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"People in this country are already struggling"

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iamaboveandBeyond Tue 08-Sep-15 08:44:26

Can i just ask, am i alone in this (and therefore IABU)?

But as a person who is 'struggling' in the UK, i am sick of people who are not in a similar position using "us" as a reason why the country cannot afford to help refugees?

I have said this on many threads already, but wondered what others thought outside of the specific Syria/Calais threads

(Note - I'm not the thread police of course, but if this didnt morph into an identikit refugee thread, that'd be fab smile )

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 08-Sep-15 08:48:04

I think the real issue is infrastructure not being in place. (Like doctors/schools/job) By all means invite who you like to the party,but there has to be enough to go round. I`d rather the issue be pointed at the gov lack planning than refugees.

MakeItACider Tue 08-Sep-15 08:49:02

I agree whole heartedly. It's the same thing, all the time, people getting OUTRAGED on behalf of others. Whereas in fact it's they themselves who don't like/want something for ridiculous reasons and try to pin it onto something else to 1) to try to avoid looking ridiculous for holding that view and 2) at the same time looking all generous and kindhearted because they are thinking of someone else.

wibbleywee Tue 08-Sep-15 08:51:54

You may not want to be 'used' as part of the excuse even though you count yourself as struggling, however it seems there are many others who are in similar financial circumstances who do count themselves as a reason for the government to spend more of its resources on supporting refugees. They have every right to do that if they wish.

wibbleywee Tue 08-Sep-15 08:53:41

Im not saying I agree at all but all sorts of things are starting to pop up now against accepting people so obviously the thought is there.

Mistigri Tue 08-Sep-15 08:56:02

On the Guardian newspaper website, the comments sections on articles about refugees are full of right wingers asking aggressively why the more compassionate posters don't take a refugee in their spare room.

So then the Guardian runs an article about people who have done just that, and the right wing trolls immediately move onto saying "well, why aren't they helping British born homeless people instead" (some are doing both, in fact).

It would be hilarious if it weren't so utterly depressing.

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 08-Sep-15 08:58:37

Wibbley, i havent seen or heard a single person say that they themselves are already struggling, just people saying that others are.

Yy, i think thats it cider, the fact that it looks more like an excuse than a reason.

And yy sally too - i think blaming the gov for poor planning is different. I may be a hypocrite though grin

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 08-Sep-15 08:59:19

Wont be council tenants with the bedroom tax....

ComposHatComesBack Tue 08-Sep-15 09:00:55

Which is funny as in normal circumstances the 'we should help our own first' brigade couldn't give a flying fuck about the poor in this country and show no interest whatsoever in helping them.

wibbleywee Tue 08-Sep-15 09:10:11

You have never heard anyone say they are struggling?? Seriously??!!!

MyNameIsInigoMontoya Tue 08-Sep-15 09:17:16

MsTargaryen Tue 08-Sep-15 09:25:31

YABU. A lot of people who are struggling won't speak up because imagine the shit they would get for it! And all the "well at least you have" such and such thing. There'll be a lot of people thinking it.

Egosumquisum Tue 08-Sep-15 09:27:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 08-Sep-15 09:27:52

You said there were many others who were struggling who counted themselves as a reason. I said i hadnt heard anyone who is struggling say that. Not that i hadnt heard anyone say they were struggling? confused

Egosumquisum Tue 08-Sep-15 09:32:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 08-Sep-15 09:48:12

Yep, ego.

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 08-Sep-15 09:51:45

IMO, anyway.

MsTargaryen, are you struggling? Just wondering whether you are wary to be attacked and thus doing 'some people' when you mean 'I'?

iamaboveandBeyond Tue 08-Sep-15 09:53:31

Otherwise, i still havent seen any. Perhaps your reasoning makes sense in real life, but on an anonymous forum, not so much

Hamiltoes Tue 08-Sep-15 09:58:16

Ahhh this is doing my head in!!!

The same with "charity begins at home"


WIBU to gouge my eyes out with a fork the next time I see that phrase posted on the internet? Its fucking everywhere. What does it even mean?!!

Also just a heads up that tomorrows headlines will be filled with the shock news that Britains homeless headcount has dropped to 0 overnight, and that war veteran charities are stunned to find record breaking donations- virtually so high that they have more than enough leftover to give every child in Britain a free iPhone 6!

We musn't forget to thank Dave though. Without his kind and overly generous offer to extend aid to all those unlucky non-Brits, we would never have remembered that Britain has so many at home who require assistance. Dave and his selflessness have spurred public outcry, people who have never considered charity before can be seen rushing to Facebook to voice how we MUST help all those ex-servicemen who are camped homeless in shanty towns under motorway bridges.

In all seriousness though, I know two personnel currently serving and the whole fucking attitude makes them SICK. Its like they think they can speak for all servicemen and servicewomen and that they will be grateful to them for remembering we should be thinking about them? Well, alot of people sign up to the armed forces because they actually fucking care about humanity and injustice regardless of where they were born!

20,000 people of 5 years equates to 1 for every 2 towns in the UK. If people really think this is going to cripple our services and force countless children into poverty, I fucking despair I really do.

Glasgoow Tue 08-Sep-15 10:03:05

The people struggling are likley to pay very little or no tax.

In my circle the ones most keen on benefits are the ones that work low paid jobs or are self employed and never earn enough to push them into income tax. Its very easy to be generous with a pot of money you haven't contributed to.

colley Tue 08-Sep-15 10:04:22

Totally agree OP. And some places in Britain are under populated.

Glasgoow Tue 08-Sep-15 10:04:27

Anyway its making it worse accepting them. 99% are young men and its leaving behind a vacume when they leave the country for the old and very young and will make their lives worse .

Hamiltoes Tue 08-Sep-15 10:11:18

Glasgow accoriding to the UN over 50% of Syrian refugees are children under the age of 18.

I'd be delighted if you could post your source for the 99%=men fact?

Glasgoow Tue 08-Sep-15 10:17:23

Whoops sorry hun I mean the ones that are headed to Germany!

IKnowIAmButWhatAreYou Tue 08-Sep-15 10:19:29

My view is that if I can't be arsed to help our own strugglers the chances of me levering my fat arse off of the sofa to help "refugees" is even less likely.... grin

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