Sep-15 20:45:08

Clearly a TAAT wink But I do agree. I couldn't give a flying about an accent as long as someone is expressing themselves clearly and with decency. Tbh, I did think that thread was just about skirting above the realms of decent acceptance.

BettyTurpinsHotpot Sat 12-Sep-15 20:45:55

I don't mind accents in fact I like them.

Accents are great but I also think it's important to be understood if you venture outside your home turf and found that I wasn't so I learned to slow down and be clear!

StormCoat Sat 12-Sep-15 20:46:35

Pseudo, you certainly have an accent yourself, so why on earth sound off as if accents are something other people have...? I appreciate that unfamiliar accents can be tricky on the phone - especially if you have a hearing impairment - but there will be people who find your accent equally difficult.

MrsGentlyBenevolent Sat 12-Sep-15 20:47:18

Sorry, proper Scouse grates on me. Along with South Welsh, Newcastle, and full on TOWIE Essex. Again, sorry, I'm sure you're all lovey people blush. If it makes you feel better, I have a really odd mix of accent that most people cannot pinpoint (varies from Welsh to Cumbrian and everything inbetween those areas) and been the butt of a few jokes about it!

DawnOfTheDoggers Sat 12-Sep-15 21:14:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pseudo341 Sat 12-Sep-15 22:05:26

StormCoat did you seriously not get that I was joking?!

herlmerm Sat 12-Sep-15 22:11:51

I must have a strange accent. The amount of times I've ordered a cheese sandwich and ended up with a tuna sandwich... i don't even like fish.

Frillsandspillsx2 Sat 12-Sep-15 22:18:54

Scouser over here too!

i don't mind different accents at all, but I agree with people not speaking properly, that I do mind.
It grates on me with fellow scousers e.g. Those who say "goin to me ma's" instead of "going to my mums" that sort of thing

Iwasbornin1993 Sat 12-Sep-15 22:20:36

Fellow Scouser here too (who knew there were so many Scousers on MN? grin). The thing that bothers me most is not necessarily that someone doesn't like the sound of a person's accent, but when they judge that person for it. People being referred to as "chavvy" (or, "scally" as you would get round here) based on how their voice sounds is ridiculous really. How does someone's accent tell you anything about them other than where they're from?

NobodyLivesHere Sat 12-Sep-15 22:21:55

i'm not sure how you can hate a south wales accent when there are huge differences between different parts of south wales!

people who claim not to have an accent bug me. i lived with a girl who claimed not to have one. daft cow.

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