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To be really cross with Asda!

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ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:13:23

I placed an order with Asda for delivery today between 7am and 8am. In the order I had all the items for my children's packed lunches for school today. I was cutting it fine, I start work at 8.20am but if they were on time I would have JUST made it. Kids go to breakfast club at school.

8.15 no sign of my delivery. I ring customer services who tell me there is a technical fault at the store. My order would be delivered but they were running late. No idea of timescale but someone from the store would call me back.

8.30 No delivery or phone call. I had to send my eldest to the local shop to buy the stuff for packed lunches. Youngest goes to preschool so no option of hot dinners for him.

8.38 I try ringing back to tell them I had to take the kids to school. I was cut off after 5 mins on hold.

8.45 I have to go out and take the kids to school and go to work. I am already late for work by this point. I ring them again on the way (walking). I was cut off again.

9.04 I spend half an hour on the phone to customer services who tell me that because I went out they would cancel my order. After much complaining he said they could re-deliver tomorrow between 12-1. I offer to collect instead. Great next town over he says, tomorrow. After much more complaining he finally agreed to re-deliver tomorrow between 7 and 8am. As if they were doing me a favour! Then he adds a £5 voucher to my order as if that makes it ok!

I was late considerably late for work.
I was out of pocket for the replacement packed lunch items.
I will be out of pocket for tonight's dinner.
I have spent almost an hour in all on the phone trying to sort their mess out.

Delivery costs £4 anyway so AIBU to think that a £5 e voucher just doesn't cut it. They weren't even apologetic! It was as if it was my fault for going out. Never mind that I went out 45 minutes after the end of my delivery slot!!!

MummaGiles Mon 07-Sep-15 10:16:56

YANBU, terrible customer service. Kick up a proper fuss with them.

PennyHasNoSurname Mon 07-Sep-15 10:18:56

These things happen. Technical faults do occur.

Kimbomc Mon 07-Sep-15 10:20:34

Yabu this is in your terms and conditions when you signed up with them.

They try their best to make the timeslot.

Switch to ocado, they once have be 70 quid of stuff for free when they made a slightness messup with the redelivery even though it was my fault as I missed the first one as ordered for am and not pm. They are ace.

Pootles2010 Mon 07-Sep-15 10:22:36

Its a bit annoying, but you were being unbelievable daft leaving it that late.

TheFairyCaravan Mon 07-Sep-15 10:22:38

These things happen. Technical faults do occur.

^ ^This!

You were mad cutting it do fine and having it delivered this morning imo.

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:22:41

I understand that Penny but IMO they should have

A) rang me back when they said they would,

B) been more accommodating in getting me my order on the day I had booked, I was willing to collect the items instead, it's not like I was being unreasonable and demanding they get my things right now.

C) Not tried to make out like it was my fault for going out and they were doing me a huge favour.

WorraLiberty Mon 07-Sep-15 10:22:48

I think they did their best under the circumstances really.

They can't and don't guarantee delivery times. Even if there hadn't been a technical fault, there could have been a traffic jam/accident breakdown on the way.

contractor6 Mon 07-Sep-15 10:23:19

Use Tesco instead, not had a problem with them so far!

LongDistanceLove Mon 07-Sep-15 10:25:42

Yanbu to complain, and they should have phoned you when they knew that there was a problem.

But at the same time, these things happen, it wasn't human error it was a technical problem.

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:25:57

I usually do Contractor6 but they didn't have a slot available at the time I needed. I switched from Asda to Tesco after problems previously. I was stupid to go back!

BalthazarImpresario Mon 07-Sep-15 10:30:48

Yes faults occur but why didn't they let the op know? If my driver (Tesco) is going to be even 5 minutes late I get a text telling me. It shouldn't be down to the customer to chase and find out that there is an error.

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:34:02

Those who are saying I was daft to leave it late, How much time after your booked delivery time do you this is reasonable. I am asking that genuinely, not being funny. By the time I left they were 45 minutes late and there was no sign of them on the way out of our area. Just curious what time scale people think is acceptable lateness or do people just order for when they can be in indefinitely?

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:35:37

Balthazar That is what is annoying me, the total lack of communication from them. I think if they are going to be over 45 mins late they should at least ring you and let you know with the option to change your slot to one that is convenient to you. or switch to Collect.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 07-Sep-15 10:37:46

I have to say I have given up on home delivery for me Ocado was the worst due 6 to 7pm delivery after much chasing they admitted that the likely delivery time would be 1 to 2am pretty awful, but when you have just come off a 72 hour on call shift with only having 6 hours sleep it was not on.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 07-Sep-15 10:37:52

I don't expect to stay in indefinitely however scheduling something fir 10 mins befire you need to leave means that any accident or traffic jam and your screwed.

what happens of teh arrive at 7.59. how would you have put it all away on time?

it sucks it's late and communications were appalling so yes complain about thatbut the rest can't he helped and you caused your own problem with the food

OneDay103 Mon 07-Sep-15 10:40:32

Well it's not ideal that they missed the slot but these technical issues do happen. Yabu to have left it last minute. Always, always have something in for at least one day in case delivery doesn't pitch up?

romeomorningwhisky Mon 07-Sep-15 10:41:20

I think YABU!
yes it is a pain in the arse when shopping is late but I would never try and cut it that fine, just in case!

It happened to me one Saturday they called and said they had no drivers so I could cancel the order or collect it. I was pretty raging at the time but in the grand scheme it wasn't really the end of the world!

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:43:21

If it arrived at 7.59 I would have been ok, I scheduled it all in so that although tight I would manage. takes a couple of mins to chuck the perishables away, the rest could wait, ds 1 would have made the sandwiches. Youngest ds was already in the buggy with his coat on.

TheUnwillingNarcheska Mon 07-Sep-15 10:44:39

The reason you can't collect it is because it is loaded onto the truck.

I missed my delivery once due to an emergency, and I had to wait for the truck to return to the store before I could collect it.

Now I use click and collect. Totally free, no waiting in.

I agree they should have contacted you.

Gileswithachainsaw Mon 07-Sep-15 10:45:12

And what if there were substitutions? what then?

no garuntee that the lunch items you requested would be in the order.

DiscoDiva70 Mon 07-Sep-15 10:45:25

There's no way I'd order a delivery for that time of the morning if I needed food items, especially for my children's pack up!
I'd have gone shopping the day before to ensure I had everything ready.

Really, you should have anticipated that the delivery could be delayed for various reasons.

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:45:57

Can I point out that although I was annoyed that the delivery was late, My actual moaning has been about the customer services afterwards.....

I have calmed down a lot now though. As someone else said the world hasn't ended, we will have take away for dinner and my boss was very understanding.

ToTheGups Mon 07-Sep-15 10:47:47

TheUnwillingNarcheska I offered to collect it after 6pm today but they said I couldn't collect it until tomorrow.

wasonthelist Mon 07-Sep-15 10:50:27

YANBU op - even though as others have said, things do happen, a big player like ASDA should -

-Have some contingency

After all, random things do happen, so why shouldn't ASDA plan for them?

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