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To find colleague's comments annoying?

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MrsGinnyPotter Mon 07-Sep-15 19:40:27

We were having a discussion at work today about tv programs. When any program was mentioned that contained fictional characters e.g. Downton Abbey, when specific storyline were discussed she kept saying 'but it's not real. hmm we know it's not real but there's no harm in talking about it right? grinwink

Even after saying that yes we did indeed know it was made up, she kept saying it. AIBU to find this annoying?

snoozeyoulose Mon 07-Sep-15 19:51:26

Tell her she has no imagination grin

NotOneIota Mon 07-Sep-15 20:16:43

yanbu op. My aunt does similar. If I say I don't like someone in a film,she will say 'but he's acting' in an incredulous tone like I haven't figured that out. Makes me stabby.

redexpat Mon 07-Sep-15 20:37:27

Oh you could have some fun with this!

What, you mean there's no platform 9 3/4? <well up> What about the Hogwarts Express, is THAT real? <lip quiver> Dobby? <WAIL>

DownstairsMixUp Mon 07-Sep-15 20:51:11

My husband is like this when I talk about Game of Thrones. He actually gets annoyed because the dates or something don't go inline with real history. It's made up FFS! I tell him he has no imagination!

Olddear Mon 07-Sep-15 20:53:55

Tell her you wish she wasn't bliddy real......

HarrietSchulenberg Mon 07-Sep-15 20:55:11

I'm with your colleague. I utterly hate it when people get all excited over a TV drama. I want to yell, "BUT IT'S NOT FUCKING REAL", but, unlike your colleague, I just quietly edge away and find some more interesting people to talk to.

SwedishEdith Mon 07-Sep-15 20:58:41

That's actually quite weird. Does she not understand what fiction is?

WannabeLaraCroft Mon 07-Sep-15 20:59:38

YANBU, this would annoy me. Of course you know it's not real, who cares?

I hate it when ppl start talking about reality TV shows, which are real debatable as I don't watch them, but no need to be rude about it.

Half the fun of watching these shows is blethering to others about it! That's why Mumsnet had a Telly Addicts section grin

MsVestibule Mon 07-Sep-15 21:30:41

Lovely, subtle bit of passive aggression there, Harriet. I'm sure all of your conversations are scintillating.


RockerMummy184 Mon 07-Sep-15 21:36:55

Next time she does this ask her about what books she likes. I have usually found that people who 'don't like tele' like to read, which unless they only read non-fiction (unlikely) is surely the same thing as watching a fictional TV show?

maddening Mon 07-Sep-15 22:57:31

Just reply "of course it's not other wise it wouldn't be fiction now would it" and then carry on smile

CrystalButterfly Mon 07-Sep-15 23:59:06

I hate when people do that. I always reply with something sarcastic back like "stating the obvious" or something

CrystalButterfly Tue 08-Sep-15 00:00:19

Lol Harriot

Fatmomma99 Tue 08-Sep-15 00:02:35

what maddenign said.

However, I do know people who talk about soap operas as if they were proper RL, which is weird!

wickedlazy Tue 08-Sep-15 00:03:45

That would make me feel stabby too. I would just do a hmm face next time and say "no shit sherlock".

wickedlazy Tue 08-Sep-15 00:06:39

Harriet, do you never get excited over fiction?

I know when the date is set for next game of thrones book to come out, it will be like being a kid waiting on the new Harry Potter all over again grin

lorelei9 Tue 08-Sep-15 00:14:25

I have a colleague who only watches documentaries and thinks fiction is pointless. "It's not real" is their short way of saying "how can you get so engaged in made up stuff". I really don't get how they don't see the appeal. I might not be interested in something but that doesn't mean I don't understand how someone else can be.

HarrietSchulenberg Tue 08-Sep-15 00:14:37

Well, MsV, talking about TV drama isn't interesting to me, so I find people who are talking about something that does interest me. Hardly passive aggressive, is it?
I'm sure Downton Abbey fans would prefer to talk about, well, Downton Abbey than listen to me and my friends chinwagging about strange neighbours or the umpteenth rows we've just had with racist relatives (today's breaktime conversations).

HarrietSchulenberg Tue 08-Sep-15 00:23:13

I don't get excited, or even vaguely interested, in TV fiction, *Wicked*. I very, very rarely watch fiction as I know it's not real and it's a construct, a lie.
I even struggle to read modern fiction, having read too many awful books, but I'm trying to get back in the game on that one smile.
I think I just find factual programmes and books more mind-blowing, TBH. Not necessarily anything highbrow, just things that tell me stuff I didn't already know. TV dramas don't do it all for me so I really don't understand how people can have conversations about them, let alone actually watch them grin.
Where's the [miserable git] emoticon when I need it?

MrsGinnyPotter Tue 08-Sep-15 17:55:57

grin no more to of tv today but will try out some suggestions tomorrow!

hannibalismisunderstood Tue 08-Sep-15 21:42:11

You have heard that fiction is good for your brain haven't you?

OwlinaTree Tue 08-Sep-15 22:56:53

She sounds like a kill joy. Just say 'we know. We enjoy talking about it.'

5Foot5 Wed 09-Sep-15 13:36:27

I have usually found that people who 'don't like tele' like to read, which unless they only read non-fiction (unlikely) is surely the same thing as watching a fictional TV show?

I have known people who only read non-fiction. I used to work on a team where the manager was an intelligent guy and an avid reader, but only non-fiction. Several other team members, including myself, loved reading fiction. He genuinely couldn't see the point in reading something "made-up" and thought it a complete waste of time. The frustrating thing was he was a very articulate chap who was good at debating any point so he whenever it was discussed he would always apparently "win" the argument while the rest of us shook our heads in bewilderment wondering how to express to him what he was missing.

OP, the only way forward with your colleague that I can think of is sarcasm. Every time she says it do an exaggerated "What? No! Really? But I thought it was a documentary"

MerryInthechelseahotel Wed 09-Sep-15 13:56:22

Just hiss LIAR angry

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