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UPDATE: March on September 12th - change to meeting point

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Theremustbesomething Tue 08-Sep-15 22:31:02

Posting here for the traffic

As the start point of the march on Saturday has this afternoon been changed to the other end of Park Lane, we'd suggest that we change our meeting point from the original location in Portman Square to outside the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen, on the eastern edge of the Serpentine in Hyde Park, at 11.45. The nearest tube will be Hyde Park Corner (although I'm guessing it may be busy that close to the start time).

Sincere apologies for any confusion. I'll PM those who said that they were planning on coming, but it would be great if you could also notify friends of the change to our meeting place, put it up on social media, and bump this a bit with an acknowledgment to make sure it stays high enough up the page to attract the attention of those who were thinking of coming. I'm just very aware that a number of Mumsnetters are bringing young children or may have some additional needs concerning mobility, and that marching at all may involve some challenges for them. On that basis, it seemed sensible to limit those challenges as far as possible.

In case of any further updates by the organisers, I've attached a link below to the facebook page:

It may be worth carrying out one final check of this page on Saturday morning to check that there have been no further changes; if there are, we'll put any updates on this thread asap.

Thanks very much, and sorry again.

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