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Easyjet flight delayed until 12.30 and they give me a £3 Voucher!!

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TravellingHopefully12 Thu 10-Sep-15 21:16:57

Maybe IABU. I don't know anymore. I am at Stansted, having flown in from a visit to family. Meant to be flying home to Scotland about now, but Easyjet have delayed my flight to 12.30. I have work at 8am and feel furious - not with the poor girls giving out terravision cards worth all of £3. They're getting enough shit from people, but with the airline in general.

I also don't have my keys, as we had people staying while I was away so will have to phone from outside and wake DP who has work early too.

£3 doesn't even get you a drink.

I want to not be quite this furious, but my mother told me that the Easyjet flight to Edinburgh is always 'delayed' as they have two, and it's the best way for them to role it into one. I was convinced this could not be a policy (though this has happened to her 3x) but now am less sure.

Bought a burger and an internet pass (I can get on top of some work tonight) but feeling irrationally angry and wanting to vent.

DoJo Thu 10-Sep-15 22:33:34

What time was your flight supposed to be? Can you call your partner and ask him to leave keys somewhere safe so that you can at least let yourself in?

stairwaytoheaven Thu 10-Sep-15 22:33:52

Hi if you have been delayed for over 3 hours you may be entitled to 90.00 compensation under eu rules EU 261/2004 Check moneysupermarket for details
May make your burger taste better

TravellingHopefully12 Thu 10-Sep-15 22:52:07

Thank you, it was meant to be 9.40 so if it leaves at exactly 00.30 I am just outside of the three hour rule, annoyingly. Maybe they did it on purpose. Ach well.

Don't want to make him leave the keys outside as it's in the depths of Leith (lovely area during the day but people call it Great Junkie Street - and they aren't exactly joking.)

Getting on top of some copywriting work anyway, so shouldn't complain too much.

Will know better than to book Easyjet in future (until next time, anyway.)

SistersOfPercy Thu 10-Sep-15 22:53:39

Terrorvision cards? Can you exchange them for tequila, it makes me happy grin
I fully appreciate the obscurity of that joke.

Op. Yanbu. Hope you get home ok.

BoodlesMcToodles Thu 10-Sep-15 22:57:38

Sisters got there before me smile

SistersOfPercy Thu 10-Sep-15 23:05:55

Making friends and influencing people boodles. Lol

PurpleAlerts Thu 10-Sep-15 23:10:14

The vouchers they give you are pitiful but if the fault is with the plane or (not weather) and you LAND more than 3 hours late then you will be in line for some sort of compensation. They are bound by law to tell you the reason for the delay.

Look here for some advice.

I recently had a four hour delay coming back from Portugal. I used the standard letter linked on the Money saving website and got 400 euros compensation.

My sister had similar with Ryan air last week and got the same compensation per passenger even though they were sent an e-mail after the flight saying they were not eligible.

TravellingHopefully12 Thu 10-Sep-15 23:13:20

Ah thank you, I will definitely try that. There is no estimated landing time on my ticket, but I think it's meant to take about an hour.

I am so tired and annoyed (wondering if they do this as policy)

Why did Ryanair say they weren't eligible? That sounds annoyingly mean

stairwaytoheaven Thu 10-Sep-15 23:15:10

Theres a 5 year allowance for compensation so your mum may be able to claim for the delays she has had previously.
Take what you can I know it seems mad but hope your delay is a few minutes longer than scheduled

TravellingHopefully12 Thu 10-Sep-15 23:18:26

Thank you stairway, yeah me too - if it's just within the limit I will be furious. I suspect they might do that on purpose so people can't claim compensation though, no? Maybe I am too cynical.

TravellingHopefully12 Thu 10-Sep-15 23:19:40


'We have had to swap your flight to operate on an alternative aircrfat due to the original aircrfaft having a technical issue whilst in Prague. Our ground team will now be able to offer you a refresehment whilst you wait in the terminal. We apologise for the delay.'

stairwaytoheaven Thu 10-Sep-15 23:21:51

Course they are doing it to get within 3 hour limit Whose got most money Mr Easyjet or you.

Fluffyears Fri 11-Sep-15 00:13:59

I had exactly the same scenario going in rasyjet from Glasgow to Germany and got £3 they were 15 minutes within the time period for delays. They had to get a new crew as the crew on the flight had worked too many hours. The new crew were Swiss.

skinoncustard Fri 11-Sep-15 00:46:15

I thought no flights landed at Edinburgh airport after midnight. Something to do with their licence .

Oldraver Fri 11-Sep-15 00:46:19

It took me weeks to get my money back from Easyjet when they cancelled my flight due to the ash cloud...they manage to take it out of you bank account straight away but not put it back.

I have an email folder named ArseyJet

skinoncustard Fri 11-Sep-15 00:57:37

Only flight due in tonight (after midnight) is from Bodrum a 01.25 .
Good luck OP, hope you get home soon .

Ellypoo Fri 11-Sep-15 01:42:05

I have just had the same thing - flight back to Stansted from Bilbao was delayed by 2 hours sad landed less than an hour ago. Got a ??4.50 voucher at Bilbao, but virtually everything was closed - it's a tiny airport sad hope you got home ok.

pinkmanbitch Fri 11-Sep-15 02:02:34

I thought I'd be in the same boat as you tonight- flying to edinburgh (but with a different airline) and knowing that the last flight is ALWAYS delayed by at least 90 min. luckily my flight got in the air on time. for once.

ps I live on a 'royal street' just off your road!

TravellingHopefully12 Fri 11-Sep-15 02:14:44

It just got so much worse!

I (and four other passengers) went to the wrong gate - the screen DID say gate 6, at least it did in the Wetherspoons, and the announcer said it too. Apparently it was all the ones who went to the gate early...

Anyway, after an hour of waiting at the gate with lots of people going to Cyprus, someone from the other airline called and discovered we should be at gate 86.

The airport apologised and sent a man in a car and neon jacket to come and drive us to the correct gate. He drove us there, told us to go in. We went in and the gate was closed, plane had gone and all the doors were locked (including the one we came through which locked behind us.)

We tried ringing the Stansted Airport number, which DP found for me after I called him in a panic, but they had no option for 'please press whatever if we randomly locked you at a gate in the middle of the night' - and the recording went on forever.

Finally rescued by a cleaner (we were about to break the alarm) who took us to some airport staff. They took ages to get us out of departures because they didn't know the password for the computer. Finally they just let us out anyway, and told us we needed to speak to Easyjet as we are not their responsibility.

Unsurprisingly there is no one on the Easyjet desk.

I have a blood test in the morning for my lupus, which I will miss, but I also have work (doing overtime as a good colleague is currently really ill) and am damned if I'm going to drop them in it by not showing up.

I'm just really tired and scared of getting ill/missing work.

Also overwhelmed by the surreality of it all, and going to curl up in a corner by the Easyjet desk and try to sleep.

Pinkmanbitch, we should go for coffee one day when/if I even get back to Edinburgh.

InimitableJeeves Fri 11-Sep-15 02:33:15

OP, what a horrendous night you've had. I do hope you get some sleep and a suitable flight back. I hope you've got the contact details of the other passengers who were left at the wrong gate, in case they try to suggest it was all your fault. flowers

TravellingHopefully12 Fri 11-Sep-15 02:39:03

thank you inimitable - one man took photos of everyone's boarding passes so he has all our names and will do a group email. Will probs see them again whenever the easyjet desk opens though,

At least I have the bone clocks, which I have meant to read for ages

Also, people watching at this time is interesting. The Pegasus desk, or one near it, appears to have opened although it's half two.

Baconyum Fri 11-Sep-15 02:44:26

Definitely pursue compensation to the hilt! That is outrageous!! Hope you're home soon and keep well flowers

InimitableJeeves Fri 11-Sep-15 03:27:22

I looked up flights to Edinburgh (as I can't sleep). First one out of Stansted is Easyjet's at 7.05, then it's 8.55 with an FR number - Air France? If they can't get you on the 7.05 I suggest you beat the table and insist they put you on the first practicable flight from anywhere, if necessary paying for a cab to the relevant airport. They really should be putting you in a First Class seat after this fiasco.

Euphemia Fri 11-Sep-15 03:30:28

People are hmm when I tell them DH won't do foreign holidays because he hates travelling. He has five million stories like yours, and worse!

Being delayed travelling is horrendous - you just want to be home in bed!

Hope you get through tomorrow okay. brewcake

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