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Is this unreasonable?

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Fizzielove Thu 10-Sep-15 00:37:59

DS informed me last week that his class teacher told them that they only needed their PE slippers, then the PE teacher told them they would be sat out if they didn't have their full kit (t shirt & shorts & slippers!)

I think it's 1) pretty off 2 teachers giving 2 different set of instructions to a class of 8 year olds & 2) that a child should not be excluded because they don't have a full PE kit!

I ask because I had a bit of a panic and couldn't find DS shorts earlier and was going to send in a normal pair when he told me he wouldn't be allowed to do PE by PE teacher unless he had the school kit! Surely this is ridiculous!? There are plenty of primary schools that don't have a PE kit and the kids manage to do it just fine?!

Topseyt Thu 10-Sep-15 01:04:55

I don't see why a teacher would have told them to just bring their plimsolls (assume that is what is meant by slippers). Your son may have misunderstood there, but at 8 years old he should be familiar with the routines and rules by now.

It is normal that all PE kit is required in school.

All primary schools I know do have a proper PE kit. It is required to be in school. Not sure why you find that odd.

CheesecakeDreams Thu 10-Sep-15 01:20:09

I thought most schools had kit that was required. Why not just send the full set in anyway then both bases are covered?

Fizzielove Thu 10-Sep-15 01:21:41

Last year it was required to be in school all week and brought home periodically to be washed. This year apparently not! Think I'll just ask the school for clarification. It would be so much easier if it was just kept in school.

toastyarmadillo Thu 10-Sep-15 05:21:05

Messages tend to get mangled in transit from teachers to child to parent, at primary school level I would still expect to clarify this sort of thing with the teacher direct. It would be easy for your son to misheard or simple get the wrong end of the stick.

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 10-Sep-15 05:29:47

We weren't even told that they needed PE kit yet, luckily I sent DD in with hers on Monday, they had PE yesterday! If they forget or lose PE kit they can borrow some.

saltlakecity Thu 10-Sep-15 05:52:17

Surely you just send them with a pe kit on the first day and wash it at half term. You don't even need to know what day pe is.

karbonfootprint Thu 10-Sep-15 06:31:18

agree, it is normal just to have the pe kit in school ready,

anklebitersmum Thu 10-Sep-15 06:46:26

I used to hate with a passion the randomness from class to class with PE kit.
Biter 1's class'll be bringing it in and leaving it until half term while Biter 2's will be bringing it in using it for PE and then sending it home until 48hrs later, when they want it again. Biter 3's class however, and this is the one that really gripped my sh**, would send them home on Monday afternoon wearing it so that their school uniform (freshly washed and ironed at the weekend) will be screwed into an unrecognisable ball with their dirty school shoes on top AND the they'd want it back for Wednesday..


I love the biter's current school, they just wear their PE kit on PE days. All day. No changing, no losing stuff, no screwed up uniform. It's marvellous grin

Spartans Thu 10-Sep-15 07:17:47

I would double check what was said first.

However PE kits are driving me insane already. Dd (secondary) has taken hers in 3 times and not yet had it on. They have no cloak rooms and she has to carry it round with her all day. She is very small for her age so finds carrying 2 pairs of trainers (indoor and outdoor must be with her) and the full kit quite difficult. She has to carry it all as they haven't been told what they are doing on what day.

I took ds' (reception, so just 4 yeast as old) he came out upset because the teachers didn't let him change. I went and asked why. The response I got was 'well we asked him and he said he didn't have it' I pointed out that he is only 4 and probably forgot and that I told the TA when I came in that it was on his peg. They had to go get the other kids kits from their pegs, wouldn't have taken 2 seconds to check.

I am feeling pissed off because it's all there for both kids neither of which has bloody used it.

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