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to think that peas are a vegetable

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CleverPlansAndSecretTricks Wed 09-Sep-15 16:34:34

DS (4) loves peas. So I give him them often and feel a warm glow of being a good parent because he is eating vegetables.


I have detected murmurings on mumsnet said they are not a vegetable!!
Wtf are they then? And am I, in fact, a failure who is dooming my child's future health because he won't eat cabbage or Kale?

misskatamari Wed 09-Sep-15 16:40:14

Of course they're a veg!

GummyBunting Wed 09-Sep-15 16:40:57

Oh no don't take peas away...

ThreeBeanRap Wed 09-Sep-15 16:41:23

confused what else are they then?

Mintyy Wed 09-Sep-15 16:41:26

Where are the murmurings on Mumsnet?

Theycallmemellowjello Wed 09-Sep-15 16:41:43

I eat bucket loads of peas! I guess technically they're a legume, but I think of that as being a sub species of vegetable...

TheSpottedZebra Wed 09-Sep-15 16:42:43

Are they frozen peas?


DawnOfTheDoggers Wed 09-Sep-15 16:43:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BrandNewAndImproved Wed 09-Sep-15 16:43:59

They are legumes as is sweetcorn.

They still count as a 5 a day, that's how baked beans can say they're one of your 5 a day as well.

AnyoneButAndre Wed 09-Sep-15 16:45:29

Botanically speaking they're fruit, but they definitely count as part of your 5 a day

GrandadGrumps Wed 09-Sep-15 16:47:16

Sweetcorn isn't a legume! There's a clue in the name!

BrandNewAndImproved Wed 09-Sep-15 16:50:17

Oops your right blush grandad.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Wed 09-Sep-15 16:55:46

sweetcorn isn't good, as most of it comes out exactly the same as it went in (check your poo out after eating a big portion.

whereas peas can be digested by you, so don't come out whole.

pinkmanbitch Wed 09-Sep-15 16:56:23

I'm still royally bitter that peas (and sweetcorn) aren't super free foods on slimming world

DixieNormas Wed 09-Sep-15 17:00:58

I'm sick of hearing how carbon heavy they are, ds3 will only eat peas and sweetcorn ffs

DoreenLethal Wed 09-Sep-15 17:01:50

They are legumes as is sweetcorn

Sweetcorn is a grass.

MissFitt68 Wed 09-Sep-15 17:02:05

They are high carb, so not great for me personally

CheesecakeDreams Wed 09-Sep-15 17:02:47

Sweet corn doesn't come out the same! The skins can't be digested so they fill up with waste so look the same but aren't!

CleverPlansAndSecretTricks Wed 09-Sep-15 17:04:06

They are high carb?? Tell me it's not true! Maybe that's why I'm a fatty

onthematleavecountdown Wed 09-Sep-15 17:05:32

Def a 1 of 5 a day vegetable. Even the frozen ones are. Actually I'm sure frozen peas are better for you as they are frozen soon after picking. Anyone confirm that?

catfordbetty Wed 09-Sep-15 17:08:57

Let's give peas a chance.

Idontseeanytimelords Wed 09-Sep-15 17:08:59

They must be a vegetable, they're one of the only veggies everyone in the family will eat without moaning!!

Give peas a chance sad

Idontseeanytimelords Wed 09-Sep-15 17:09:32

X post Catford grin

starfishmummy Wed 09-Sep-15 17:10:40

My DS adores having a bowl of "poddy peas". Stil in their pods to take out and eat raw. Saves me a lot of work!! He has problems with his hands due to disability; shelling them has been brilliant therapy for his fine motor skills.

catfordbetty Wed 09-Sep-15 17:11:07

Someone had to do it.

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